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SAP With Apigee API Management - The Benefits of a Central API Platform

How a modern API management system supports your business

SAP With Apigee API Management
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Want to understand how you can flexibly and quickly link cloud services and new business models to your SAP business backbone? Read in this blog post how Apigee API Management from Google can be the foundation for the market-driven development of your business.

Classic Interfaces vs. Modern API Management System in SAP Landscapes

Today's SAP landscapes are highly networked and functionally and technically connected with various other systems. Online stores, CRM, warehouse management, or reporting systems supply data and receive data from SAP processes. Communication often takes place via SAP-specific and individual interfaces that connect the systems directly point to point.

The relevance of interfaces in the company, especially in communication with SAP systems, will increase even more. Driven by the constant Digital Transformation, cloud-based microservices and intelligent solutions based on enterprise data are essential components of modern enterprise architectures.

By integrating modern technologies with SAP enterprise data, new information can be gained about customers, processes, and the company's products. This enables the improvement of the customer experience, optimizes process costs, and increases company revenues.

The connection of all these old and new services runs via APIs. The classic point-to-point connections are often costly to set up initially and especially to maintain later. In addition, security concerns often drive up the cost and time of new APIs. Security seems to come at the price of usability and accessibility.

To better manage the complete lifecycle of APIs within the enterprise, modern IT business architectures need an integration layer that can serve primarily as a central point of communication to and from the SAP system. Interfaces can be easily reused via a powerful API management system that forms the integration layer, making it much easier to set up new services on top of existing structures. On the one hand, central monitoring increases the transparency of existing data flows; on the other hand, it also allows tracking accesses and monetizing APIs. Opening up existing systems through dedicated and managed APIs makes it possible to sell new digital services to customers, suppliers, and third parties.

Apigee as an Intermediary Between SAP and Third-Party Systems

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Apigee is Google's API management solution and the ideal intermediary between your core SAP system and the network of intelligent services provided by SAP, Google, and their partners. In addition, Apigee offers the ability to implement new digital business models and dock new fulfillment systems to existing SAP back-office processes in record time.

Google Apigee forms an abstraction layer between SAP and third-party systems. Independent of the actual source system, APIs can be consumed generically.

Using API wrapping, existing SAP interfaces can be made available in various formats to different target systems, while the interfaces can remain unchanged in the source system. At the same time, Apigee enables the reliable protection of the source systems via extensive access control options and active threat assessment and defense, for example, in the case of DoS attacks.

In summary, modern IT architectures are becoming increasingly complex and consist of many connected systems and services. To avoid the resulting stumbling blocks and maintain a flexibly expandable and maintainable IT landscape, introducing a central abstraction layer for integrating the systems helps.

Apigee Offers the Following Advantages as an API Management Solution:

Central management and monitoring
Extensive access controls and authentication
Flexible monetization of APIs
Rapid establishment of new digital business models
API Management mit Apigee

Nutzen Sie Apigee API Management von Google zum schnellen & flexiblen Aufbau neuer digitaler Geschäftsmodelle bei sicherer Nutzung der bestehenden IT-Systeme.

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