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Digital business transformations are characterized by far-reaching changes in the company, which can only be successfully implemented through a holistic approach. With its holistic approach based on many years of experience, the Business Transformation Consulting team at Arvato Systems offers shapeX rapid insight into the opportunities and risks of transformation projects and navigates safely and efficiently through far-reaching change processes in coordination and close alignment with corporate goals. In doing so, the consultants establish continuous transformation management with you, ensuring as little friction as possible in critical phases and a clear view ahead.

Why Customers Choose Arvato Systems Business Transformation Consulting

Holistic transformation

Competence & Expertise


Best Practices

Partner network

Arvato Systems supports and accompanies you end-to-end in all areas of transformation: from strategic business transformation consulting to the realization of technological solutions and platforms as well as their operation and service.

Our experience in business transformation consulting, as well as in digital technologies and their operation, which has grown over decades, coupled with methodological competencies, guarantees the successful implementation of your transformation projects even in difficult project phases.

From the multitude of business transformation consulting projects in our focus industries, we have built up a deep understanding of the challenges and best practices, which we can profitably bring to you through our industry experts and digital solutions.

With our technology experts from various specialist areas, we implement your transformation projects with state-of-the-art technologies based on best practices.

With our outstanding partner network consisting of top technology and solution providers including Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, and SAP, we complement our own expertise with the latest first-hand knowledge from the vendor.

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Arvato Systems is a pragmatically acting partner that ideally combines medium-sized business orientation and high performance.

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Holistic Business Transformation Consulting: The Success Factor for Successful Transformations

In the meantime, digital technologies have revolutionized processes and the entire network of relationships within companies. IT plays a vital role in technology-driven change processes. It provides infrastructure and services and is an internal technology consultant in the change process. 

However, IT alone can only drive and successfully manage a digital transformation to a limited extent, as it is often busy with the challenges of day-to-day operations and needs to be assigned the corresponding strategic role by the company's management. The entire company and a holistic approach to transformation are required to best exploit the added value of digital technologies to expand the company's competitiveness and strengthen its resilience. 

With the support of our business transformation consultants, the challenges can be met much more quickly because: Future-oriented transformation goes deep into the company, looking not only at business processes and structures but also at the influence, which should not be underestimated, on employees and the corporate culture, who are to benefit sustainably from the transformation. From the outset, our experts ensure that business transformation is closely anchored in the company's goals and that all levels of change, from processes to organizational aspects, are considered. To this end, they bring together IT and specialist departments at an early stage and ensure that newly acquired digital competencies are firmly anchored in the DNA of their company and are lived by management, specialist departments, and trainees.

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Every change begins with a rethink. We are taking on this challenge and, with Arvato Systems, are excellently equipped to become a digital municipal utility quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively.

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shapeX: Our Process Model for Business Transformation Consulting

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From our many years of experience, one principle has emerged as the central success factor of transformations: The holistic approach across all levels and phases. That is why our process model, shapeX, includes more than just introducing new technologies to our customers and comprises two parallel streams.

Management Stream

The management stream comprises all the necessary management tasks that are crucial to the success of the business transformation.


Transformation framing defines the framework and direction of your transformation. For example, is it about a business unit or a subsidiary, and what should the change achieve? Target orientation from day one and linking the project to added business value is vital to us.


An effective transformation must be supported by all levels of the company and promoted by all decision-makers. The regular exchange between decision-maker levels, specialist departments, and other stakeholders that we lead builds bridges and thus underpins common understanding.


Successful, in the sense of effective, business transformations take place in several individual steps. We ensure that the big picture is recovered from view, that the (partial) successes are recognized, and that the following stages are tackled.

Solution Stream

The Solutions Stream includes all work packages and interactions necessary for both the technological and business implementation of the business transformation.


Based on the transformation goals from the transformation framing (see Business Stream), we identify and validate effective technological and non-technological measures together with other experts on our and your side.


We have provided the results from the Diagnostic in the form of implementation measures and anchored with all affected levels of your organization.


We ensure the appropriate adaptation and successful roll-out of the implementation measures in other organizational units with the aim of smooth scaling.

A Joint Framing Workshop Forms the Starting Point of Our Business Transformation Consulting

The Arvato Systems framing workshop is the starting point for the transformation project. In this workshop, the transformation program is initiated in a joint workshop with the stakeholders, thought through holistically, and transferred into a transformation roadmap. Our experts take over the design and targeted management of the transformation program.

What Are the Benefits of Business Transformation Consulting with Arvato Systems?

With Business Transformation Consulting, we are much more than just your technology partner: Our comprehensive expertise in the field of Business Transformation Consulting has helped companies from various industries to implement their transformation projects quickly and effectively. And that's regardless of whether it's a traditional company or a young enterprise because our competitive advantage also becomes yours. Depending on your requirements, the Business Transformation Consulting team at Arvato Systems can rely on diverse teams with a broad range of experts and architects who can accompany your business transformation from start to finish with expert advice and knowledgeable action. In addition, we have a close-knit network of external experts who can provide reliable support for your projects in particular areas.


In a joint framing workshop, we lay the foundation for your successful business transformation. To this end, we bring together relevant stakeholders and develop the individual roadmap for your transformation, depending on the overarching goals.

Holistic approach and proven shapeX process model
Many years of consulting and methodological expertise
Broad technological know-how
Close partnership with leading IT vendors

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