Digital Customer Relationship Management Solutions

For maximum customer loyalty

A System for Customer Retention

Digitalization is no longer an innovation issue – it’s become par for the course. How you can adequately respond to your customers’ adapted behavior? This entails clear challenges: Alongside increased competitive pressure, customers’ expectations have increased as well. Regardless of whether they are end customers or business customers, they expect offers to be available everywhere and at all times – without having to skimp on a customized feel or consulting. In fact, maintaining a personal relationship to customers, providing them with personalized offers, and addressing them personally via customer-relevant channels are the keys to success.

Companies face the challenge of meeting these heightened requirements throughout the sales process:

  •  from marketing processes,
  •  to elements of sales,
  •  through to customer support and service.

We provide you with the right CRM-Systems and Integrated Solutions custom-tailored to your challenges. 

We guide you from the very start and help you define requirements, ensure efficient project implementation, and manage operation and application support.

Strong Systems for Customer Retention

Microsoft Solutions for Customer Engagement

Modern companies require a 360-degree perspective on their customer data. Microsoft Dynamics CRM networks all customer and business processes and supports modern customer management with powerful functions. As such, this platform supports modern, digital customer communication.

SAP Solutions for Customer Engagement

Today’s customers are using innumerable communication channels to connect to you, whether they’re online, mobile, or on-site. Customer experience solutions from the SAP CX portfolio let you take a holistic approach to customer relationship management so that you and your customers enjoy access to all of the relevant information and services any time you need them.

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Your Contact for Customer Relationship Management

Dr. Nasser Kaspari
Expert for SAP CX