Taking Data Centers into the Cloud

At many companies, digital transformation requires a quick, powerful, and flexible IT landscape. When operating a proprietary data center, IT managers find themselves having more and more difficulty keeping up with growing demands. This causes the cost/benefit ratio to fall out of balance. For that reason, companies should work today to develop an IT cloud strategy that lays the groundwork for the successful digital transformation of tomorrow.

Benefit from Our Experience

Our Strengths

We develop top-notch technological services, take an agile approach, and are passionately committed to our work. We are a full-service provider: consulting, migration, and support. Our solution approach facilitates extremely rapid migration without restrictions on ongoing operations.

What Sets Us Apart

We offer an extensive range of cloud services, take a structured approach (SmartShift), and have close partnerships with SAP, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Our partnership with you is both personal and collaborative, meaning that together, we can achieve lasting success.

Our Solution Approach

Our industrialized approach with best-choice tools facilitates a rapid cloud transition and highlights potential for optimization. Revolving planning reduces lead time and incorporates new insights into the project. Flexible adaptation of planning in light of new insights over the course of the project optimizes success.

Your Contact for Datacenter on Cloud

Mario Karrenbrock
Expert for Cloud Solutions