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New Pig Corporation

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About New Pig

Arvato Systems Takes SAP Marketing Cloud to new levels for New Pig


New Pigs' customer focus is second to none, whether it is a human being answering the phone within two rings to all orders shipping within 24 hours to free expert advice to their No Guff Guarantee ® on every product they sell, no matter what. New Pig desired to upgrade its SAP Marketing Cloud functions in a personalized way to accommodate their customer focus.

Customer Benefits

Brand new and personalized "Preference Center"
Customers can manage their contact preferences
Self-management by customers of which newsletters and other emails they prefer to receive
Improved ability to manage marketing campaigns
Additional functionality to fill gaps in personalization, segmentation, customer preferences
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“Working with Arvato Systems has been a Godsend. This project has enabled us to progress from being able to turn out one or two campaigns in a quarter to doing multiple campaigns per month.”

New Pig

Project Overview

Background Situation

Communications with customers is a key aspect of New Pig‘s marketing mission. Keeping customers up to date on products, best practices, and industry and regulatory changes leads to enhanced sales opportunities and long-term customer retention. With over 2 million emails sent per month, effective campaign management is crucial. Manually changing email preferences is both expensive and error-prone, as well as a potential point of customer friction. New Pig needed a solution to increase email conversions by expanding the OOB capabilities of SAP Marketing Cloud.


New Pig partnered with Arvato Systems to add functionality and fill the gaps in personalization, segmentation, customer preferences, and marketing campaign management in its existing SAP Marketing Cloud solution. The goal was to reduce undeliverable emails and enable self-management of customer communication preferences. In addition, the focus was on increasing the conversation rate online for repeat orders and orders for related products through increased personalization and targeted recommendations.


Arvato Systems created the Preference Center application to enhance the personalization options available in SAP Marketing Cloud. New Pig customers can manage their contact preferences using the Preference Center, indicating what newsletters and other emails they would prefer to see. This information is persisted in a DynamoDB database and is a serverless application (using AWS API Gateway and Lambda) that increases New Pig‘s ability to target their customer campaigns beyond what is available OOB (out of the box) in SAP Marketing Cloud.

About New Pig

Customers trust New Pig to solve their tough leak and spill problems and keep their workplaces clean, safe, and productive. Since 1985, New Pig has revolutionized leak and spill management with both products and services used by more than 300,000 industrial, commercial, utility, institutional, military, and government facilities across more than 100 countries.

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