E-Commerce & Omnichannel: Easy Integration With aroma®

Order Management, Fulfillment and Payment from a Single Source, combined in a Unified Commerce Suite

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Implement Omnichannel Processes Efficiently and Economically

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Consumer shopping behavior has changed: Customers expect a consistent shopping experience across all channels. While customers' demands are rising, the economic pressure on companies is increasing at the same time.

To deliver compelling customer service across all touchpoints and make money at the same time, companies need to handle all omnichannel processes highly efficiently and optimize them from a business perspective. A consistent, cross-channel shopping experience for your customers therefore requires the dovetailing of all systems. The challenge is usually to link long-established classic store processes with parallel e-commerce systems and numerous new processes and systems.

We will show you how this works with our Order Management System using the example of a fictitious company.

Order Management

Why You Should Use aroma®

Perfect Customer Experience

Optimized Processes & Returns

Simplified IT-Architecture

Customers expect comprehensive services, such as the option to pick up, pay for, or return online purchased articles in stores. We developed aroma® to enable this outstanding service. This is ensured by a range of basic functions and extension modules such as the Customer Service module and the Instore module for all omnichannel store processes with features such as:

  • Click & Collect for picking up the online purchased article in the store.
  • Click & Reserve for online reservation of articles in the stores
  • Pickin-Store and Ship-from-Store for delivery from the store to the customer
  • Endless Aisle, for taking orders for articles that are not in stock in the store
  • Connection to cash register systems
  • Management of prices and promotional campaigns
  • Realtime customer service in-store and online

Shareholders expect sustainable growth and returns. Omnichannel processes must also be automated, cost-efficient, and optimized to achieve this. Enjoy the benefits of aroma® as a unified platform that reduces your operational effort and cuts costs with numerous functions, such as:

  • Risk and fraud checks of incoming orders
  • Identification of the optimal delivery location of articles independent of the order location
  • Control of the accompanying financial processes
  • Efficient mapping of all required omnichannel store processes (such as shipfrom-store)
  • Comprehensive reporting with alerts and advice for nextbest-actions
  • Extensive control and configuration options, including the option to quickly launch new countries quickly and to efficiently target business partners in the areas of logistics, transport, customer care, or finance.

Modern commerce is an art. aroma® connects various touchpoints with a central backend and thus enables the business growth of retail companies.

aroma® is often used as an Order Management System, like a kind of middleware that acts as a hub between the e-shop or online store, warehouses, branches, ERP, and financial system. In fact, aroma® also offers the option of rethinking the typical architecture and doing without an e-shop system altogether. It provides different services for processing E-commerce, Order Management, Fulfillment, as well as Payment processes in the backend so that data can be updated in the frontend in an uncomplicated and cross-channel way - detached from the classic E-shop architecture. The result:

  • Simple configuration and customization
  • Significant cost reduction for setup, operation, and content maintenance
  • More flexibility through Headless Commerce

The Most Important Functions of aroma®


Distributed Order Management

Manage your omnichannel processes, inventory & fulfillment in the central business logic where all inventory, delivery locations, items, orders and customers are held.



Realize flexible assortment expansion through dropshippers in up to 24h


Customer Service

Give your service team the perfect control center, even for requests such as replacement deliveries or the allocation of bonus points.



Offer your store employees an efficient and intuitive tool: from Click & Collect and in-store payment processes to Pick-in-Store and Ship-from-Store

aroma® Shopping Cart

Cart Handling

Improve your Customer Experience across all channels with Headless Commerce and aroma® API's for Shopping Cart, Wishlist and Checkout.


Prices & Promotions

Manage prices and promotions centrally for all channels and keep the perfect overview, also to pay out the right amounts in case of partial returns.



Make yourself independent of service providers and increase your flexibility with reduced costs.

More about administration


Reporting & Alerts

Detect anomalies early so challenges can be proactively managed.

More about Reporting & Alerts

aroma® in Use

hagebau optimiert Omnichannel

hagebau optimizes omnichannel with consulting support from Arvato Systems.

