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Achieving Climate Protection Targets With green.screen

Document All Environmentally Relevant Data in the Company in a Resilient Manner 

Achieving Corporate Climate Protection Goals With Professional Sustainability Management


Climate protection is the order of the day. Companies are increasingly being required to minimize their carbon footprint. Large companies, for example, must demonstrate a certified energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001. Listed companies in Europe are required to prepare regular sustainability reports in accordance with ESG criteria. On the other hand, the EU is planning to introduce a digital product passport in the coming years, which will make the entire life cycle of a product transparent, from raw material extraction to recycling, and thus also provide information on the associated energy use. Companies that are not subject to these constraints would also do well to minimize their carbon footprint. It is not only the environment that benefits. Companies that achieve their climate protection targets are more resilient in a crisis and more successful in competition. How can success in climate protection be documented and proven? 

green.screen is the platform for strategic sustainability management developed by Arvato Systems. It supports the implementation of climate targets in your company. All relevant data comes together in green.screen. The platform professionalizes and digitizes environmental reporting and balancing of greenhouse gas emissions, for example, as part of the CSRD reporting obligation. 

What Does green.screen Do for Sustainability Management?

  • Determination of target values within the framework of corporate climate targets 
  • Identification of GHG reduction potentials (greenhouse gas) and derivation of measures to achieve climate targets 
  • Monitoring and control of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions at all levels of the company 
  • Recording of climate-relevant environmental data (energy production, energy consumption, fuel use, waste generation, pollutants, water withdrawal, wastewater discharge, etc.) and conversion into CO2 equivalents. 
  • Integration of online measurements to map energy consumption and show the energy mix 
  • Integration of climate dashboards at all levels of the company 

With green.screen, you can record all environmentally relevant data (e.g., energy consumption, in-house generation, water withdrawal, waste generation, business travel, fuel consumption, etc.) in your company - both automatically and manually - and convert them into CO2 equivalents using greenhouse gas factors. This gives you an overview of the relevant emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3) for each reporting year and each business unit. You can include them in designated climate dashboards and non-financial reporting. 

Achieve Climate Protection Goals With green.screen!

Professionalization of environmental reporting 
Determination and monitoring of Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions. 
Identify CO2 reduction potentials 
Continuous review of progress 
Mapping of complex group structures 
Environmental and energy management in one system 

Arvato Systems recognized as Leader in "Sustainability and ESG Services"

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ISG, one of the leading market research and consulting companies in the IT environment, has recognized Arvato Systems and its green.screen solution as a leader in the field of "Sustainability and ESG Services". Another seal of approval for our high-quality product and service offering. Download the study free of charge via the following link!

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