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Arvato Systems Puts You on the 'Digital' Track

Manage, monitor and control the deployment of classic and modern collaboration solutions such as Office Groups, Teams and SharePoint. Give your employees the tools they need to work efficiently together and meet your security and compliance requirements.

The introduction of Office 365 presents companies with major challenges. Not only change processes have to be mastered, but also important tasks such as governance, compliance, security and the use of appropriate solutions are on the agenda. As a Digital Workplace Solution NAVOO organizes the confusion of technologies and storage locations and increases employee productivity.

Unleash the full potential of Microsoft Office 365: NAVOO reliably combines and controls the most important applications and functions for the Knowledge sharing, collaboration and finding relevant information. 


Fast and secure implementation

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we support you throughout the entire process chain, from consulting to implementation and operation. In the process, we place great emphasis on your compliance and security policies.

With NAVOO and Office 365, Digital Workplace is available to you within a very short time and can be tailored to meet your individual requirements at any time.

Take Advantage of All Benefits of a Digital Workplace

Tap Potential

Your employees’ commitment grows when they are in an ideal working environment using NAVOO, and they can achieve their full potential.

Find Information

Increase the efficiency of your employees by enabling them to quickly and easily find the content they need with NAVOO.

Steer Clear of Chaos

Your employees receive exactly the individual information and functions they need, thanks to NAVOO – no more and no less.

Use the Intranet

With NAVOO, your employees can communicate digitally as part of social collaboration and work productively in a team.

Increase Efficiency

Routine processes in your company are optimized with the help of NAVOO, which in turn reduces time and costs.

Cosnider Guidelines

NAVOO supports you in complying with legal requirements so that you can achieve your business objectives. Your IT systems are comprehensively protected.

Level-up your Digital Workplace mit NAVOO



Simple Navigation

Enterprise Search

Security Features


Lifecycle Management

Enterprise Processes

People & Social

And There Is Much More in Store

Communicate securely within the company using NAVOO

NAVOO offers an easy-to-use toolbox containing a variety of different visual elements with which users can create and edit appealing presentations in their corporate design for efficient internal communication. Thanks to a fine-granular concept for roles and permissions, only selected editors are allowed to release and distribute company news, as well as translate it into various languages.

Increase the efficiency of your collaboration

The context-driven, relevance-based, and compliant provision of data and documents and their sharing are important success factors for efficient collaboration in (virtual) teams as well as with external partners and service providers. NAVOO, as a SharePoint add-on, offers you a set of understandable, intuitive tools with which you can increase transparency in collaboration. Unite the most important collaboration tools from the Office 365 world and make them available to different target groups according to your needs.

User-friendliness is a high priority

The modern, clear interface enables you to use NAVOO with all its features as comfortably as possible. Thanks to its responsive design, it optimally adapts to all end devices and enables you to use all Office 365 features regardless of time and location.

Fast and clear search features

A knowledge management tool is only as good as its search feature. NAVOO provides relevant data across system boundaries based on automatic indexing and intelligent reclassification, taking into account your compliance and governance requirements. This is done in a consolidated, context-driven manner and depending on individual access permissions. It enables you to break down data silos and knowledge monopolies in the long term.

The security of your data is important to us

NAVOO focuses primarily on defining business frameworks conditions in which users are allowed to make their own decisions. NAVOO controls and manages all security-relevant content in accordance with your company policies. Template administration for access permissions ensures that you have transparency and can assign permissions in an uncomplicated manner.

More scope for your tasks

NAVOO provides predefined templates that can be configured for specific applications, For example, you can use them for:

– Project rooms
– Team rooms
– Product rooms
– Appointment and event planning
– Surveys
– Communities, blogs, etc.
– Idea management
– Customer/supplier portals
– Central areas and services
– Dashboards

Separate less relevant content from important content

NAVOO proactively supports you in the creation and management of your digital content. It acts as a control center for your content by assigning relevance to it through an automated process. To do so, it analyzes the accesses to the content by specific users within a defined period of time in order to identify and archive content that is no longer needed.

NAVOO makes your processes more efficient

You can increase the efficiency of your vertical processes Predefined templates (such as for travel expense accounting, invoice receipt, or contract management) are available context-driven and can be individually customized according to specific permissions thanks to intelligent indexing. Meaningful dashboards that optimally visualize any data (big data) form an important basis for decision-making.

Stay in touch

When employee profiles are tagged with keywords such as technical skills, project involvement, team membership, and abilities, NAVOO can display relevant content that is intelligently linked based on metadata and can be continuously enriched thanks to high-performance machine learning processes. A social intranet component notifies users on their smartphones about new, relevant data.

More features

All important features have been summarized

Keeping Pace with Digitalization – Do I Need Digital Workplace?

We don’t look fondly on flexible working hours for employees
I want to make processes and workflows more efficient
We could actually make much better use of our resources
We waste too much time through circuitous communication with one another
Many of our good business ideas fail because they are difficult to implement

Your Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

We have a longstanding, successful partnership with Microsoft. It all started with our infrastructure and application services and continues through to today with our cloud technology.


Our Areas of Expertise

We have already been awarded for our expertise in deploying Modern Workplace solutions using Microsoft Office 365 and have proven this in the implementation of NAVOO.

Cloud Solutions

As a recognized Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we also integrate Microsoft Cloud solutions into your cloud IT ecosystem, with a custom-fit and independent of the respective license model.

The Right Solution for You

As a Microsoft partner, we can use Microsoft technologies to flexibly map individual requirements in line with your requirements.

Arvato Systems – The Right Partner for Your Company’s IT System

You are best prepared for the requirements of the digital workplace with our support.

Certified Consulting

We are known for our extremely competent consulting services and have received several awards in the meantime.

We want to move you ahead.

Agile Project Management

We consistently pursue an agile project management approach in order to efficiently implement digitalization projects.

We act proactively.

Change Management

We meet the challenges of the new working world with offers such as training, e-learning, or marketing support.

Your success is our mission.

Migration and Transition

We integrate technologies from legacy applications such as Lotus Notes, file shares, and Confluence into new structures applying our well-founded expert knowledge.

What’s tried and tested remains important.

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