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Workload Automation with Streamworks

Planning, maintenance, control and monitoring of IT processes

Management and Automation of IT processes

Use Streamworks to plan, maintain, control and monitor all of your automatable IT processes. Your advantages: Your IT operations workload is reduced while quality and efficiency increase. Whether your workload accrues on-site or in the cloud, centralized automation can provide you with a broad range of benefits!

Automate Anything

  • House Keeping
  • File Transfers
  • SAP
  • Web Requests
  • Service Orchestration
  • Cloud Services
  • Containers / Kubernetes
  • Mainframe


  • On-premises
  • Virtual Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid
  • Virtual
  • High availability
  • Agentless

Highly Efficient Operation

  • Little scripting
  • Graphical design area
  • Inheritance concept
  • Clear monitoring
  • Fast incident handling

Best Support

  • From Germany
  • All experienced Streamworks users from our own company
  • Coaching
  • User Group Meetings
  • Workload Automation for 40 years
  • Continuous further development


Flexible Licensing Models

  • Pay per Agent
  • Pay per Job
  • SaaS
  • Full managed service
  • All flat
  • Stable maintenance costs

EMA Radar Report 2021

Read here how Streamworks performs in the market analysis of workload automation products.


Streamworks Release 2024

Since 27.06.2024 the latest Streamworks release is available for download in the customer portal.

One Hour Product Presentation

In a small non-binding appointment we will gladly show you Streamworks on a living object and answer your first questions.

Our Clients


streamworks Controls Global SAP Processes.

Baloise Group

Cross-application Workload Automation in a multiclient environment.

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen

SBB Gains Control over Its IT Processes.


Maximum security thanks to Workload Automation with streamworks.

Our Partners

Beta Systems

Beta Systems develops high quality infrastructure software products for secure and efficient processing of large data amounts to fulfill all legal and business requirements to the greatest degree possible.


As an Automation specialist for SAP-based technologies, Empirius offers innovative solutions for the automatization of system copies and the creation of new SAP systems for testing and project purposes.


HORIZONT offers several streamworks training courses every year, either in the company’s training center or at clients’ offices. The company showcases practical expertise and experience in a user-friendly format.


Like streamworks, the Microsoft solutions provided by Arvato Systems are flexible and include ongoing support services. They are suitable for small and medium-size companies as well as large organizations. The focus is on ease of use and rapid implementation.


From SAP R/3 to the comprehensive SAP Business Suite, we also support and host SAP applications and provide an array of services from our certified SAP Customer Competence Center to help you concentrate on your core business.

Streamworks - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Workload Automation expands pure job scheduling, such as CRON jobs or the Windows Task Scheduler, with additional features, such as defining dependencies of jobs on other jobs or external sources, so that a job is not just triggered by a specific time and date.

    In order to keep track of the dependencies and to simplify data entry, job chains are usually displayed graphically in a workload automation tool. Widespread external systems such as SAP are well integrated via interfaces so that they can be conveniently controlled.

    In order to react quickly to errors in job execution (incident handling), workload automation tools provide extensive monitoring. To further simplify incident handling, rules for automatic reaction to execution errors and automatic notifications can be defined.

    To simplify the creation of job definitions and to increase quality, simulations can be carried out before productive job execution.

    As part of data security and traceability / auditability, all changes to job definitions and actions within the scope of incident handling are logged and there is user and role administration.

  • Due to the increasing complexity of IT systems, the number of job executions in companies is constantly growing. Workload automation tools have become indispensable in order to maintain an overview here while saving time and maintaining the quality of the job definitions.

    They simplify the monitoring of job execution through a single point of view concept and shorten the response time for processing incidents through the use of rules for automatic notification and through automated incident handling. You are able to provide information on all changes or actions that have been carried out.

Your Contact for Streamworks

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Christoph Herold
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