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Vulnerability Management: Eliminating Vulnerabilities Effectively

Scanning alone is not enough. Vulnerabilities must be managed on an ongoing basis

Effective Vulnerability Management
Why Is It Not Enough to Scan for Vulnerabilities?
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Reduce Your Exposure to Cyber-Attacks with Vulnerability Management

The cyber-crime industry is becoming increasingly professional. Hacker attacks have become a very attractive business. Most criminals specialize in one technique and are becoming increasingly creative in finding even the slightest vulnerability and exploiting it for their purposes. Companies should counter this omnipresent threat in three ways: Consistent and procedural vulnerability management, effective vulnerability remediation, and a high degree of persistence.

100 days
companies need to close a vulnerability
every 36 minutes
a new security vulnerability is identified
15 days
is enough for hackers to exploit a security hole

Vulnerability Management Reduces the Surface for an Attack on Your IT

It is in companies' best interest - regardless of their size and the industry in which they operate - to prevent cyber attacks. After all, the severe consequences of a hacker attack can be manifold: from damage to reputation and image to loss of sales and claims for damages due to breached due diligence obligations to production downtimes and sensitive disruptions to the supply chain. Against this backdrop, it is necessary to identify reliably, critically assess, and sustainably eliminate vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure - regardless of whether security gaps open up in your IT infrastructure, the data center, or the cloud.

What Does It Take for Effective Vulnerability Management?

Skilled experts
Functioning processes
Suitable powerful technologies

Why Is It Not Enough to Scan for Vulnerabilities?

Using scanning software to check your own IT infrastructure for possible security gaps regularly does not make for professional vulnerability management. Still, it is merely the first step - especially since such tools constantly produce vast amounts of cryptic data. This information needs to be periodically evaluated and correctly interpreted. This challenge cannot be met with manual methods. Instead, you need a platform like VAREDY that consolidates relevant data from various sources - in hybrid cloud environments. There can be up to 100 - and visualizes the raw data clearly over time. That gives your vulnerability managers an optimal basis for vulnerability remediation.

Vulnerability Management - Our Approach for Your Vulnerability Elimination








A vulnerability scanner - regardless of the vendor - examines your IT infrastructure concerning any security vulnerabilities (detection).

The results are extensive and, therefore, not very meaningful vulnerability lists, which can contain up to a million lines and more.

VAREDY clusters raw vulnerability data by root cause and correlates it with inventory information to provide the necessary asset context.

VAREDY translates the clustered raw data into understandable action instructions and adds solution notes based on proven best practices.

An experienced vulnerability manager plans and documents vulnerability remediation actions using these compact task lists.

The vulnerability manager prioritizes remediation tasks and steers the implementation of remediation actions.

Finally, another vulnerability scan is performed, and VAREDY verifies that the vulnerability remediation was successful.

Your Advantages at a Glance

Establish Vulnerability Management and Vulnerability Remediation as an ongoing business process.
Ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your mission-critical data.
Automate vulnerability management and spare your staff from repetitive busywork.
Reduce the time and effort required to manage vulnerabilities.
Implement your vulnerability management with VAREDY on your own or use our managed service.


  • Vulnerability management describes an ongoing process in IT security aimed at finding vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure, classifying their severity, and listing the measures to be taken. The aim is to eliminate vulnerabilities so that they can no longer pose a risk to attackers.

  • VAREDY, in contrast to traditional vulnerability management, focuses on the root causes of security problems and enriches the data with specific action instructions and hints. VAREDY focuses on determining remediation tasks and their fast implementation, not just reporting.

  • A holistic cybersecurity approach is not possible without vulnerability management. Vulnerability management aims to identify vulnerabilities at an early stage and take preventive action. The damage potential in the event of a cyber attack can thus be significantly reduced.

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