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Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) in der Logistik

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Logistics

Improve Logistics Processes with the Help of AI Technologies and Increase Competitiveness

Cut-off Time
Path Optimization
Master Data
Inventory Forecast
Article Classification
Predictive Maintenance
Nameplate Recognition
Product Recognition

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Exploiting Potential along the Supply Chain

Globalization, digitization, and the increasing complexity of value chains bring special challenges and opportunities for logistics. One way to successfully address these is to use machine learning technologies: With the right tools, you can improve selected logistics processes and increase your competitiveness.

Machine Learning (ML) is a sub-discipline of Artificial Intelligence that uses databases to derive decision recommendations. Coupled with our extensive experience in supply chain management and logistics, we can provide you with the best possible support in optimizing and developing your logistics processes. For example, when it comes to release multiple orders from a customer for the warehouse optimally. This takes into account the promised delivery dates for the customer as well as the utilization of the warehouse and the provision of the goods for transport.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Use Cases in Logistics

Optimierung der Cut-off-Zeit mit Machine Learning - Visual _ Mann im Lager

Optimizing Cut-off Time with Machine Learning

Your customers regularly order goods from you. Your warehouse prepares the delivery in a timely manner. Before the delivery is made, the same customer places a new order with you. You would like to combine different orders from the customer that are shipped at one delivery time. This way you can save packaging material, volume and transportation costs.

To overcome this challenge, we have developed a machine learning system: The neural network is fed with the key data of the orders from your system and is thus able to estimate whether a customer has already completed his orders for the current period or not.


  • You can predict the ordering behavior of customers
  • You can estimate when customers have fully completed their orders
  • You can optimize the delivery of multiple orders to one customer
  • You save packaging material, volume and transport costs
KI-basierte Wegemeteroptimierung - Visual - Mann im Lager

AI-based Path Optimization

Short walking times increase productivity in order picking. Using AI-based algorithms, we have developed a solution approach for the best possible item positioning and allocation to suitable fixed locations. The following steps are run through: Feeding the AI with pick data, manual selection of special cases if necessary, forecast generation for picks, sequence generation, allocation to storage bin, selection of stock transfer suggestions and forwarding to the WMS. The microservice is available as a Microsoft web service based on Azure and can be easily integrated using standard interfaces (REST API).


  • You keep the time from order entry to shipment as short as possible
  • You process more orders due to shorter throughput times and can thus achieve more turnover
  • You optimize item density and order bundling
  • You solve the "Traveling Salesman Problem" by determining the shortest route length based on mathematical calculation of possible walking distances

Stammdatenfehlererkennung in der Logistik mit KI - Visual - Autoreifen in Lager

Master Data Error Detection in Logistics with AI

Master data, such as item description, dimensions, or weight, play an important role in planning processes, e.g., storage location determination, package predetermination, or freight space planning. Each master data record is analyzed for possible anomalies in our solution, such as material or customer master errors. Probabilities and score values are calculated as a measure of the anomaly. In an integrated workflow, a notification is made in the warehouse management system when anomalies are detected. The service is offered as a web service in Microsoft Azure and can be called via Rest API. There is a standard connection to our cloud logistics platform platbricks.


  • The AI-based checking service does not include static rule sets
  • The algorithm learns with every true/false process
  • By scoring the data quality, the master data can be permanently monitored
  • Distributed master data maintenance can be monitored automatically
Effiziente Lagerverwaltung mit Chatbots - Visual - Mann mit Tablet im Lager

Efficient Warehouse Management with Chatbots

An automated form of communication via chatbots offers the possibility of providing relevant information in real-time, for example, on the order status in the warehouse, the transport status, the degree of utilization in the warehouse, or the warehouse availability for customer service. Users address their concerns to the connected system via chatbots by simply sending messages - as if they were addressing a "real" person. In this way, communication between the user and the system (e.g., the warehouse management system) is completely revolutionized. In this way, chatbots can also be a valuable aid in logistics.


  • Short implementation and learning time
  • Flexible retrieval of information via mobile devices
  • High scalability and connection of various data sources through the cloud
  • High level of security through role and authorization structures
Inventory Forecast - Künstliche Intelligenz Logistik - Arvato Systems

Inventory Forecast

Companies are always looking to minimize inventory costs while providing what their customers need in a timely manner — our solution: implementing intelligent inventory forecasting technology that enables lean and responsive inventory management. Using artificial intelligence, warehouses will be able to predict item sales and expected demand, ensuring that available inventory meets customer needs. Inventory-influencing parameters are constantly evaluated and analyzed. Dependencies are identified from historical and current data and adapted for future forecasts.


  • Optimal inventory situation
  • Forecasting of sales quantities enables needs-based personnel planning
  • Fewer out-of-stock situations and thus higher customer satisfaction
  • Fast and easy integration into existing ERP processes thanks to standard connectors for SAP and Microsoft
Artikelklassifikation - Künstliche Intelligenz in der Logistik - Arvato Systems

Article Classification

Using an AI-based article classification, articles are sorted into predefined classes. The automated classification eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data sifting. Based on adjustable criteria, such as the article short text, the article number, the article hierarchy and/or the geometric properties, the AI identifies and groups the articles. With the help of the pattern recognition used, significantly more data can be included in the assignment than would be possible by manual means.


