Guest User Manager

Manage external users in Microsoft Teams

Features of the Guest User Manager
Pricing Model

Guest Users in Microsoft Teams

Guest User Manager (GUM) allows to manage guest users easy and secure. You decide who gets which permissions to view, edit or create guest users for your Microsoft 365 tenant in one central location.

Relevant information such as the guest user's company and internal responsables can be entered as soon as the user is created. You decide which information is mandatory.

Guest User Manager also supports you with managing your existing guest accounts. It will automatically set expiration dates and onboard them to the new guest user governance.

This gives you a quick and easy way to stay in charge of external people who can access your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Features of the Guest User Manager

Classification & Responsibility

Guest Users need to be classified with additional meta data upon creation. These rules also apply for existing guest users. They will be enrolled to the classification once they expire.

  • Additional Contact Details
  • Responsible Persons assigned
  • Validation of existing Guest Users

Onboarding & Management

GUM provides you with a self service portal for Guest User creation and management. It also brings the ability to customize the invitation mail with your branding and content.

  • Self Service for Guest User Invitation
  • Custom Invitation Emails
  • Webhooks for integration

Lifecycle Management

GUM brings a range of tools for lifecycle management in your tenant. Every users will have an expiration date. Once disabled, guest users are deleted automatically after a grace period.

  • Responsible Persons are informed
  • Guest Users are disabled automatically
  • Discovery of existing Guests
  • Set default expiration date
  • Disable after expiration
  • Activation only when fully classified
  • Deletion of disabled users (after 6 months)


The tool helps you to stay in charge of your Guest Users. It gives different views and lists to monitor and find security issues.

  • Easy discovery of unmanaged Guests
  • Various filters / lists for guest users
  • Find any Guest User

Data Storage & Permissions

GUM stores NO personal data outside of the customer tenant. All additional Data is stored as an extension of the users inside the customer Azure Active Directory. Additionally, the Apps permissions are kept to a minimum.

  • Additional user data is stored in the customer tenant
  • App permissions are kept to a minimum level to fulfill its tasks

Visual Insights Into the Guest User Manager

Free Trial

30-day free trial is granted after successful initial setup.

User Lists

Guest Users are displayed in different lists depending on user permissions.

Create new Guest Users

Includes e-mail validation, required fields, responsible persons, and more…

User Actions

Depending on the permissions of the current user Guest Users can be maintained in self service.

Responsible Persons

Each Guest User has at least one responsible person assigned who will be notified upon deactivation or deletion, for example.

Manage Guest Users on mobile

Optimized for your smartphone.

Email - Guest Invitation

The Guest User Manager sends a customizable invitation to the invited guest.

Email - Expiration Notification

The responsible person for a Guest user is notified in advance when a guest user is about to expire.

Help Page

A detailed help page is provided to give a range of information

Pricing Model for Guest User Manager

We offer Guest User Manager with a flexible licensing model. The exact license cost depends on the number of internal user accounts within your Microsoft tenant. For up to 250 user accounts, the license cost is €2,400 per year.

Guest User Manager License
The license covers all feature packages of GUM
  • User classification
  • Lifecycle management
  • Monitoring
  • Custom onboarding process
  • Setup support
  • Tenant size up to 250 internal users included
License packages

The license cost is depending on internal user count of type "Member" in your tenant:

Package max. Usercount Price per month
B0 250 €200
B1 1,000 €360
B2 2,000 €460
B4 4,000 €570
B8 8,000 €770
B12 12,000 €970
B16 16,000 €1,170
B20 20,000 €1,370
Unlimited Unlimited €1,500

Free Trial

The Guest User Manager can be evaluated free of charge for 30 days. During this time you can test all features without any restrictions.

After the trial period expires, all features will be automatically disabled. If the application is opened after the trial period has expired, an appropriate message will appear.


Would you like to learn more about the Guest User Manager? Send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible!