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In a data-driven world, data governance is becoming increasingly important to the success of organizations. By managing and using data effectively, you can use it in a more targeted way to drive growth and success. Choosing the right partner for your data governance initiative is crucial. Successful implementation requires both deep business understanding and technical expertise.

Arvato Systems offers a unique combination of data governance consulting, business transformation and technology consulting, backed by strong partnerships with leading technology companies such as AWS, Google, Microsoft and SAP. This enables us to bring many years of experience across the entire value chain to your data governance. See for yourself!

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Data governance ensures that data is managed in a way that both complies with regulatory requirements and ensures the quality and security of the data. Our consulting services in this area focus on the development and implementation of data governance strategies tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

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Why Is Data Governance Important?

Data governance refers to internal company processes that are associated with the management of data. These processes include managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of data. Data governance also includes quality management and the effective and proper management of data as well as data protection and security measures.


Data governance also includes the implementation of guidelines, procedures and standards for effective data management and the assignment of responsibilities for specific data. By standardizing these processes, companies can be confident that their data is accurate, consistent, secure and of high quality. Data governance thus ensures effective data accessibility, data confidence and data utilization.

Data Accessibility

Data accessibility is an important aspect of data governance that refers to how easily and securely data is available to authorized users. Data accessibility enables users to effectively use, analyze and share the data to gain valuable insights and make better decisions.

Data Confidence

Data confidence refers to the trust an organization has in the quality, accuracy and reliability of its data. Data governance ensures that data is accurate and trustworthy, resulting in high data confidence and providing a solid foundation for strategic decision-making.

Data Utilization

As the volume of data increases, so does the complexity of data management. Data governance ensures that effective business use of data is possible despite a high volume of data by guaranteeing the quality, availability and security of the data.

What Are the Benefits of Data Governance?

Data governance enables well-founded decisions to be made on the basis of high-quality and reliable data. This brings numerous advantages for companies. Because data governance makes it possible:

significant competitive advantages
improved operational efficiency
better customer service
higher profitability
compliance with directives and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
a reduction in fines and reputational damage

Our Offer for You

In our workshop, our experienced experts provide a comprehensive overview of the organization, technology and operation of data governance. We not only impart theory, but also practical solutions. During the workshop, we analyse your data organization and offer tailored recommendations for your data governance initiative. Our experienced team shares its knowledge from numerous data governance initiatives and enterprise data platform projects and supports you in the preparation and implementation of your own initiative.

1. Initialization

2. Organization

3. Technology

4. Operation

Activation and planning:

As a first step, we develop the vision, mission and goals of the data governance initiative. We draw up a roadmap and weigh up the costs and benefits.

People and processes:

Building on this, we deal with responsibilities and accountabilities in relation to the data of your core processes. We also determine the data lifecycle and data architecture.

Promoting efficiency:

In a third step, we work together to develop the technical setup of data governance. This also includes setting up tools such as a data catalog with data flow monitoring.

Get started and get going:

If required, we will support you beyond the introduction with training and a technical rollout. We want to continuously improve your data governance initiative.

Our Workshop in Detail

We offer workshops remotely as a video conference, at your location or at one of the Arvato Systems locations nationwide. What to expect on day one and two of our workshop:

Introduction to

Day 1: Introduction and inventory


  • Introduction to the topic of data governance
  • Discussion of benefits and success factors


  • Inventory and analysis
Best Practices

Day 2: Deepening and best practices


  • Comprehensive examination of the fields of organization, technology and operation


  • Final evaluation and conclusion
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Increase the quality & security of your data with a professional data governance strategy

Data governance and artificial intelligence

AI models and analytics systems are only as good as the data that feeds them. Effective data governance ensures that the data is accurate, consistent and of high quality and should therefore be an integral part of the introduction of AI measures in your company. With the increasing use of AI and big data, the risk of data breaches also increases. Data governance helps to comply with data protection regulations and minimize the risk of breaches.

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Governance

  • Data governance comprises various processes, roles, guidelines, standards and key figures that enable the effective use of data and support companies in achieving their goals. Data governance deals with the processes and responsibilities that are relevant to the quality and security of the data used in a company. A professional data governance strategy supports uniform, standardized processes and responsibilities and is crucial for any company that generates and processes large volumes of data. Data governance helps companies to maximize the value of their data, effectively manage risks and reduce costs.

  • Data management and data governance are not the same thing. While data management is more of an operational IT measure that aims to organize and correctly process a company's data, data governance is a strategic measure that involves various stakeholders throughout the company. Find out more about data management in our eBook "Modern Data Management".

  • If you would like to generate more value from your company's data, we will be happy to help you. We take an approach that combines working with specific use cases with the development and expansion of basic data value creation skills. Contact us for more information.

  • The challenges of data governance include managing conflicts between business requirements and technological necessities, managing conflicting data requirements, complying with complex regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring data quality in complex environments and managing data protection risks in an increasingly data-driven world. The experts at Arvato Systems have many years of experience and extensive know-how in this area - together we will find solutions to the challenges of data governance. Find out more about our qualifications.

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