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Digitization of Public Administration

The comprehensive digitization of public administration is an important challenge. It offers great advantages in the area of process and cost optimization, as services such as cloud systems facilitate work in specialized procedures. The focus is also on the security of all data of citizens and administrations. 

The desire of citizens to be able to do things independently and securely online grows steadily. But also the employees of the administration do not want to do without the use of the most modern technologies, which facilitate their work and further improve citizen services. The work processes in municipal administrations must be made more attractive and self-determined through digital solutions, especially for young professionals.

Smart City

The Smart City Ranking of German cities has opened up a kind of inner-German competition for innovative projects. What will ultimately remain are the projects and ideas that offer sustainable added value for citizens and improve daily life and togetherness with the help of digital technologies. We would be glad to support you with our digital expertise in the implementation of a sustainable strategy.

Crisis Management

Climatic extremes or the Covid 19 pandemic require a new level of preventive and response work for the public sector. Modern sensors must give early signals about flood developments, nationwide vaccination campaigns must be organised and emergency concepts must be developed. We are glad to support you in the development and implementation of digital solutions and help you to empower the acting persons with the right tools under given circumstances.

ESG Reporting & Sustainability

Municipalities, federal states and nationwide authorities and institutions are also subject to reporting obligations. Data collection such as the measurement of emissions from properties makes an important contribution to more transparency and provides recommendations for the right measures. With the help of modern technologies, many parts of data collection and processing can be made more efficient and automated. With green.screen, Arvato Systems offers an important building block for your challenges.

Data Management & Governance

Modern data management includes appropriate governance as well as state-of-the-art security architectures and (API) interfaces or integration. It doesn't matter whether it's about register modernisation in the administration or modern data networking in the smart city that bundles your IoT data on one platform. Feel free to contact us. We will support you from the creation of the concept to its implementation with long-term operation.

Identity and Access Management

Current identity and access management is indispensable for secure and efficient work under modern conditions. This includes the level of employees as well as identity and access solutions for citizens to enable timely communication with authorities. We are glad to support you in managing your accesses in a scalable way, minimising risks, improving the customer experience as well as enabling modern working from home.

Application Modernization

With the help of application modernisation, you can put your IT landscape on a modern foundation. We will be happy to advise you on migrating your applications to a private or sovereign cloud infrastructure according to your needs. In doing so, we take into account which security or performance requirements are necessary for you. We support you in managing and continuously optimising your application landscape as a whole, including in hybrid structures. 

Sovereign Cloud

The Sovereign Cloud helps to strengthen Germany's digital sovereignty by making the public sector more independent and secure while lifting it onto a modern IT infrastructure. The goal is to reduce dependence on foreign cloud providers and retain control over your own sensitive data. We are the strategic partner for you on the path to the Sovereign Cloud.

Cyber Security

The public sector holds a high amount of sensitive information and personal data. We support our clients with consulting services and provide comprehensive IT security services to protect their systems from misuse and to optimize the detection and response to unwanted access.

Modern Workplace

A modern workplace in the public sector is important to optimize work processes, facilitate collaboration or enable modern working from home. In doing so, we support the use of Office 365 with DSGVO-friendly configurations.

SAP Services

Especially in the public sector, SAP solutions can help to optimise administrative processes. With our diverse range of SAP services, we support, implement, maintain and integrate your SAP software solutions. We are a long-standing SAP partner with over 500 SAP experts - so you are on the safe side when optimising your business processes with us.

Cloud & Data Center Transformation

We help you to optimize your IT infrastructure to take advantage of cloud computing and data centre technologies. Access our secure and scalable storage solutions and cloud models to protect sensitive data in the public sector and improve the availability of information and services. Trust our secure, ISO-27001 certified data centres, which we operate in Germany in compliance with the GDPR.

Process Automation

The automation of specialised procedures is a central project in public administration. Various technologies can be used for automation. Last but not least, even employees in the administration can be empowered by user-friendly no-code technologies to enable automation themselves, for which programming work would otherwise be necessary. We would be happy to support you with our expertise in automation, for example, to identify potential through migration to a Sovereign Cloud environment. 


