Modern Data Exchange at Lekkerland with Customers and Suppliers

Fast, efficient, and flexible


Building a new EAI service architecture laid the foundation for a successful and even more flexible omnichannel customer experience.

Customer Benefits

Modern, stable, low-maintenance, and high-performance EAI platform
Digitized data exchange with Lekkerland partners and Lekkerland internally
Appropriate data conversion into the formats required by the partners and internally
Connection of additional partners at any time and with little effort 
Audit-proof archiving of financial information
Initial situation

A sandwich at the gas station, a Coke at the kiosk, a snack at the train station - when hunger and thirst need to be satisfied on the road, Lekkerland helps to do so at around 74,500 supplied sales outlets in four European countries.

To ensure the supply of goods to these outlets, orders from suppliers, purchase orders from customers, shipping notifications to customers, and electronic invoices from more than 1,000 customers and suppliers are processed with more than 3,500 interfaces in the form of EAI messages.

In addition, there is the exchange of sensitive data, such as activation codes for prepaid cards, whose data transmission places unique demands on data security.


The EAI middleware (Axway/XIB) was "getting on in years" and was to be replaced by the SAP Process Orchestration System PI/PO. This also included the connection of all business partners and required subsystems to the new EAI platform including all configurations. This was to include the conversion/translation of business information from formats/syntax used internally by Lekkerland to partner-specific syntax/content.

In addition, the 7*24h support was to be transferred to Arvato Systems as part of an outtasking and the interfaces were to be connected internally to both the SAP ERP system and the "Legmis" merchandise management system in Belgium and the Netherlands.


To meet all these conditions and requirements, Lekkerland set up and completed a project in December 2021 that involved building a new EAI service architecture based on the SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PI/PO) product. In addition to system consolidation of the interface landscape, this laid the foundation for a successful and even more flexible omnichannel customer experience.

The connection was certificate-bound, mainly via AS2 or sFTP. Lekkerland's core business was mapped within the project scope and extended across five European countries (AT, CH, BE, NL, DE) during the project term. The uninterruptible EAI platform enabled the connection of any platform and technology and included more than 1,000 business partners with about 3,500 interfaces.

Successful Cooperation

The project was carried out in a joint project organization with Lekkerland information systems GmbH and the previous service provider in an excellent 20-strong international team with the service provider Arvato Systems. Approximately 50% of the implementation took place at Arvato Systems' offshore location in Malaysia, so work on the project was carried out almost around the clock, taking advantage of the time zone, and significant cost benefits were also achieved.

"At no point in the project was it noticeable, either internally or externally in the direction of the service recipient, that different companies - client and service provider - were working here on implementing a project goal. It is fair to say that there was an extraordinary, cross-company understanding of being perceived as a team and working together to ensure the desired success against all challenges," confirms Stephan Koerfers, Head of Partner Connectivity Solutions, Lekkerland information systems GmbH.


The topic of multi-project management and dealing with additional customer requirements and further projects was high on the agenda and demanded maximum flexibility from the international project team: During the project term, both the hosting partner and the ERP system were changed, and Lekkerland got a new owner with the REWE Group with all the activities resulting from a merger project. At the same time, interfaces were also harmonized in this context to reduce maintenance efforts in the future.

Another challenge was that the interface formats with the partners were partly fixed in contracts so that no changes were to be made on the part of the partners. To carry out interfaces as far as possible without the test involvement of the business partners, the message processing was broken down into two steps. In step one, the message was converted to a standard EAI format on the Lekkerland side. In the second step, the mapping to the format requested by the customer took place. Accurate data from the interfaces before and after the second mapping step could be used automatically because a black box test meant that a high quality of the converted interfaces was achieved with little testing effort.

Testimonial_Christian Grotowsky

As with all large projects, there were various, sometimes competing, project goals in this project. But thanks to the professionalism and flexibility of the entire project team, the project success was achieved on time, in quality, and within budget. In this environment, Lekkerland is well-positioned for further growth.


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