Virtual Private Cloud

Flexible, dynamic and efficient for new digital business models

Virtual Private Cloud – the Easy Way to Digital IT Transformation

Business departments and IT decision-makers must react agilely, flexibly and ever faster to the innovations of the market and competitors. A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provides them with the most secure, fastest and easiest way into the cloud. Today and for tomorrow's innovations.

The world is changing

In dynamic markets, a virtual private cloud enables rapid responsiveness for IT adjustments. For the virtual private cloud, Arvato Systems relies on software-defined data center technology based on virtual infrastructure components. By using software-defined components (networking, storage and servers) in combination with an administration and orchestration level, entire IT landscapes can be created in the shortest possible time that work isolated from each other in a multitenant manner, but represent a common platform in a resource-saving and cost-efficient manner. This platform enables orchestration and deployment via a self-service interface or via coded infrastructure by accessing the API directly. In DevOP's scenarios, APIs can be addressed directly and thus Classical IT Services can be combined with Cloud Native approaches.

Why our Virtual Private Cloud?

Cloud Made in Germany in georedundant data centers from Arvato Systems with numerous security measures such as data protection, private IP and Site2Site VPN. In addition, our Virtual Private Cloud meets the requirements for operating business-critical systems and applications. Integration into an existing IT landscape is secure, uncomplicated, fast and meets the highest data protection requirements.

Benefit from Our Experience

Our strengths

To successfully realize the high demands on availability, performance and dynamic scaling within a secure framework for the successful digital transformation of our customers with professional cloud technology and holistic technological know-how. 

Self / Co / Full Managed Services ... Regardless of the service model, Arvato Systems, as a successful IT outsourcing service provider with many years of experience, combines classic IT with cloud technologies and takes over the management of hybrid architectures.

Individual requirements, additive managed services, technical support, consulting for the solution design of the cloud target architecture, transformation and transition scenarios, as well as operating models are our fields of competence and services.

Motto "Your one for all" Arvato Systems

Our approach

Automated deployment of a virtual, scalable IT infrastructure environment (IaaS). The required self-services within our cloud management platform are available for the management of the virtual private cloud environment and the flexible provision of resources.

Agile managed services to run applications quickly and dynamically under SLA conditions. To handle peak loads or other Dynanic requirements, an automated, demand-oriented resource adjustment through auto-scaling is possible. Included security measures such as encoding, private IP, Site2Site VPN and firewall, as well as for DSGVO, are included in the standard service. Optionally, the connection to AWS and Azure for a hybrid / multi cloud architecture is possible.

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