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SAP Datasphere

Navigate your data warehouse to the cloud

SAP Datasphere: Start Migration to Cloud-Based Data Warehousing Now

SAP Datasphere provides a simplified solution for data management in the company and enables the integration and harmonization of data from various sources, both SAP and non-SAP, which can be obtained or offered via a dedicated SAP data marketplace. For example, public data from research can also be incorporated into business analyses. The platform, therefore, makes a wide variety of data easily accessible. This means relevant information is also available to specialist departments such as Spaces, which are embedded in the respective business context - for real-time analyses. With their logic and simple SQL queries, even non-data experts can generate insights conveniently - virtually as a self-service. SAP Datasphere thus enables fast, well-founded decisions to be made directly in the specialist departments.

Maximize Your Data Warehousing Potential with SAP Datasphere and Arvato Systems

SAP Datasphere takes your data strategy to the next level with new data discovery, modeling, and distribution capabilities. Implementing or migrating to SAP Datasphere provides the scalability, flexibility, and power to help your organization succeed in the data-driven world. SAP Datasphere integrates seamlessly with SAP Analytics Cloud and other analytics tools to simplify data consumption and analysis. Thanks to its open and extensible architecture, SAP Datasphere is particularly interesting for companies that pursue an agile data strategy in the sense of a data mesh.
Whether you want to migrate from BW/4HANA or set up an entirely new data warehousing environment - we will support you as your IT experts for SAP Datasphere.

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Would you prefer to implement your SAP data warehousing in your own on-premises or private cloud environment?

Our Services for Your SAP Datasphere Migration

Advice & Planning

Together, we evaluate whether SAP Datasphere suits your goals and data requirements and develop a suitable data strategy and data governance to enable an informed decision for your SAP landscape.

Implementation & Integration

We ensure the smooth integration of SAP Datasphere into your IT environment, tailored to your processes and needs. We support you in all decisions so that you can concentrate on your core business.


Regardless of your current data warehouse solution, we make the transition to SAP Datasphere - using BW Bridge, for example - a smooth one. This allows you to gradually improve and modernize your data-driven business management.

Application Management

Beyond implementation, we offer you ongoing management and tailored enhancements of SAP Datasphere to optimize performance and continuously adapt the platform to new business requirements.

What Advantages Does SAP Datasphere Offer?

Centralized data harmonization from SAP and non-SAP sources 
Simple data modeling and analysis 
Seamless integration thanks to high connectivity 
Better collaboration by empowering business departments to become data experts 
Improved data governance 
Cloud-native flexibility and scalability with cloud solutions from AWS, Azure, Google & Co cloud solutions. 
Innovative business developments and competitive advantages

Your Possible Areas of Application for Your SAP Datasphere

Business Intelligence and Reporting

SAP Datasphere enables the creation of data models for in-depth insights and well-founded future forecasts. With the central consolidation of various data sources, it facilitates data-based decisions.

Self Service

SAP Datasphere allows business users to carry out data analysis and modeling independently without having to have in-depth technical knowledge of the underlying data structures. This speeds up processes and motivates employees.

Data Science and Analytics on-the-fly

SAP Datasphere offers a flexible environment for ad-hoc analyses and advanced analytics. The use of a wide range of data sources enables predictive models and machine learning - without long lead times for data preparation.

Our Approach for Your SAP BW/4HANA Migration

Strategy development





Strategy development

Together, we lay the foundation of your data strategy, identify your business goals and evaluate how SAP Datasphere can support them. Our experts will conduct a comprehensive consultation to develop a customized solution for your needs.


We analyze your existing IT infrastructure and data landscape to ensure that all technical requirements for successfully implementing SAP Datasphere are met. This also includes planning the necessary cloud infrastructure and connectivity.

Depending on your initial situation, we design a customized migration plan. Whether it's a new implementation or a migration to SAP Datasphere from BW/4HANA or other systems - we ensure a smooth transfer of your data to the cloud.


Our team adapts SAP Datasphere to your specific business processes and optimizes the data models to ensure maximum performance and efficiency. We use SQL and Python to develop customized solutions.


Arvato Systems offers targeted training for your team to ensure that all users can use the functions of SAP Datasphere effectively. We strengthen your employees' skills for independent data analysis and management.


Even after the successful introduction of SAP Datasphere or the migration, we are at your side as a partner. We offer ongoing application management, support with the expansion of your data platform and rapid assistance with technical questions or challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions About SAP Datasphere

  • What is SAP Datasphere?

    SAP Datasphere marks SAP's latest foray into the future of cloud-based data warehousing. SAP Datasphere's cloud-native architecture helps companies harmonize, manage and analyze their data, enabling business departments, management and IT to create dynamic reports, make forecasts and gain a unified view of their data landscape - all in real time and while maintaining the highest data security standards.

  • What requirements must be met for an SAP Datasphere migration or implementation?

    For the successful implementation of SAP Datasphere or a migration, companies need to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their current data landscape and strategy to ensure that the technical infrastructure is in place. In order to use SAP Datasphere effectively, access to the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is required first, as Datasphere operates as part of this comprehensive cloud platform. In addition, companies must have a suitable cloud infrastructure that offers sufficient computing power, storage and network bandwidth to meet the requirements of Datasphere and ensure optimal performance. With our workshop, we provide you with targeted support and plan your migration process according to your needs and possibilities.

  • What is the BW Bridge and what is it used for?

    The BW Bridge serves as an integration tool within SAP Datasphere to facilitate the transition from existing BW/4HANA systems to the flexible, cloud-native environment by making certain functionalities and data structures of the traditional BW system available in the cloud environment. It enables a step-by-step migration of existing data models and processes with minimal disruption and opens up access to extended analysis and data management functions.

  • What developments is SAP planning for Datasphere?

    SAP has committed to Datasphere as a future-oriented platform for data warehousing and is positioning SAP Datasphere as the centerpiece of its data warehouse strategy. With its focus on cloud innovation and integration into the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), SAP is signaling a long-term commitment to the development and support of Datasphere. Customers can expect continuous updates, new features, and an active roadmap tailored to the needs of modern data landscapes.

  • How does SAP Datasphere scale reliably with a growing database and always remain performant?

    As a cloud-native solution, SAP Datasphere is specially designed to scale with the growth of a company's data pool's growth. Using the cloud infrastructure, resources can be dynamically adapted to meet capacity requirements efficiently. Performance is ensured by advanced data processing and storage technologies within the chosen cloud solution, enabling rapid data manipulation and analysis.

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