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IT Solutions for the Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry

Digitize Manufacturing. Securing Future.

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Set the Right Course for Your Manufacturing Company on the Way to Industry 4.0

Material bottlenecks, unstable supply chains, a shortage of skilled workers, and an increasing complexity of day-to-day business - just some of the challenges facing manufacturing companies. For manufacturing companies to remain a model of success in an increasingly fast-changing and uncertain environment, Digital Transformation must succeed. It is no longer a question of whether Digital Transformation is necessary - what matters is how quickly and successfully it is implemented. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by Digitization for process efficiency, customer orientation, and new business and sales models. The fact is that companies with a high level of digital maturity are more resilient in an environment of growing uncertainty and manage to extend their competitive edge with the help of smart IT solutions.

New Business Models

Modern technologies enable companies to supplement the traditional core business of the manufacturing industry with innovative services - even completely new business models are possible, such as subscription models or customized production.

Digital Sales and Aftermarket

Digital customer folders that update themselves automatically, customer KPIs available at the click of a button, mobile sales apps, or self-service customer portals: Sales needs new, digital tools in order to cope with changing customer behavior and a modern customer journey. 

Data Sovereignty

The way into larger data spaces shared with third parties places high demands on the company's own data. Manufacturing companies need not only data lakes and interfaces, but also well thought-out concepts for the preparation, dissemination and sovereignty of their data treasure, right through to questions of pricing, the DSGVO or lock-in effects.

Process Management and Cost Efficiency

The way to the Data Driven Enterprise leads through process management: What happens in the company? How do processes run? Are the KPIs right? Are decisions necessary? Where does automation lend itself? Process mining can be used to identify unused cost and speed advantages, management works with live data, and process governance for quality standards such as ISO9001 is simplified.

Software Optimized Production

Once the connectivity concept for the shopfloor is in place, the IIoT platform can be quickly and easily supplemented with additional software modules from third-party providers - while retaining full control over the IT architecture. This allows companies to implement highly customized IT landscapes for any manufacturing niche, for example with software for energy management, logistics or automated quality control using image-based AI.

Digital Twin

The Digital Twin connects the real world with the digital world - with a cornucopia of possibilities to optimize the value chain. More and more companies are exploiting the potential of software simulation for quality assurance or product development, for example. Sustainability documentation (ESG) and new services are also exciting fields of application. For example, customers can access the lifecycle of machines via a portal, with manuals, spare parts lists, etc.

Sustainability and Resilience

Sustainability transformation is one of the biggest tasks facing industry in the coming decade. In addition to legally compliant documentation of the ecological footprint, this also involves green business models, green IT, and resilience factors such as a strong and flexible supply chain.

Cyber Security

Hacker attacks and other IT security incidents can bring production to a standstill and result in enormous costs and damage to the company‘s image, especially when sensitive company data is involved. Therefore, the company must effectively protect IT systems against modern attack methods to detect threats in good time, evaluate them and initiate countermeasures. Modern Cybersecurity concepts combine preventive measures with breach detection systems.

Modern Workplace

People increasingly work remotely or in distributed teams, using digital applications and cloud computing, from the office to the shop floor to the warehouse. As with the physical workplace, the digital workspace's design, management, and maintenance play an important role - not only for productivity but also for well-being, team spirit, and a healthy corporate culture.

Cloud, Data and Infrastructure

Where necessary, the existing IT landscape will be transferred step by step to the cloud and thus made fit for data analysis and data exchange, networking, and the platform economy of the future.

Basic Systems (SAP, Microsoft)

An important part of the Digital Backbone in manufacturing is a system landscape that is as homogeneous and robust as possible: Transformation backlogs are worked through, and the software architecture is orchestrated to be as low-maintenance as possible - with the Basic Systems SAP, Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud & Co as standard, while industry-specific requirements are mapped in the cloud.

Connected Machines

No company can afford to replace its existing machinery at the start of Digitization. Therefore, various machine types must be "made to talk" and connected to the cloud via interfaces. To prevent all sensor data from being transferred unfiltered to the data center, edge IoT solutions are needed that consolidate the data on the shop floor.