  • Fully and semi-automated correction of master data errors
  • Automatic derivation of storage and retrieval tax codes
  • Automatic storage bin assignment for new articles
  • Improved master data quality and thus higher process reliability
ArvatoSystems_AI_Predictive Maintenance_Fotolia_77866546

Predictive Maintenance

By evaluating and analyzing existing machine and plant data and using complex mathematical algorithms and machine learning methodologies, failures and malfunctions of industrial plants can be predicted and proactively avoided.  Through the use of sensors, data is permanently collected, which is analyzed and evaluated by algorithms. For example, speeds, noises, or temperatures of motors can be recorded, and unusual vibrations or imbalances can be detected at an early stage.


  • Demand-oriented planning of mechanics
  • Better planning basis for the procurement of spare parts
  • Reduction of downtimes 
  • Fast Return on Investment

Smart Nameplate Recognition

Nameplates provide the essential information needed to identify a machine or vehicle. In larger industrial plants or factories, however, reading the nameplates can quickly become a time-consuming task. Our solution: using intelligent image recognition mechanisms to quickly and easily read data from nameplates without human intervention. Via an image capture of a nameplate by an installed camera or a drone and an image recognition service, the nameplate data can be read, stored and managed.


  • Increase process efficiency
  • No typing errors
  • Automatic retrieval of relevant maintenance orders
  • Real-time data acquisition and availability

Product Recognition for Returns

In the case of returns, original item numbers or other required information are often missing. Direct assignment of the item is then not possible, and you have to carry out identification manually. Our service assigns an item to be returned using a probability indicator. The product is recognized and identified via a video recording. Thanks to neural networks, this is possible even if the lighting conditions, angles, and backgrounds differ from the image of the item. An analysis of material or other additional features such as weight is also possible.


  • Faster and better processing of returns
  • Automatic article suggestions facilitate the process
  • Integrated video/photo documentation of the process as proof for customers
  • Self-learning system that constantly evolves and learns with user feedback

Where Are You with the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Your Logistics?

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Best in Class!

For its competence in Artificial Intelligence, Arvato Systems has received several awards in the current study "PAC Innovation Radar - AI-related Services in Germany 2020" by the market analysis and consulting company PAC.

In the "Logistics/SCM" area, our AI-related services were ranked "Best in Class".

Our Services For Your Success

As an international IT specialist, we offer more than Service Level Agreements or licenses. We manage our clients’ entire long-term business development. The task requires comprehensive SCM expertise, flexibility, and innovation as well as an entrepreneurial approach to thinking and acting. We serve as our clients’ strategic and technology partner, IT implementation and process optimization specialist, education and change manager, and service partner for hosting and applications.

As a long-standing SAP Gold Partner, our expertise includes consulting services and implementations of SAP solutions, such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP EWM or SAP TM. On the other hand, we also succeed in closing digitization gaps in logistics with our specially developed cloud platform platbricks - as supplements to our SAP solutions or as a stand-alone logistics solution. This enables us to individually adapt the optimization options along the supply chain to the requirements, needs and initial situations of our customers.

In addition to efficiency, sustainability and future-proofing, we also stand for innovation in the digital transformation of the supply chain. With mobile logistics apps, chatbots or AI & analytics, we show companies what modern and efficient logistics of today looks like and which trends of tomorrow they should already be focusing on now.

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For a Comprehensive Overview of All Processes

The decision for a warehouse management system is not only an investment, but also a long-term partnership.

Reduced processing time in the picking hall

The digitization of logistics processes improves transparency, shortens routing times and creates paperless processes from goods receipt to shipping.

S/4HANA Transformation at GREIWING

With a comprehensive S/4HANA transformation, GREIWING aims to continue to grow and expand its position as an innovation partner based on the SAP platform technology of the future.

Higher Process Efficiency through Full-Stage Digitization

With the help of an end-to-end IT solution, HTH Logistic Solutions relies on transparent, digital and intuitive workflows and thus strives for steady growth.

Innovative and forward-looking thanks to platbricks

platbricks – the Arvato Smart Logistics Platform – was introduced at Imperial Chemical Logistics within two months.

The highest performance when it counts

The conception and implementation phase for the integration of platbricks at MAINCOR Rohrsysteme only took one month from start to finish.

Improving Performance and Processes through Comprehensive SAP Transformation

In a demanding and complex system environment, the entire order processing of the MOSOLF Group's technical and logistics centers was significantly enhanced in SAP.

Modernization of the Picking Process at a Global Automotive Manufacturer

A detail-focused concept for internal processes and IT was developed and implemented thanks to platbricks.

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Free Logistics Check-up

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