New Business Area: Sustainability as a Service

How Municipal Utilities and Energy Supply Companies Can Benefit From the Sustainability Obligation

green.screen Opens the Door to Sustainability as a Service Offerings for Energy Providers


Sustainability is the order of the day. The pressure to reduce CO2 emissions is growing everywhere, not least in public institutions (role model function!) and in all industry sectors. In addition, legislators are putting on pressure. However, the carbon footprint will not reduce by itself. Energy-efficient behavior requires know-how, and energy expertise. Municipal utilities and energy supply companies have this know-how. Utilities are, therefore natural protagonists in energy efficiency and environmental management. With green.screen, they can position themselves as "sustainability as a service" providers. 

A look at the current climate balance sheet shows that there is still a lot of work to be done in Germany to achieve the climate targets set out in the Federal Climate Protection Act. This was certainly a motivating factor for the BMKW to publish the draft bill for an energy efficiency law. Should the draft bill become law - which can be assumed in principle - it will result in a wide range of obligations for public and private actors. 

Benefit From the Duty of Sustainability!

Public institutions at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as private companies and data centers, will be obliged to introduce energy and environmental management systems, avoid and use waste heat, and develop and implement energy efficiency measures. 

However, all players should see this not only as an obligation but, above all, as an opportunity. For companies, the development and continuous management of various energy efficiency measures mean first and foremost:

  • Savings in energy consumption
  • and thus the reduction of energy costs.

At the same time, these actors contribute to achieving climate targets at the national and European levels. 

Opportunities for Municipal Utilities and Energy Service Providers

New approaches to services that they can offer to commercial and industrial customers as well as to municipalities: "Sustainability as a Service
Municipal utilities and EVU get involved for third parties as energy efficiency and environmental management service providers
 Additional revenues from "Sustainability as a Service" activities are welcome due to increasing pressure on margins in the core business
Image gain when utilities distinguish themselves as active climate protectors. 
“Sustainability as a Service” With green.screen

Arvato Systems provides the missing tool for this. Our SaaS solution green.screen quickly provides them with an integrated energy and environmental management solution that has already been in productive operation for several years. At the same time, the modern IT architecture and flexibility of green.screen supports you in realizing new energy efficiency and environmental management services that your customers can use.