Order Management System at ORSAY

ORSAY taps service potential: A central order management system results in improved customer service.

aroma® for Consumer Electronics

With the Order Management System aroma®, you simplify your IT architecture and improve the customer experience.

aroma® for DIY Retailers

With the Order Management System aroma®, you simplify your IT architecture and improve the customer experience.

Find out even more about exciting international projects and our IT solutions for the Retail & Consumer Goods sector.

Benefit From Our Experience

Arvato Systems is one of the leading enablers when it comes to Business Transformation in retail. Our consultants are both IT and business experts - we always keep our finger on the pulse of best practices, trends and innovations.

Benefit from our experience of > 15 years of Omnichannel business for more than 50 retail companies: Customers in 150 countries rely on our expertise for the successful implementation of their Omnichannel strategies. These decades of experience have been incorporated into aroma® - so that you can inspire your customers with a unified shopping experience.

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  • Omnichannel commerce (also: multichannel retailing, omnichannel retailing) refers to the integration of different sales channels such as retail stores, e-commerce websites, apps or social networks to provide customers with a unified and consistent buying experience.

    Key benefits of omnichannel commerce:

    • Wider reach: Omnichannel commerce enables companies to offer their products and services on multiple channels to achieve a wider reach.
    • Personalized experiences: Omnichannel commerce can create personalized experiences for customers by customizing frontend systems and technologies for specific audiences or channels.
    • Improved customer satisfaction: Omnichannel commerce provides a seamless shopping experience regardless of which channel the customer is using. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Better data analytics: Omnichannel commerce enables better data analytics by collecting, consolidating, and analyzing data from multiple channels. This gives you a better understanding of customer behavior and needs.
  • Customers today interact on different channels before making a purchase decision. An Omnichannel solution allows the seamless integration of all sales channels to provide customers with the perfect shopping experience, regardless of the channel used.

  • Order Management refers to the process of managing orders. It involves organizing and optimizing internal processes and coordinating various departments such as sales, warehousing and shipping. The aim of Order Management is to ensure that orders are processed efficiently and correctly and that the customer receives his order on time and in the desired quality. An effective Order Management solution helps to increase customer satisfaction while reducing process costs.

  • An Order Management System is indispensable for companies to automate and optimize the entire ordering process. It is the central platform for managing orders and exchanging data between different departments and systems. An Order Management System enables companies to reduce process costs and increase customer satisfaction by:

    • ensuring greater accuracy in order processing
    • enabling faster processing of orders
    • providing more efficient inventory management and optimization
    • enabling real-time insights into orders and inventory
    • enabling seamless integration of different sales channels and marketplaces
  • The three most essential KPIs in Order Management are order cycle time, inventory accuracy, and delivery reliability.

    Order cycle time is the time it takes to complete an order from intake to delivery. Inventory accuracy measures how accurately inventory levels are managed to avoid shortages and overstock. Delivery reliability refers to how reliably orders are delivered at the agreed time. These KPIs show the effectiveness of order management in meeting customer requirements.

  • Headless architecture is an approach to software development that separates the application logic from the presentation layer. Unlike traditional architectures, a headless architecture enables the use of different front-end systems and technologies without requiring changes to the back-end logic. The presentation layer can be addressed through APIs, microservices, and other technologies to enable seamless integration across different endpoints and platforms.

  • Headless Commerce solutions offer many advantages over traditional E-Commerce solutions. Three of the most important advantages are:

    • Flexibility: a headless architecture allows different front-end systems and technologies to be used without having to make changes to the back-end logic. This enables faster development and deployment of applications and provides greater flexibility and scalability.
    • Personalization: With a headless commerce solution, personalized experiences can be created for customers by customizing front-end systems and technologies for specific audiences or channels.
    • Better customer engagement: Headless commerce solutions can help improve customer engagement by enabling seamless integration across multiple devices and platforms to deliver a consistent and personalized shopping experience.

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