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We Let You Make Quantum Leaps in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is changing rapidly and yesterday’s business and service models will be put to the test in the coming years. System integrators also need to rethink their approach, which is why we are developing innovative strategies and models for our clients that focus on an entrepreneurial approach to thinking and acting.

At Arvato Systems, we are driving the digital transformation along the supply chain with our innovative SCM and logistics solutions. With our "Business Transformation Roadmap", we work with our customers to create the ideal roadmap for optimizing their logistics processes and supply chains - whether from Procure to Pay to Make to Stock and Inbound to Outbound to Order to Cash. With our expertise in integrated end-to-end processes, we ensure long-term business success.

SCM Expertise Meets Innovation

platbricks - Arvato Smart Logistics Platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Logistics

Supply Chain Intelligence

Supply Chain Consulting

Subcontracting with SAP and platbricks

Our Services For Your Success

As an international IT specialist, we offer more than Service Level Agreements or licenses. We manage our clients’ entire long-term business development. The task requires comprehensive SCM expertise, flexibility, and innovation as well as an entrepreneurial approach to thinking and acting. We serve as our clients’ strategic and technology partner, IT implementation and process optimization specialist, education and change manager, and service partner for hosting and applications.

As a long-standing SAP Gold Partner, our expertise includes consulting services and implementations of SAP solutions, such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP EWM or SAP TM. On the other hand, we also succeed in closing digitization gaps in logistics with our specially developed cloud platform platbricks - as supplements to our SAP solutions or as a stand-alone logistics solution. This enables us to individually adapt the optimization options along the supply chain to the requirements, needs and initial situations of our customers.

In addition to efficiency, sustainability and future-proofing, we also stand for innovation in the digital transformation of the supply chain. With mobile logistics apps, chatbots or AI & analytics, we show companies what modern and efficient logistics of today looks like and which trends of tomorrow they should already be focusing on now.

> 30 years
of experience in implementation and optimization
> 200 implementations
worldwide in different industries
> 300 experts
with comprehensive know-how in logistics


For a Comprehensive Overview of All Processes

The decision for a warehouse management system is not only an investment, but also a long-term partnership.

Reduced processing time in the picking hall

The digitization of logistics processes improves transparency, shortens routing times and creates paperless processes from goods receipt to shipping.

S/4HANA Transformation at GREIWING

With a comprehensive S/4HANA transformation, GREIWING aims to continue to grow and expand its position as an innovation partner based on the SAP platform technology of the future.

Higher Process Efficiency through Full-Stage Digitization

With the help of an end-to-end IT solution, HTH Logistic Solutions relies on transparent, digital and intuitive workflows and thus strives for steady growth.

Innovative and forward-looking thanks to platbricks

platbricks – the Arvato Smart Logistics Platform – was introduced at Imperial Chemical Logistics within two months.

The highest performance when it counts

The conception and implementation phase for the integration of platbricks at MAINCOR Rohrsysteme only took one month from start to finish.

Improving Performance and Processes through Comprehensive SAP Transformation

In a demanding and complex system environment, the entire order processing of the MOSOLF Group's technical and logistics centers was significantly enhanced in SAP.

Modernization of the Picking Process at a Global Automotive Manufacturer

A detail-focused concept for internal processes and IT was developed and implemented thanks to platbricks.

Current Events 2021

Take the opportunity to talk to our SCM and logistics experts about our innovative solutions for Logistics 4.0.

Latest Blog Articles

Prepare for Serialization in Brazil

How to safely implement Brazilian drug serialization requirements in compliance with the law.

Logistics 4.0 - A Key Component of Industry 4.0

Drivers for the digitization of logistics include global economic cooperation and the increase in just-in-time and small-batch production. To achieve this, all delivery and logistics processes must be integrated with each other and highly automated.

Neither White nor Black, but Grey - the Grey Market

Unauthorized product sales cause huge revenue losses for manufacturers. Learn how to effectively identify gray markets and parallel trade, and how digitization helps protect your product and brand.

Authenticity & Quality: Dairy Products Are Digitally Labeled

More and more companies are digitizing their products using unique markings, including in the dairy industry. Either because there are government requirements or because the business added value is clearly recognizable. I will shed light on both aspects for you!

