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Enterprise Application Integration and API Management

EAI Factory, Managed EAI and OneEAI - Automate and optimize data exchange within your company

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EAI Suite from Arvato Systems
EAI Factory
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Simple and Efficient Interface Migration and Integration With the EAI Suite From Arvato Systems

The reliable and efficient exchange of data between a company's various application systems is more important than ever to be successful in the global market. Globalization is creating increasingly complex interface landscapes. This rising heterogeneity generates costs and requires more employees. Poor cross-system communication leads to inefficiencies.

Our EAI Suite as a framework for your global IT ecosystem is the answer to these challenges. The EAI Suite offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Customized to your individual requirements, the EAI Suite enables you to save costs in your daily business.

How the EAI Suite From Arvato Systems Works

The EAI Suite is a middleware that enables automated migration and integration of interfaces, including data. In doing so, the middleware handles the exchange and communication between the various IT systems of your company and your partners.  The result is an IT ecosystem for reliable communication along your value chain. Examples of our customers' applications are the exchange of data between payroll accounting, warehouse management, processing of orders, or retrieving the status from the shipping service provider.

Choose EAI by Arvato Systems and benefit from 24/7 service and support from our qualified consultants. We deliver quality and expertise based on our many years of experience with customers of all sizes.

The Benefits of the EAI Suite From Arvato Systems at a Glance

Provides a quick solution to existing problems
Saves manual integration and thus costs as well as personnel expenditure
Ensures smooth operations and business processes
Automates and controls workflows
Reduces complexity and number of interfaces
Enables cross-system, enterprise-wide monitoring

How the EAI Suite From Arvato Systems Works

The special feature of the Enterprise Application Integration solution from Arvato Systems: It is divided into three parts with different focuses. This allows you to perform automated application integration that suits your business.

EAI Factory

Migrate and integrate any interfaces and technologies with the EAI Factory. Benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals and our comprehensive toolset. We accompany you from the conception to the implementation to the decommissioning of your EAI landscape.

Managed EAI

Managed EAI provides an efficient way to operate your interfaces. With Managed EAI, you get a custom-fit solution that reduces costs and effort. Our international 24/7 support is at your side and delivers solutions promptly.


OneEAI is the perfect solution for optimizing your company's middleware management. Use the ability of self-learning AI to detect recurring operational errors and solve them automatically to your advantage.

EAI Factory – ​​B​​uild your Future – Map Interface Landscapes Quickly and Easily

EAI Factory enables the creation, migration, and integration of interfaces and technologies. In addition, the software accelerates the onboarding process of new interfaces. The EAI Factory combines the many years of expertise and know-how of Arvato Systems employees with the capabilities of our platform-independent toolset. The result: an intelligent, individual analysis of the environment as well as the planning, development, and implementation of the interfaces. Arvato Systems supports you end-to-end in this process.

The benefits of EAI Factory

The EAI Factory offers you the opportunity to deal with the design and technical implementation of the communication between the different IT systems of your company. This means an ideal solution according to your IT systems' requirements and wishes. The EAI Factory enables your business to further develop smooth operations and business processes. 

Managed EAI – Complexity Run Simple – IT Management Can Be That Smart

Managed EAI is the idea of an efficient and targeted solution that support the transition from a heterogeneous towards a homogeneous landscape. Managed EAI is the service that connects application systems of different technologies. For this purpose, Arvato Systems provides an EAI platform and uses various layers. Using the EAI platform from Arvato Systems allows you to realize your requirements and wishes in a secure and future-proof environment. Our professional 24/7 support is at your side.

The core competencies of Managed EAI

Managed EAI proactively reviews the system and applications regularly. In addition, Managed EAI creates optimization recommendations and performs log evaluations and performance optimizations and handles updates based on the software manufacturers' instructions. Within the scope of change management, Managed EAI carries out individual measures.

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Managed EAI lets our customers sleep easy, knowing that your unique challenges will be solved 24/7.

Arvato Systems

OneEAI – Your Key to All EAIs

Arvato Systems' OneEAI software enables real-time data monitoring - regardless of the size of the interface landscape. In addition, OneEAI allows you to optimize your company's existing IT systems. This enables a global search engine, comprehensive automation functions and the monitoring of data processing and communication channels. In the process, you benefit from our many years of experience in the field of digital transformation and the capabilities of self-learning artificial intelligence.

OneEAI in practice

The search engine offers the possibility of a detailed free text search. Data on clientele, orders, and files are available quickly and easily. The results of the investigation can be viewed or downloaded directly. OneEAI's automation capabilities include automated ticket generation and automated ticket resolution. This enables Artificial Intelligence to detect, fix and automate recurring errors in operational and business processes.

EAI at Lekkerland

By building a new EAI service architecture, the foundation was laid for a successful and even more flexible omnichannel customer experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Enterprise Application Integration

  • Arvato Systems' EAI suite currently supports BizTalk, Logic Apps/Functions and API management from the Microsoft stack. Furthermore, the EAI suite from the SAP stack supports SAP/PO and the SAP Cloud Integration Platform (CPI).

  • The abbreviation EAI refers to Enterprise Application Integration, while EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. EDI is more frequently used in communication and data exchange between companies. EAI, on the other hand, as a generic term, also includes applications within the company.

  • Arvato Systems' EAI suite enables cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premise, on-premise-to-on-premise, A2A and B2B integrations. The data integrations run in real time.

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