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Convincing at All Digital Touchpoints

Today's customers are well informed. With their smartphone, they carry the concentrated knowledge of the world in their pocket. They can find out about companies' products and services regardless of time and place. The number of possible contact points is constantly increasing - from websites and portals to online stores, apps and chatbots. In view of this ongoing development, it is becoming increasingly complicated to reach consumers digitally and address them precisely. It is even more difficult to inspire them and retain their loyalty in the long term.

Inspiring brand experiences along the customer journey

o turn customers into loyal brand ambassadors, companies must create unique yet consistent brand experiences across all channels and touchpoints. This challenge makes professional customer experience management essential. The many years of expertise and individual consulting of a specialized service provider are indispensable here.

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How to revolutionize lead generation with AI in marketing

Customer Loyalty

Our innovative solutions for your customer loyalty program go beyond traditional business strategies. At Arvato Systems, we help you build and maintain long-term relationships with your customers.

App Development

Arvato Systems develops customized experiences and mobile apps for every business case.

Arvato Systems Alive

The hybrid event platform with endless possibilities.


Marketing automation with SAP Emarsys: We support you from a single source and make you a professional when it comes to customer loyalty

Professional Customer Experience Management for the Highest Level of Functionality, Usability, and Design


Customer experience management focuses on the needs of users. When digital solutions such as responsive websites, portals, mobile apps, and online shops are integrated, easily accessible, and intuitive to use, they achieve a high level of acceptance among users.

Target group-specific

Integrated digital solutions will be successful if you accurately reflect the wishes and requirements of the intended target group. This is why defined buyer personas and measures such as A/B testing are important components of professional customer experience management.


A state-of-the-art customer experience management platform allows any written and multimedia content from different systems to be centrally bundled, efficiently managed, further processed in line with demand, and published across channels.


The GDPR-compliant collection and analysis of client data form the basis of a 360-degree client view, which is the prerequisite for outputting personalized content tailored to the client’s specific needs. When content optimally meets user needs, it is possible to inspire existing and potential clients continuously.


Professional consulting consists of various components: the strategic selection of the required enterprise technologies, smooth implementation, and the continuous support of CMS and shop systems, CRM and marketing automation tools, and PIM solutions.


Customer experience consulting includes checking and understanding the client’s data set, data structures, business processes, and system landscape. It is also necessary to analyze whether and to what extent these aspects support the overall digital strategy.

Customer Experience Management – by Professionals for Professionals

Comprehensive digital customer experience consulting
Many years of experience
Experience in global project management
Integrated digital solutions

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Our Technology Partners

CoreMedia AG

The CoreMedia Content Cloud is the best CMS for e-commerce and offers: content management, digital asset management and e-commerce integrations.


For many years now, Arvato Systems and SAP have been working in a close partnership. Whether SAP Customer Experience (CX) or SAP S/4HANA - with great passion and excellent know-how, we help our customers to select, adapt, and implement the best SAP solution for their requirements.


Strategically manage, visualize, and securely share customer data to deliver superior customer experiences.


FirstSpirit bietet Ihnen flexibles Digital Experience Management mit einem Höchstmaß an Usability, standardisierten Prozessen und schnellem ROI.

Magnolia CMS

Magnolia CMS is very integration-friendly and a perfect platform for first-class digital experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Experience

  • Customer experience refers to the totality of all customer interactions with a company and how they perceive them. A practical example of a positive customer experience is when an online shop has a user-friendly website, offers fast delivery times, and provides effective customer service. Overall, a good customer experience leads customers to be satisfied, happy to return, and recommend the company to others.

  • AI in marketing can create a true customer experience by enabling personalized content, precise analysis, and automated interactions. Through intelligent algorithms, AI can help better understand customer needs and design individual experiences, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

  • Customer experience management (CEM) refers to companies' holistic strategy and processes that companies use to manage and improve customer interactions. A practical example of CEM is when an e-commerce company uses feedback analysis and customer surveys to continuously monitor its website's user experience and make adjustments to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. CEM aims to optimize all touchpoints along the customer journey to ensure a positive overall experience.

  • A good customer experience service provider in 2024 must have advanced AI technologies to enable personalized and data-driven interactions. Seamless integration of omnichannel strategies is also crucial to ensure consistent experiences across different platforms. Finally, the service provider should demonstrate a high level of agility and adaptability to be able to react quickly to changing customer preferences and market trends.

  • Arvato Systems is the ideal customer experience service provider thanks to its comprehensive IT solutions in industries such as retail, media, manufacturing, healthcare, the public sector, and the energy and utilities industry. With many years of experience in digital transformation, and expertise in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IT security, and customer experience, Arvato Systems offers innovative solutions from a single source. Its strong partner network and ability to provide all services in-house - from consulting to implementation - enable flexible customization to individual customer requirements.

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