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Workplace Security with the Microsoft 365 Defender

Protect your cloud-based workplace with the intelligent tools of Microsoft 365 Defender

Workplace Security - Invest in a Secure Workplace

Cyber attacks are a growing and increasingly complex threat to companies of all sizes - and according to Bitkom, this applies to 9 out of 10 companies in Germany. Malicious attacks on your IT infrastructure can have financial, legal and reputational consequences. A popular target for cyber criminals: the digital workplace. The use of different networks and inadequate security configurations of cloud systems harbor risks. Take measures to protect your data and networks by investing in workplace security solutions.


A secure future with Arvato Systems

Not only cyber criminals know how to detect security vulnerabilities. Thanks to many years of experience, a complex understanding and smart IT solutions, we at Arvato Systems create comprehensive workplace security. Using the intelligent tools of Microsoft 365 Defender, it is possible to counteract cyber attacks and detect and fend off new attacks in good time. For effective protection of your digital workplace.


Arvato Systems is at your side on the way to an effective cyber security strategy. From consulting to the implementation of tools or the monitoring of your entire infrastructure - Arvato Systems is your competent and reliable partner for digital security.

The 5 Tools of the Microsoft 365 Defender

Microsoft 365 Defender is a cloud security solution that protects your company from malicious digital attacks. The Defender's protection covers computers and users as well as Microsoft 365 applications and apps - and ensures the security of your data and other digital resources of your company. It bundles various intelligent tools that effectively protect your company from cyber threats in the areas of your choice. Find out more about the 5 smart tools of Microsoft 365 Defender now:

  • Defender for Endpoint offers cross-platform protection for end devices. The central management console simplifies the analysis and management of security problems. Intelligent decision-making algorithms recognise threats in order to counter them immediately with targeted measures.

  • With the help of sandboxing and the Safe Link and Safe Attachment functions, Defender for Office 365 increases your company's email security. External attachments and links are scanned for malware, minimising the risk of unauthorised access.

  • Microsoft Defender for Identity is a cloud-based security solution that thoroughly monitors Active Directory (AD) to detect and prevent unwanted login attempts. Microsoft Defender for Identity fends off threats before they become a problem.

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

    The Defender's analytical features identify and combat cyber threats for cross-SaaS apps including Microsoft 365. The Defender for Cloud Apps issues activity logs and alerts.

  • Microsoft AD Identity Protection

    Identity Protection examines risks based on generated Microsoft data and automatically minimizes identity-based risks. The tool recognizes common risks such as IP addresses linked to malware and unusual changes of location, thereby preventing cyber attacks.

The Path to Professional Workplace Security

Arvato Systems supports you in determining the current situation, selects the right solutions together with you and accompanies you during the introduction and optimization of your cyber security strategy. You decide whether we support you in individual steps or in full. We offer you individual and expert advice tailored to your company's needs and IT environment.


More Security Services from Arvato Systems

Take the next important steps towards cyber security with Arvato Systems Security Services.

Managed Microsoft Security Services

We supplement the security tools of Microsoft 365 Defender with our own solutions and services for the cyber security of your company. You benefit from individual security services that take your cloud-based services to a new level and create a secure workplace. At Arvato Systems, we ensure that your sensitive information is permanently, comprehensively and securely protected.

Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop

The aim of the Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop is to identify and close security gaps in your company's internal Microsoft environment. To do this, our workplace security experts implement the smart tools of Microsoft Defender in your IT system for a limited period of time. Based on the collected data and comprehensive expertise, we can close security gaps. Book your workshop today.

Cyber Security Strategy Workshop

This workshop paves the way for your company to develop a successful cyber security strategy. Key learnings from the Cyber Security Strategy Workshop are:

  • a wide range of knowledge about the threats of shadow IT
  • A comprehensive understanding of your own IT infrastructure and possible measures to defend against cyber attacks

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to find the right balance between acceptable risk and necessary investment in security measures.

Configuration and Correlation Rule Management

With the cloud-native Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution from Microsoft and the corresponding Microsoft Sentinel tool, your IT system receives prompt, automated protection against cyber threats. Microsoft Sentinel has effective connectors for Microsoft solutions such as Microsoft 365 Defender. The solutions are available immediately and offer real-time integration.

Our Expertise - Your Benefits

Years of experience, extensive know-how and a high level of commitment → we design individual, highly professional security solutions for your company.
Extensive Microsoft expertise: We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner with designations in the areas of Security, Modern Work, Digital & App Innovation, Infrastructure, Data & AI and Business Applications.
Arvato Systems is a member of the exclusive top partner program Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA): We are very familiar with the Microsoft Security Stack.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Workplace Security and Microsoft 365 Defender

  • Microsoft 365 Defender is a cloud security solution and provides integrated protection against cyber attacks. The Defender consists of the following 5 tools: Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Microsoft Defender for Identity, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and Microsoft AD Identity Protection.

  • Each of these licenses gives you free access to 365 Defender: Microsoft 365 E3 with various add-ons, E5 or A5, Windows 10 and 11 Enterprise E5 or A5, Enterprise Mobility incl. Security (EMS) E5 or A5 and Office 365 E5 or A5.

  • You must be a global administrator or a security administrator in Azure Active Directory to enable Microsoft 365 Defender.

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