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Modern Data Warehouse Management with BigQuery

Analyze data, make forecasts, gain insights in real time

Improve Performance With Modern Data Warehouse Management and Google BigQuery

Smart Analytics in the enterprise means having a comprehensive, fully managed, and serverless analytics platform that enables organizations to turn data into actionable insights - without size, performance, or cost constraints.

A building block of this platform is a Modern Data Warehouse, which is serverless, highly scalable, and delivers real-time analytics as well as predictive capabilities.

Therefore, Modern Data Warehouse Management is of interest to companies that want to improve performance for insights into data and develop their capabilities for the demanding query of massive data workloads.

Bundled competencies in Cloud, Data & AI

Arvato Systems focuses its business on the fields of Cloud, Data, and AI. Our experts also support companies in modernizing their data warehouses with powerful tools and services. Our services include expert architecture design, migration to the cloud, and the creation of data services such as analyses and forecasts. In addition, we offer platform operation with our expertise from our own data centers. With BigQuery, we rely on the modern solutions of our partner Google.

Take your data to the next level - with Modern Data Warehouse Management from Arvato Systems.

Challenges in Gaining Insightful Data Insights? Master Them Together With Us and a Modern Data Warehouse

IT capacity and budget

Business demand and increasing volumes exceed IT capacity and budget.

Various data sources

A company's data is scattered across multiple platforms.

IT Security

IT security is insufficient to protect the business and data.

Nature of data

Lots of unstructured information that cannot be used holistically.

Central data insight

Data is only available in individual shops/individual locations, but companies need it in real-time at headquarters.

Reliable database

Different people in the company are running around with different numbers on the same topic, there is no "single point of truth".


Enormous costs for the existing data warehouse, the existing data warehouse should be operated more cost-effectively, or set up in a new and modern way.


Up to now, companies have only been able to look into the past, but need analyses and forecasts for the future.


No possibility of personalized recommendations for customers through modern data analysis.

Customer Requirements for Modern Data Warehouse Management. Our Experts Implement These Individually for Your Company.

360-degree view of the company by breaking down data silos
Agile mastery and analysis of huge and constantly growing data volumes
Situational awareness of business events and responding to them in real-time
Visibility to enable data-driven decisions across the enterprise
Rapid, immediately actionable insights, forecasts, and predictions
Simple and powerful data security and management with full control, including over costs
An infrastructure that grows with your needs and can scale quickly and cost-effectively

Why It Makes Sense to Migrate a Modern Data Warehouse to the Cloud

Cost optimization

A cloud-based data warehouse is affordable. There are no infrastructure management expenses and no need to buy hardware for maximum capacity: you only pay for resources used.


A cloud-based data warehouse is flexibly scalable and thus adaptable to your needs at any time.


A cloud-based data warehouse is powerful, efficient and performant.


A cloud-based data warehouse ensures the security of your data and controlled data access.


With a modern, cloud-based data warehouse architecture, you can rely on a robust system that can withstand all complex requirements.


99.9% availability, no planned downtime.

The Solution: Google BigQuery

  • Adapted to business requirements

  • All relevant data is pooled in one central location

  • Responses follow immediately for real-time reaction

  • Forecasts for looking into the future are enabled

We design, build and operate a fully managed, modern data warehouse in the Google Cloud for customers. With Google BigQuery at the core of the warehouse and other products selected as needed, companies can gain insights faster, access advanced analytics, maintain full control over their data, and improve their responsiveness with real-time data. Our Data Scientists provide complementary forecasts from the data as needed or assist with Artificial Intelligence to pull information from the data that is essential to the business process. In this way, we enable companies to turn data into actionable insights - without limitations in size, performance, and cost.

Improve your business sustainably with holistic data insights in real-time!

We would be happy to create an individual solution for your data warehouse that is flexibly tailored to your business needs and existing infrastructure.

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What is BigQuery?

Data is the fuel for today's economy and the foundation of many business models. With Google BigQuery, a modern, cloud-based data warehouse solution, Arvato Systems helps companies gain actionable insights from their ever-growing data volumes - and reduce costs in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions About BigQuery

  • BigQuery is an analytics service from Google that enables your company to quickly query, process and analyze large amounts of data. After all, storing and retrieving large datasets is time-consuming and expensive without the right hardware and infrastructure. With Google BigQuery, you leverage the computing power of Google's infrastructure. This is highly performant even with large data sets. You can therefore access and analyze your entire data from any location with an Internet connection within seconds.

  • Google BigQuery is suitable for all companies that want to query, link, and analyze data quickly and easily - without having to build their own database. In addition, BigQuery appeals to companies that want to link existing data sources or enrich them with other data from the data warehouse.

  • Google BigQuery offers your company these advantages:
    - You can easily secure and powerfully manage your data.
    - You get a 360-degree view of your business.
    - You can link data sources, e.g. from different stores, and enrich them with data from the data warehouse.
    - You can make data-driven decisions across the enterprise.
    - The cost of Google BigQuery compares favorably with your own data infrastructure.

  • Google BigQuery is an analytics, or data warehouse service for businesses. You submit your data to Google BigQuery in order to retrieve, process, and analyze it directly and quickly via an integrated query module. The queries are written in SQL and use the computing power of the Google infrastructure.

Your Contact for Google BigQuery

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Expert for the Google Cloud Platform