Our mission is to support you in your transformation and to start the digital future together with you. With our numerous IT services, which are tailored to the specific requirements of the public sector, we are at your side, from IT consulting to system integration and cyber security. In the process, you will benefit from our technological expertise as well as our high quality and security standards. We look forward to developing customized solutions with you and accompanying you as your strategic partner.

Process Automation
Application Modernization
Identity and Access Management
Data Management & Governance
ESG Reporting & Sustainability
Smart City
Crisis Management
Sovereign Cloud
Cloud & Data Center Transformation
SAP Services
Modern Workplace
Cyber Security
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Together with Arvato Systems, we want to accompany the administration on its way to the Sovereign Cloud. We enable our customers to gain valuable technological and organizational experience with the cloud environment - even before it is available - and take the first steps in a Sovereign Cloud.


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Current Insights

Scaling Operation of Microsoft 365 for Different Protection Needs

The cloud in the public sector - how the DELOS cloud offers a secure way for the public sector to strengthen digital sovereignty and meet protection needs.

How M365 Increases Productivity in Public Administration

Increasing productivity in the public sector with Microsoft 365 - The transformation to a modern IT workplace.

Microsoft in public administration

In our webinar "Microsoft 365 in public administration - strategy and implementation", our experts explained the benefits of cloud-based IT workplaces for the public sector. Watch the recording (German language) again now to understand all the technical and organizational aspects of migrating to Microsoft 365.

Data Protection: Working with International Service Providers

Data protection-compliant collaboration with international service providers: Find out what we consider as an IT specialist and the importance of data protection guarantees!

Kick start for the first sovereign cloud platform for the public sector in Germany: SAP and Arvato Systems announce partnership

SAP and Arvato Systems today announced the intent to invest in a new German company that will provide a sovereign cloud infrastructure for the German public sector. This cloud infrastructure is designed to meet the unique national requirements set out in the German cloud strategy.

Worth Knowing about the Digital Transformation in Public Administration

  • The objective of a sovereign cloud is to reduce dependence on foreign cloud providers and to retain control over one's own data. It should be ensured that direct access from outside is excluded through technical measures. The operation can be carried out by the government itself or by a selected organization. This is particularly important for government agencies, critical infrastructures and other organizations that work with sensitive data. In this way, they also have the option of using globally established technologies under local sovereignty criteria.

  • A smart city is a city that uses technology and data to manage its resources more efficiently and improve the lives of its residents. This includes issues such as traffic control, energy supply, neighborhood planning, public safety, waste management, democratic participation, and various social issues. In a smart city, the needs of residents and the public interest are at the center, and policy-makers and the public sector use technology to make better decisions, for example, in urban planning.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) can help in the public sector in various areas, such as improving services, optimising processes and gaining insights from data.

    There are numerous use cases in which AI is applied in the public sector. For example, it can be tailored to specific needs and assist in personalising services. AI can also be used to improve processes to increase public sector workflow efficiency. Another possible application is the prediction of risks. This can help government agencies respond faster and more effectively in crises. Likewise, it is possible to optimize the automation of decisions through AI. And data analysis, where AI systems gain insights from large amounts of data, is another important point. These insights can be an important support for government agencies to make informed decisions.

  • Cyber security in public administration is an important aspect of ensuring that public authorities and government organizations are protected from cyber attacks and that their data and systems become resilient.

    Cyber attack methods can vary and are constantly evolving. It is important that businesses and organizations are aware of what cyber-attacks can look like and what protective measures they should take to protect themselves. This includes using anti-malware software, implementing security policies and training employees on how to identify cyber threats.

    Common forms of cyber-attacks include phishing, where cybercriminals send fake emails to infect systems with malicious software (malware, ransomware), for example - often to extort a ransom for unblocking systems. Social engineering, meaning the manipulation of employees to obtain sensitive data, is also widespread;,as are so-called denial-of-service attacks, which aim to overload servers in order to put them out of operation.

    By following basic steps, cyber security can also be improved in public administration:

    1) Identify vulnerabilities: Public sector actors need to regularly scan and identify vulnerabilities in their systems and networks to ensure that they are adequately protected.

    2) Risk assessment: They need to assess the risk of cyber-attacks and prioritize to target and use their resources more effectively.

    3) Protective measures: They should put in place security measures such as firewalls, encryption, anti-malware software, and access controls to secure their systems and networks.

    4) Employee training: They need to train their employees on the importance of cyber security to ensure they are aware of threats and how to recognize and respond to them.

    5) Incident Response Plan: They should create an incident response plan that describes how they will respond to cyber-attacks, including steps to recover systems and data.

    6) Collaboration and information sharing: Public authorities and the private sector should work closelyand share information on cyber threats and attacks to strengthen their defenses jointlys.

  • Today, the digital office workplace is already strongly characterized by technology. There are several aspects to a modern digital workplace:

    1) Cloud-based software: Software applications are stored in the cloud so that employees can access them from anywhere.

    2) Artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence (AI) automates repetitive tasks such as data processing and document management.

    3) Mobile devices: Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets facilitate mobile work for employees from anywhere. It also strengthens team collaboration.

    4) Cybersecurity: The focus is on the security of the digital workplace to effectively protect data and systems.

  • Automation in public authorities and specialized procedures is an important focus of digitalization in the public sector. Automation can make processes faster, more efficient, and error-free. Here are some examples of automation in public authorities and specialized procedures:

    1) Automated application procedures: By implementing online forms and automated processes, applications can be processed faster.

    2) Automated document management: Documents can be managed faster and more efficiently through automated processes. By implementing document management systems, documents can be automatically sorted, archived, and searched.

    3) Automated billing processes: In many public authorities, billing is still done manually. By implementing automated accounting procedures, errors can be reduced and time saved.

    4) Automated human resources management: By implementing automated human resources management systems, processes such as recruitment, payroll, and working time management can be handled faster and more efficiently.

    5) Automated information processing: By implementing artificial intelligence and "machine learning", information can be processed and analyzed automatically. Automated systems are used to analyze data from sensors and cameras.

    6) Automated approval procedures: Approval procedures can be accelerated through automated workflows and processes. For example, automated systems can be used to process building applications faster.

Partnerships and Associations


As a long-standing Microsoft partner, we cover a broad Microsoft portfolio and support you with consulting, transition and customized services. From Azure to networked communication solutions to innovative platform services in areas such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.


We have maintained a close partnership with SAP for many years. Whether SAP Customer Experience (CX) or SAP S/4HANA - with great passion and excellent know-how, we help our customers select, customize and implement the best SAP solution.

Amazon Web Services

As an AWS partner, we support you in the modern mapping of enterprise IT workloads in the cloud through the realization of cloud-native digital business models to the implementation of a contemporary DevOps operating model.

Google Cloud

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Arvato Systems offers secure and scalable public cloud solutions for digital business.


Arvato Systems is a Cloud Verified Partner of VMware and thus offers customers access to the entire performance spectrum of the VMware cloud infrastructure, including integration, interoperability, cost optimisation and flexibility


We maintain a partner contract relationship with Ceyoniq and use the nscale software from Ceyoniq as an e-Archive e2e solution. Our customers also rely on the nscale software from Ceyoniq.

GovTech Campus Deutschland

GovTech Campus e.V. aims to network the federal government, the states and local authorities with innovative actors from the technology scene, civil society, the open source community and applied research and science, thus creating a platform for collaboration and co-creation. New ideas and solutions are to be developed, tested and applied with the help of the GovTech Campus in Germany.


We are a member of Bitkom. Bitkom's overarching goal is to make Germany a leading digital location, to drive forward the digital transformation of the German economy and administration, to strengthen digital sovereignty and to achieve broad social participation in digital developments.


Rely on us: information security, quality management, IT service management. For our customers, we regularly have our performance measured and extensively certified. You benefit in the long term from our adherence to the highest quality standards and our technological expertise in the form of a trusting and highly professional collaboration.


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