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Plant Monitoring With the eco Smart Monitor

Mapping and Analysing Energy Consumption and Costs

eco Smart Monitor


The eco Smart Monitor energy and plant management system makes energy consumption and costs transparent. The comparison of consumption, load profile and process data and the targeted comparison of operating procedures allows significantly higher energy costs to be saved than with a pure examination of the consumption data. All operating data, error states and energy data can be stored in the eco Smart Monitor, where they can be processed with powerful evaluation and controlling modules and visualised in a user-oriented manner. In this way you can significantly increase your energy efficiency.

Data Monitoring on a New Level

Plant Monitoring
  • Monitoring of the manipulated variables of technical systems
  • Evaluation of the degree of efficiency of individual assets by comparing consumption and process data
  • Alarm monitoring and analysis of individual assets
Efficiency Monitoring
  • Visualization of consumption across all media
  • Consumption group formation and visualization
  • Location benchmarking for all types of energy
  • Characteristic value formation with automatic comparison to metadata such as opening times, sales areas and other parameters
Cost Monitoring
  • Integration of all tariff-related consumption costs
  • Integration of all sub-metering counting points
  • Benchmarking across all consumer groups, locations, sales regions and cost centers
  • Alarming in case of conspicuous deviations


The eco Smart Monitor energy and plant management system offers extensive functionalities for systematically analysing, recording, storing and processing energy data.

Superior fault and alarm management
Management of measured values and reference values
Manual input of counter values
Replacement value creation, plausibility check and correction of data
Management of locations and technical facilities via a matrix structure
Load profile management
Evaluation and reports
Central version management and user administration

The ecoSmart Monitor Modules

Measuring Point Matrix

Thanks to its matrix structure, our eco Smart Monitor supports you in the target-oriented organization of flexible measuring point structures and their mapping with the aid of organization charts. In this way, energy costs can be displayed transparently according to the polluter-pays principle.

  • Automated structural changes, controlled from the ERP system (new cost centers, etc.)
  • Extensive data views using geographical, cost center or plant-specific organizational charts
  • User rights and role management in consideration of the organization chart structures
  • Integration into further solutions as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementable


With the chart function, you receive evaluations in the form of charts from an unlimited number of data records in no time at all:

  • Any number of measuring points per chart
  • Different media, sensor values and usage information in one chart
  • Functions for chart construction such as summation, cumulation, average, minimum and maximum values
  • Hierarchical representation of the measuring point structure in free organigrams
  • Storage of predefined representations
  • Relative time entries (yesterday, today, last week etc.) and free time period 
  • Export of the data into different formats for further processing in Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
  • Different data granularity (quarter-hour, hour, day, week, month, year) via virtual and real measuring points

Dashboard Management

The dashboard function offers you a user-specific display of your measurement data with freely selectable parameters, for example:

  • Role-specific information
  • Reference to the organization chart structure
  • Energy results and benchmarks
  • Evaluation of fault management
  • Information desk for branches with editorial content


eco Smart Monitor offers extensive possibilities to create automatic reports comfortably:

  • Fast and clear creation of reports based on templates
  • Dynamic and audit-proof static reporting
  • Combinations of current dashboards and saved queries
  • Automatic report delivery via download option, e-mail and copy functions

Arvato Systems recognized as Leader in "Sustainability and ESG Services"

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ISG, one of the leading market research and consulting companies in the IT environment, has recognized Arvato Systems and its green.screen solution as a leader in the field of "Sustainability and ESG Services". Another seal of approval for our high-quality product and service offering. Download the study free of charge via the following link!

Your Contacts for Plant Monitoring

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