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Time is of the essence: Companies must act and disclose their ESG data accurately. This is possible with the ESG reporting software green.screen from Arvato Systems. 

Why should you act now? The accurate and reliable presentation of your ESG data is crucial for successful sustainability management and will be mandatory for many companies starting in the 2024 financial year. The cloud-based environmental data platform from green.screen enables you to collect, calculate, monitor, and document your energy and resource consumption company-wide.

Don't wait any longer; take the initiative now! Make your company fit for transparent reporting on your sustainability efforts. Use the professional green.screen solution from Arvato Systems and ensure that your ESG data is always accurate, consistent, and available at all times. Act now and arrange a demo appointment!

What Does green.screen Do for Sustainability Management and ESG Reporting?

  • Sustainability reporting in accordance with the requirements of the CSRD Directive
  • Determination of target values as part of the corporate climate targets and establishment of target monitoring
  • Identification of GHG reduction potentials (greenhouse gas) and derivation of measures to achieve the climate targets
  • Monitoring and control of emissions relevant under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3) at all company levels
  • Recording of climate-relevant environmental data (energy generation, energy consumption, fuel use, waste generation, pollutants, water withdrawal, wastewater discharge, etc.) and conversion into CO2 equivalents
  • Integration of online measurements for mapping energy consumption and reporting the energy mix
  • Integration of climate dashboards at all company levels

green.screen is the platform for strategic sustainability management developed by Arvato Systems. It supports the implementation of climate targets in your company. All relevant data comes together in green.screen. As ESG reporting software, it professionalizes and digitizes your environmental reporting and CO2 balancing and offers you the opportunity to record, analyze and present your data in accordance with the ESRS standards (European Sustainability Reporting Standards). In addition, the LSME (Listed SME) and VSME (Voluntary SME) standards will also be supported in the future to ensure that your reporting complies with the latest requirements. With our software, you can capture your ESG data correctly and completely to create transparent and meaningful reports.

Achieve Climate Protection Goals With green.screen!

Professionalization of CSRD reporting
Determination and monitoring of Scope 1-3 emissions
Identifying CO2 reduction potential
Target monitoring: continuous review of progress
Mapping complex corporate structures
Sustainability and energy management in one system

Arvato Systems recognized as Leader in "Sustainability and ESG Services"

Siegel_ISG_ESG Services

ISG, one of the leading market research and consulting companies in the IT environment, has recognized Arvato Systems and its green.screen solution as a leader in the field of "Sustainability and ESG Services". Another seal of approval for our high-quality product and service offering. Download the study free of charge via the following link!

Frequently Asked Questions about ESG Reporting Software

  • ESG reporting is reporting that summarizes corporate activities with an impact on the environment, social society and corporate governance. The reports produced enable the comparison and determination of different key figures.

  • By publishing an ESG report, companies make their own commitment to sustainability transparent. This gives investors the opportunity to compare the efforts of different companies with regard to sustainability goals. The reports therefore help to weigh up the risks and opportunities before making an investment.

  • The aim of ESG reporting is to provide companies and investors alike with a detailed overview of the social and environmental impact of corporate activities. Almost 200 countries also agreed on ESG targets at the UN Climate Change Conference in 2022. The commitment to phase out coal, for example, plays a central role in this. By publishing their own ESG report, companies want to live up to their responsibility in achieving the targets they have set.

  • Capital market-oriented companies have been obliged to report in Germany since 2017. Financial service providers, insurance companies, cooperatives and credit institutions must also publish sustainability reports. From 2025 and 2026, ESG reporting will be mandatory for many other companies.

  • There is no general answer to the question of which ESG KPI is exceptionally important. For an individual answer, each company must determine the individual impact of its own activities on the environment as part of a materiality analysis. Political and ecological factors are relevant in this analysis. At the same time, the unique business models, the product portfolio and other internal aspects are taken into account during the materiality analysis. Surveys are also part of the analysis. The companies use the results of the materiality analysis to identify the sustainability issues that are particularly important in terms of future opportunities in each individual case.

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