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At Arvato Systems, we want to focus holistically on digital commerce, as this goes beyond pure e-commerce and enables us to offer comprehensive solutions that integrate customer loyalty, logistics management and innovative technologies into the digital transformation of companies in addition to the electronic sales process. Through this approach, we aim to optimize all digital interactions and business processes and create an innovative shopping experience.

The challenge of the multi-channel world in digital commerce

In a world where customers move agilely across different channels, it is essential to maintain an overview of every customer contact and every order and to process them seamlessly. The key to this lies in unified commerce, which is important for both B2B and B2C e-commerce.

Omnichannel strategies in digital commerce at a glance

Nowadays, customers use various channels such as online stores, social media and retail stores. The challenge in digital commerce is to address customers in their respective situation via the optimal channel with the right offer. Here are some digital commerce concepts:

  1. Multichannel : Companies offer numerous independent purchasing channels
  2. Crosschannel : Customers use a combination of different channels, enabling concepts such as click and collect in digital commerce.
  3. Omnichannel : This is the integration of all physical and digital channels for a seamless customer experience.
  4. Unified commerce: All sales channels and systems are networked with each other in digital commerce, and a central backend platform brings data and processes together in real time. The shopping experience in digital commerce is channel-independent and seamless.

Diversity of service forms in digital commerce

The variety of service forms in digital commerce and how products are delivered to customers is of crucial importance. Well-known examples are Click and Collect, BOSS (Buy Online, Ship from Store), ROPIS (Reserve Online, Pickup in Store) and BORIS (Buy Online, Return in Store).

Unified commerce in digital commerce brings full transparency

In digital commerce, customers expect all channels and services of a retail company to be merged. Unified commerce in digital commerce offers transparency in interactions, order processing and returns. A standardized, highly integrated platform is technically indispensable in digital commerce.

Order management as the key to digital commerce

The "anytime, anywhere" delivery promise in digital commerce requires the optimal orchestration of order, warehouse and store management. Our modern order management system, aroma® (Arvato Order Management), is the solution in digital commerce. It enables convincing customer service and optimizes the efficiency of your processes.

Our digital commerce solutions at a glance:


E-shop solutions

Discover the power of optimized online sales channels. Our e-shop solutionse.g. aroma®, and the SAP Customer Experience (CX) Suite not only provide an aesthetically pleasing user interface, but also powerful functions to effectively present your products and optimize the purchasing process for your customers.


Omnichannel solution

Immerse yourself in the world of our in-house omnichannel solution. This integrated platform allows you to interact seamlessly across multiple channels, from online stores to mobile apps to physical locations.


Customer loyalty solutions

Increase the loyalty of your customers through targeted customer loyalty programs. Our solutions help you to create personalized offers, offer rewards and build lasting customer loyalty. Suitable CRM systems support you in strengthening your customer relationships and enable the efficient management of customer information based on precise data analysis and personalized interactions.


PIM solutions

Efficient product management is the key to success in e-commerce. Our PIM solutions enable you to manage and optimize product information centrally and present it consistently across all sales channels.

Selected References

The successful implementation of an integrated platform created a global, consolidated online presence. As such, Belimo provides its customers with an integrated, state-of-the-art digital customer journey.

Customized SAP Marketing Cloud

New Pig improved their SAP Marketing Cloud and closed gaps in personalization, segmentation, customer preferences, and management of marketing campaigns.

With an order management system, ORSAY was able to significantly accelerate its eCommerce and omni-channel roll-out, allowing the company to offer its customers an even better shopping experience.

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  • The terms "digital commerce" and "e-commerce" (electronic commerce) are often used interchangeably as they refer to electronic commerce and conducting business over the Internet. 
    However, e-commerce refers specifically to electronic commerce on the Internet, while digital commerce takes a broader approach and includes all digital interactions and business processes enabled by digital technologies. 

  • A good digital commerce service provider plays a crucial role in the development and optimization of e-commerce platforms. This is characterized by adaptability to individual company requirements, extensive experience, expertise, excellent UX and design skills, integration capabilities, security standards, transparent cost structures and first-class support and communication.
    Choosing a digital commerce service provider is an important decision for the success of your e-commerce business. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can ensure that you find a partner that can meet your specific requirements.

  • The development of digital commerce in 2024 is expected to be characterized by the increased use of AI and personalization, the integration of AR and VR as well as advances in payment technologies. The influence of voice commerce could also grow. Furthermore, an increasing emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility in e-commerce is expected to meet the growing needs and preferences of consumers.

  • Using a fulfillment provider in digital commerce makes particular sense if a company wants to overcome complex logistics challenges, respond flexibly to scaling requirements and use cost-efficient, international shipping solutions.

  • A digital commerce solution from Arvato Systems is right for your company if you need comprehensive IT solutions, especially in industries such as retail, media, manufacturing, healthcare, public sector and energy and utilities. With many years of experience in digital transformation, expertise in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IT security, customer experience, e-commerce and business process management and a strong partner network, we offer innovative solutions and support you on your path to digitalization.

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