Improved Client Communication Thanks to Product Information Management

BMW Group

Product Information Management at the BMW Group

As a result of digitalization, the number of communication channels and points of contact with clients is constantly increasing. In the absence of centralized product data management, it is difficult to ensure consistent brand identity across all channels. Arvato Systems aims to support clients such as the BMW Group in tackling these types of challenges.

Customer Benefits

Shorter time to market
Increased data quality
Transparent process status in product data processing
Single source of truth
Use of AWS Cloud advantages such as scalability, availability, security

Initial Situation

In order to make it possible to place the desired messages with the corresponding target groups, product information at the required quality level must be communicated at the right time via the desired communication channels.

The data required for this can be distributed across different systems or locally hosted files in a company’s IT landscape. Potential process dependencies between individual data sources can make it more difficult to aggregate information by sales object. Moreover, car manufacturers may have to deal with article-related data volumes that are larger than average.

In order to be able to provide consistent, high-quality product information across channels, this information needs to be consolidated and provided to the responsible employees for efficient enrichment. This is crucial to establishing globally standardized product presentation – whether this be on websites, in online shops, or on social media feeds. Arvato Systems supports the BMW Group in creating a standardized basis of data for managing and displaying product data.

Project Overview

Our Services

Arvato Systems supported the BMW Group in implementing a platform based on MDM - Product 360 to manage product information. In addition to the design and integration into the IT infrastructure, this also included technical consulting with regard to the editorial processes. Operation is carried out using modern cloud services on AWS.
The user interfaces of  MDM - Product 360 offer great customization options. This flexibility was used by Arvato Systems to meet the needs of the customer. The focus here is on usability for different roles and optimal adaptation to processes. As a result, product information on new and used vehicles, spare parts and accessories can be managed efficiently. In addition, the implementation of automated interfaces to a wide range of systems enables the timely and targeted distribution of data.


Informatica MDM – Product 360 helps merge information silos to create a unified platform for global product data. This can prevent the proliferation of conflicting or incomplete information in individual channels.This centralization provide an overall view of all business-critical data. Global product data can be enriched and stored centrally.In addition, MDM - Product 360 can optimize the timely delivery of product information around the world. AWS supports IT operations with its innovative IT services in terms of scalability, availability and security.


The introduction of a platform for global product data supported by Arvato Systems, and thus a "single source of truth", increases the transparency of the product information to be distributed. The result is improved efficiency of the content creation process as well as an increase in data quality. The use of latency-optimized AWS services enables highly available, secure and fast access to data.

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