Digital Transformation is rarely a linear project. Choose a modular approach that solves urgent pain points while preparing for a digital future. With a strong Digital Backbone, you create the conditions for a new IT era. Operations Platforms create the foundation for transparency of your data and processes and thus successful, digital business models - for more growth you provide with the step into Industrial Ecosystems, in which data is monetized and new digital value-added services become possible.

Connected Machines
Digital Twin
Software Optimized Production
Process Management and Cost Efficiency
Data Sovereignty
New Business Models
Digital Sales and Aftermarket
Sustainability and Resilience
Basic Systems (SAP, Microsoft)
Cloud, Data and Infrastructure
Modern Workplace
Cyber Security

The transformation of our IT landscape into the Microsoft Azure Cloud with Arvato Systems as our partner offers us the opportunity to use crucial competitive factors in the long term.

Schmitz Cargobull AG

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TISAX© Assessment for the Automotive Industry

Information Security has absolute priority for us - this has now been officially proven with a successfully passed TISAX© Assessment according to the highest level.

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Drivers for the digitization of logistics include global economic cooperation and the increase in just-in-time and small-batch production. To achieve this, all delivery and logistics processes must be integrated with each other and highly automated.

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Worth Knowing about the Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry

  • Digital Transformation needs a strong base: control legacy, reduce technical debt and a performant, integrated core of systems. This creates a reliable foundation for your critical processes and paves the way for new technologies and growth.

  • The ways to achieve high visibility and live insights into your business start in the cloud. Based on a strong Backbone, and complemented by the right Cloud strategy, you open the door to make IT an enabler for management. Industry 4.0 needs Operations 4.0: Short development times, standardized interfaces and clearly structured data flows enable (process) optimization in the "here and now" - user-friendly and cost-optimized.

  • In addition to managing existing processes, it is important to create the conditions for future growth. We believe in growth from Ecosystems. Operations Platforms structure your own data - now monetization strategies are missing. We advise you on building new, digital value-added services and business models. In doing so, we structure current and upcoming regulations, guide you in building partner and data ecosystems, and leverage our years of experience in transforming sales and marketing units.

Partnerships and Associations

LNI 4.0 - Labs Network Industrie 4.0 e.V.

Founded in 2015, LNI 4.0 has the goal of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of their Digital Transformation. As a partner, we contribute our industry-specific IT expertise for the challenges on the way to Industry 4.0.

TTTech Industrial

The partnership with TTTech Industrial provides a crucial building block for an all-round solution for the manufacturing industry. The Austrian company provides a basic technology that can be used to optimize production processes on the store floor and to convert production data into value-added use.

OWL Maschinenbau

Around 200 companies from the manufacturing industry participate in the regional mechanical engineering cluster with the aim of strengthening the Ostwestfalen-Lippe location in global competition. We actively contribute our industry-specific IT expertise!


As a long-standing Microsoft partner, we cover a broad Microsoft portfolio and support you with consulting, transition and customized services. From Azure to networked communication solutions to innovative platform services in areas such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.


We have maintained a close partnership with SAP for many years. Whether SAP Customer Experience (CX) or SAP S/4HANA - with great passion and excellent know-how, we help our customers select, customize and implement the best SAP solution.

Amazon Web Services

As an AWS partner, we support you in the modern mapping of enterprise IT workloads in the cloud through the realization of cloud-native digital business models to the implementation of a contemporary DevOps operating model.

Google Cloud

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Arvato Systems offers secure and scalable public cloud solutions for digital business.


Rely on us: information security, quality management, IT service management. For our customers, we regularly have our performance measured and extensively certified. You benefit in the long term from our adherence to the highest quality standards and our technological expertise in the form of a trusting and highly professional collaboration.

TISAX® Assessment for the Automotive Industry

We fulfill the requirements of our customers in the automotive industry for the highest level of information security - this is an absolute priority for us and has been officially proven with a successfully completed assessment with the scope ID SK65M5 at the highest possible level. TISAX® participants can view the results under the assessment ID A15NK9-1 on the ENX Association portal.


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Expert for the Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry