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Arvato Systems Is Google Cloud Premier Partner

Secure, flexible, stable and scalable public cloud services with Google Cloud

With Google Cloud Platform We Offer Public Cloud Solutions for the Digital Business

Everyone knows and uses Google services such as Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, or YouTube, which Google develops, hosts, and operates in its own Google Cloud. The networks, systems, and solutions set up for this purpose are offered by Google in the enterprise environment as Google Cloud.

Arvato Systems is a Google Premier partner. Within the partnership, certified Google Cloud experts would be happy to advise you on the integration of cloud services, the intelligent digital transformation of your business, or the migration of your systems to the cloud, e.g., SAP on Cloud. GCP offers agile infrastructures (IaaS), valuable developer tools (PaaS), software from the cloud (SaaS), and access to innovative solutions in the areas of AI, machine learning, or analytics.

Our Google Cloud Solutions at a Glance

Modern Data Warehouse Management with BigQuery

Master and analyze data from across the enterprise, gain real-time insights, generate forecasts.

SAP on Google Cloud

Migration of SAP systems to the Google Cloud – flexible, performant, and secure.

API Management Platform with Apigee

Easily deploy and manage all APIs for rapid implementation of new digital business models.

Google Cloud Security

Set up projects securely in the Google Cloud, with 24/7 protection from the Arvato Systems Security Operations Center (SOC) if desired.

Google Cloud VMware Engine

The easy way to the cloud - Easily migrate existing VMware-based IT environments to the cloud with Google Cloud VMware Engine and leverage proven Google Cloud services even faster.

Google Cloud Landing Zone

The Google Cloud Landing Zone for building your Google Cloud landscape easily, quickly and professionally.

How to Benefit from the Google Cloud


GCP provides the same IT security infrastructure, integrated protection, and global network that Google uses to protect your data, identities, applications, and devices.


Google owns and operates one of the largest backbone networks in the world to connect their data centers. When your traffic is on Google's network, it's no longer transmitted over the public Internet.

Flexibility and Scalability

Google has sovereignty over its data centers and networks, enabling it to respond extremely quickly to new demands.


Google is very experienced in hosting and running cloud applications like Google Search, Gmail, or YouTube. The Google Cloud has an SLA with 99.95% availability.


In addition to hosting and operations, Google offers integrated and combinable AI products and pre-built AI solutions such as Contact Center AI, Document Understanding AI, Cloud Talent Solution, or Recommendation AI in its cloud.

Low Costs, Less Effort

The billing at Google is based on the "pay as you go" principle, i.e. you only pay for the actual use and have 100% transparency through cloud billing. In addition, there are numerous discount possibilities so that large savings result in numerous computer workloads.

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The partnership enables us to make use of the advantages of the powerful infrastructure and scalability of the Google Cloud within our multi cloud strategy as well as the expertise of Google in fields such as artificial intelligence. In combination with our know-how and experience in the fields of transformation and migration, we can offer the customer attractive end-to-end services.

Arvato Systems is Google Cloud Premier Partner

Google Cloud Logo | Arvato Systems

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Arvato Systems offers secure, flexible and scalable Google Public Cloud Services for digital business.

As an experienced service provider, we operate and manage your systems - from classic infrastructure to cloud-native developments. Our service management is based on smart automation and ITIL-based monitoring solutions.

We also offer comprehensive and long-standing cloud expertise. Our DevOps teams develop and operate cloud-native applications with innovative technologies and Google Cloud Platform services. With our business intelligence and AI specialists, we work with you to implement data warehouse scenarios in BigQuery, identify your individual AI potentials with you and are your partner from the AI strategy and roadmap to the implementation of both smart AI and machine learning applications as well as real-time decision systems.

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What is BigQuery?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Google Cloud

  • The Google Cloud allows you to use a wide range of IT services. The platform serves the areas of computing, network, and storage. It offers agile infrastructures (IaaS), valuable developer tools (PaaS), software from the cloud (SaaS), and access to innovative solutions from the fields of AI, machine learning, or analytics. In practice, your company does not need to raise your IT resources or operate your own data center.

  • The prices for the Google Cloud depend on which services you need for your company. For example, if you migrate your SAP systems to the Platform, you can make sizing optimizations at any time and always pay only for the actual usage according to the pay-as-you-go model.

  • Your company can access Google Cloud Services via web interfaces. This means that you can manage and use hardware and software independently of your location. You only ever need to use the resources on the Google Cloud that you currently require for your IT infrastructure. You no longer need to maintain your own IT resources. This makes your business and IT processes flexible and scalable.

  • You can use the Google Cloud tools:
    - Computing power/servers,
    - Storage and Databases,
    - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,
    - Big Data,
    - IT security services, and
    - IT management tools
    Your company can book these as IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, depending on your needs.

  • Google Cloud provides the same IT security infrastructure, built-in protection, and global network that Google itself uses to protect your data, identities, applications, and devices. Google uses comprehensive security measures to protect your data's authenticity, integrity and confidentiality. To do this, it automatically encrypts data when it is transmitted.

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