SAP LBN: Global Track & Trace and Material Traceability

Knowing in real time where their goods are and when is at least as important for many companies as knowing exactly where the raw materials for their products come from. With the Global Track & Trace and Material Traceability options, SAP LBN aims to provide this transparency.

On the Relevance of Digital Twins for Consumer Products

The digital twin is commonly defined as representation of a physical product of the real world in the digital world. Based on 8 application scenarios, it is shown that digital twins also generate added values for consumer goods - for brands and retailers as well as for consumers.

Latest Press Releases

Cloud use is lagging behind in logistics

In a joint study with the German Logistics Association (Bundesvereinigung Logistik), Arvato Systems examined cloud use in transport and intralogistics.

Arvato Systems and tiramizoo work together for seamless digitalization of decentralized logistics

Arvato Systems integrates route planning technology from tiramizoo into the warehouse management module of the platbricks logistics platform.

SICK AG and Arvato Systems Cooperate to Increase Efficiency in Implementing the Falsified Medicines Directive

SICK AG and Arvato Systems work together to significantly increase the efficiency with which medications affected by the Falsified Medicines Directive are authenticated.

AISCI Ident and Arvato Systems Enter into a Partnership to Streamline Logistics and Warehousing Processes

AISCI Ident GmbH and Arvato Systems are working together to make processes in logistics and warehousing more streamlined and even smarter, such as when it comes to order picking.

Arvato Systems and NIMMSTA push forward "freehand" operations in logistics processes

Arvato Systems uses the HS 50 backhand scanner developed by NIMMSTA in its cloud-based logistics platform platbricks.

Arvato Systems and Metrilus Create Efficiency Gains Along the Supply Chain

Arvato Systems will be working with Metrilus, a computer vision company. As part of the cooperation, Arvato Systems will use the goods and freight measurement data captured by MetriXFreight from Metrilus in its logistics IT solutions.

Deep Dive

SAP® Transformation in Logistics

Real-time capability and security as well as flexibility and scalability form challenges that logistics managers have to face. A holistic software environment could be the answer.

Demo System: platbricks Warehouse Management

Get to know the cloud-based platbricks Warehouse Management in practice and try out the module over a period of 14 days in our free demo system. 

Full Transparency in Subcontracting

With these tips, you'll be able to keep track of inventory and manufacturing steps at the contract service provider when subcontracting.

Dos and Don'ts of Using Chatbots in Logistics

There are a few things to consider when introducing chatbots in logistics. Our checklist tells you what you need to pay attention to.

Digitization Of Logistics With Arvato Systems

An overview of our solutions for digitizing your logistics processes.

Chatbots In Logistics: Innovation Brief

This Innovation Briefing provides background knowledge on chatbots and presents a number of use cases in detail.

Digitization Of Logistics With Arvato Systems

An overview of our solutions for digitizing your logistics processes.

platbricks - Arvato Smart Logistics Platform At A Glance

Designed as a digital modular system, platbricks can be used to orchestrate internal and cross-company logistics processes and execute them with smart mobile wearables.

Logistics Trends 2021

Which logistics trends will accompany us in the coming year? And how can managing directors and logistics managers take advantage of these trends to master their own challenges?


PAC Innovation Radar 2020

We were able to convince the market analysis and consulting company PAC with our competence in the field of artificial intelligence on several occasions. Among other things, our AI-related services in the area of "Logistics/SCM" received the rating "Best in Class". Read more in our press release.

ISG Provider Lens™-Study "Digital Business – Solutions and Service Partners”

Arvato Systems occupies a leading position in the ISG Provider LensTM Quadrant Report Germany 2020 "Digital Business - Solutions and Service Partners". The technology research and consulting firm ISG ranks the IT service provider as a leader in the area of "Digital Supply Chain Transformation Services".

Digital Leader Award

Arvato Systems was awarded the Digital Leader Award in the category "Create Impact" for the "Arvato Smart Logistics Platform" (now: "platbricks"). platbricks is a cloud-based platform with which operational processes in logistics can be intelligently planned, controlled and digitally (mobile) executed. Let us show you how platbricks closes your digitization gaps.

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