Smooth Migration of Core Sap Systems


Lekkerland, the On-The-Go Consumption Specialist, Migrates to Arvato Systems Data Center


In the past, Arvato Systems has successfully migrated various Lekkerland SAP system lines from other providers to the Arvato Systems Data Center (SAP HCM, HR-BW, SEM-BCS).

Arvato Systems operates about 40 ABAP-based and about 20 Java stack-based SAP systems for Lekkerland. In addition, there are SAP BO systems, TRex, Cloud Connectors, Web Dispatcher, and numerous non-SAP systems and applications.

Customer Benefits

Stable and high-performance SAP system landscape
Updating the software status of the Oracle database and the Linux operating system
Ensuring manufacturer support

Project Overview

Initial Situation

Lekkerland was running its SAP hosting infrastructure with different IT service providers and took the opportunity of expiring contracts to consolidate SAP hosting data centers and improve service quality.


Based on the positive experience, Lekkerland asked Arvato Systems to transfer the core SAP systems from the previous operator to Arvato Systems, thereby consolidating SAP operations.


As a result, the project delivered the desired SAP system landscape consolidation at Arvato Systems and was implemented "on time" and "on budget". A side effect was that the TCO for SAP system hosting also decreased. With the completion of the project, Lekkerland has a stable and high-performance SAP system landscape based on the latest software versions of the Oracle database and the Linux operating system and is thus back in manufacturer support.

Testimonial_Christian Grotowsky

Contrary to initial fears, especially from the business departments, there were no restrictions on our business operations. This fact alone contributes to the confidence in our IT and our partners has increased significantly.


Challenges for Lekkerland

Obsolescence and Complexity

Old SAP system and patch levels incl. control of multiple service providers

Security and Reliability

Underlying database versions were no longer maintained

Data Volumes

Partially extensive databases (some over 18 TB)

Complicated Interdependencies

Historically grown file system structures, scripts, and FTP accesses


Missing know-how for further development of job control and the expiration of licenses


Missing overview or documentation of script and file interfaces

Our Services

The SAP systems to be moved to Arvato Systems' data center support core Lekkerland processes: merchandise management, logistics processes, reporting, and customer management - a system failure during the migration was intolerable.

In coordination with Lekkerland, five weekends were defined in 2021, each of which was to be used to move a productive system. Arvato Systems was responsible for project management, including system migrations.

Arvato Systems analyzed the so-called "old environment" and planned the target environment in the Arvato Systems data center about sizing, high availability, interfaces, and required network connections. The migration occurred from an IBM AIX environment based on Oracle 11gR2 databases (non-Unicode) to a Linux platform with Oracle 19c Unicode. Due to the enormous data volume and the limited bandwidth of the legacy system, the ERP was migrated in a two-step process. First, the production database was replicated to a temporary AIX server in the Arvato data center (log-shipping) always to have an up-to-date copy of the primary database close to the new target system. In the second step, the SAP migration tools were used to export the data from the document and import it into the Linux target environment. The SAP tools implicitly performed the Unicode conversion and were a prerequisite for downstream SAP upgrades. As a prerequisite for subsequent updates, a stack split (JAVA) was also performed for the SAP CRM system.

The control of SAP jobs was switched from the existing job scheduler to Arvato Systems' modern streamworks-solution (approx. 1,150 jobs).

During the project, it became apparent that the SAP BW system would also be needed for longer, so this system was also migrated at short notice.

Voices from the company

Hilmar Hübers, COO of Lekkerland SE: "Once again, I want to thank everyone involved for the smooth migration. A blueprint for the upcoming updates."

"The professional cooperation, the excellent preparation, the problem-free implementation, and the almost boring hyper-care phase afterward are to be emphasized. With this project, we more than achieved our goal of ensuring trouble-free and high-performance operations," confirms Christian Rolf, Director of Support Services & IT Operations Lekkerland information systems GmbH.

About Lekkerland

Lekkerland is the specialist for on-the-go consumption in four European countries. In fiscal year 2021, Lekkerland managed around 74,500 points of sale across Europe and employed around 5,100 people. Turnover was around 13.7 billion Euros.

Since 2020, the company is part of REWE Group, one of the leading trading and travel and tourism groups in Germany and Europe.

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