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platbricks® - the Smart Logistics Platform

Take your supply chain to the next digital level

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platbricks® - the Cloud-Based Modular Logistics Platform

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Digitizing business processes end-to-end, avoiding isolated solutions, preventing complexity, and staying within budget? Not that easy! What do you need to eliminate the "not"? A platform with standard ERP/WMS systems interfaces a control center with real-time capability, expandable process logic, and configuration options, easy-to-use apps with state-of-the-art user interfaces, and 100% software-as-a-service billing.

There are still numerous gaps in digitalization and paper-based processes in logistics. Stationary PCs at goods receiving, a lack of storage location management in production, or paper-based picking and replenishment processes are just a few examples of the potential for change.

We developed platbricks® for this purpose: A digital modular system that can orchestrate internal and cross-company logistics processes and execute them on the move with smart wearables.


Optimization of the supply chain

Optimizing the supply chain is a crucial element for competitiveness and customer satisfaction. By using digital technologies and intelligent software solutions, such as those offered by Arvato Systems with platbricks®, process efficiency and transparency can be increased. This leads to seamless integration of your supply chain components, reduces complexity, and enables flexible adaptation to dynamic market conditions.


Increased transparency and control

Increased visibility and control in the supply chain are essential for proactive management and risk minimization. platbricks® from Arvato Systems provides a real-time overview of all processes, enabling significantly improved decision-making. This transparency allows companies to identify bottlenecks at an early stage, increase delivery reliability, and improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, the increased control enables more effective resource planning and utilization, which helps to optimize the total cost of ownership.


Scalability and flexibility

The modular structure of the logistics platform allows it to be tailored to specific needs, while the flexibility of the solution supports a rapid response to new challenges and opportunities. With platbricks®, companies always remain agile and competitive in a constantly changing market environment.

Why platbricks®? The Advantages at a Glance

Short implementation time
Simplicity and intuitiveness of the applications
Transparent cost model and fast ROI
Process transparency in real time
High scalability and flexibility


Mobile Solutions
Warehouse Management System
Production Supply
Container Management

platbricks® Use Cases

Whether yard management, subcontracting, or vendor managed inventory - platbricks® offers the right solution for many supply chain challenges. Learn more and download our Business Solutions for free!

Business Solution: platbricks® Analytics
Business Solution: platbricks® Container Management
Business Solution: platbricks® Chatbot Platform
Business Solution: platbricks® Driver App with SAP TM Integration
Business Solution: platbricks® Field Service
Business Solution: platbricks® Hazardous Materials Management


For a Comprehensive Overview of All Processes

The decision for a warehouse management system is not only an investment, but also a long-term partnership.

Efficient Warehouse Management at Three Sites

BB Verpackungen relies on platbricks® WMS.

Higher Process Efficiency through Full-Stage Digitization

With the help of an end-to-end IT solution, HTH Logistic Solutions relies on transparent, digital and intuitive workflows and thus strives for steady growth.

The highest performance when it counts

The conception and implementation phase for the integration of platbricks at MAINCOR Rohrsysteme only took one month from start to finish.

Innovative and forward-looking thanks to platbricks®

platbricks® was introduced at Imperial Chemical Logistics within two months.

Modernization of the Picking Process at a Global Automotive Manufacturer

A detail-focused concept for internal processes and IT was developed and implemented thanks to platbricks.

Reduced processing time in the picking hall

The digitization of logistics processes improves transparency, shortens routing times and creates paperless processes from goods receipt to shipping.

platbricks® WMS free trial

Get to know the platbricks® Warehouse Management System in practice and try out the module in our free demo system.

Deep Dive

Demo System: platbricks® Chatbot Platform

Please get to know the platbricks® chatbot platform in our free demo system for 14 days and use the five bots provided in it. You can chat independently with the bots and customize or extend them according to your needs. 

platbricks® as a Track & Trace Solution

Read our White Paper to find out which advantages manufacturers, suppliers, and end consumers can generate by introducing a track and trace solution. You will gain invaluable insights into an effective solution that you can use to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing your trade partners’ and clients’ trust in your company.

White Paper "AI in Logistics"

In this white paper, we describe the importance of AI for the logistics industry, present some use cases, and provide tips and advice on what to consider when implementing AI solutions.

Use Case Collection: Use Cases of AI in Logistics

The use of artificial intelligence takes process quality and efficiency to a new level in logistics as well. Here, we have compiled ten use cases of AI in logistics for you and show their advantages.

platbricks® Warehouse Management System Basic

With the platbricks® WMS Basic, we have developed a simple and efficient standard solution to enable you to take the step into the digital world cost-effectively and via Plug & Play.

Demo System: platbricks® Warehouse Management

Get to know the cloud-based platbricks® Warehouse Management in practice and try out the module over a period of 14 days in our free demo system. 

Chatbots In Logistics: Innovation Brief

This Innovation Briefing provides background knowledge on chatbots and presents a number of use cases in detail.

Dos and Don'ts of Using Chatbots in Logistics

There are a few things to consider when introducing chatbots in logistics. Our checklist tells you what you need to pay attention to.

platbricks® - Smart Logistics Unlimited

Designed as a digital modular system, platbricks® can be used to orchestrate internal and cross-company logistics processes and execute them with smart mobile wearables.

Full Transparency in Subcontracting

With these tips, you'll be able to keep track of inventory and manufacturing steps at the contract service provider when subcontracting.

Free Logistics Check-up

Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey or already on the road - we get on board at every stop and accompany you in the Digital Transformation of your supply chain. We will be happy to advise you in our "Logistics Check-up" - make an appointment now.

SAP® Transformation in Logistics

Real-time capability and security as well as flexibility and scalability form challenges that logistics managers have to face. A holistic software environment could be the answer.

Arvato Systems - Your Logistics Specialist

As your partner, we not only have years of experience with IT, but we also advise you on the right processes and the optimal use of hardware (mobile devices, storage systems, IoT devices, analytics methods, AI services, and so on).

Your employees feel this too: the intuitive operating concept can be learned in a very short period of time and guides the user safely through the process. Process adaptations can be configured flexibly. platbricks can be integrated into any IT landscape via standard interfaces to many ERP systems such as SAP, Inform, or Navision.

PAC RADAR AI-related Services_Badge_Logistics SCM_Badge_Best in Class
Best in Class!

For its competence in Artificial Intelligence, Arvato Systems has received several awards in the current study "PAC Innovation Radar - AI-related Services in Germany 2020" by the market analysis and consulting company PAC.

In the "Logistics/SCM" area, our AI-related services were ranked "Best in Class".



AISCI Ident GmbH specializes in systems for automatic identification - whether barcode or 2D code, RFID, or industrial image processing.


Devoca specializes in digitizing internal logistics and offers real-time solutions for efficient warehouse management. The Finnish company focuses, in particular, on speech recognition and effective, multimodal use in mobile solutions.

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Michael Dreimann
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