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IT Solutions for the Future of Retail

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IT Solutions for Retail and Consumer Goods
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We Guide You into the Future of Retail

You experience it every day: The world of retail is changing at a rapid pace. Your customers have new expectations – they are extremely well-informed about products and prices, and they use a range of different devices and platforms at home and on the go. The competition between brick-and-mortar retail and electronic commerce is growing more heated, while at the same time, innovative technologies are opening up new opportunities in both sectors.

It sounds like a proverbial case of tilting at windmills. However, the good news is that if you cleverly merge online and offline retail, you will be able to secure lasting competitive advantages and tap new sales opportunities.

A perfectly synchronized approach to omni-channel commerce opens up new opportunities to reach your customers. You can visualize modern customer behavior, offer your customers new experiences, strengthen customer loyalty and, in turn, increase your sales revenue.

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SAP S/4HANA at amor

Arvato Systems introduces a standardized business system based on SAP at the Amor Group.

IT Consultancy at Atelier Goldner Schnitt

With its comprehensive IT and process consulting, Arvato Systems is showing the mail order company Atelier Goldner Schnitt the way into the IT future.

Birkenstock Productions
Digitalization of Logistics Processes

platbricks® in use at Helmut Bünte GmbH


We support our customer "Expert" with IT-Outsourcing.

SAP S/4HANA at Lekkerland

Arvato Systems supports new customer services and preparation for digitalization at Lekkerland using a new merchandise management system based on SAP technology.

Improved User Journey & Appealing Responsive Design

With Arvato Systems as a partner, Medela has established a flexible, expandable, modern content management system based on Magnolia.

Web-Shop Hosting

Web-Shop Hosting at our customer OBI

Order Management System at ORSAY

ORSAY taps service potential: A central order management system results in improved customer service.

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The 7 best tips for optimizing your webshop for Visual Search

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Sustainability Management

Sustainability, facility, and environmental management with green.screen

Our Blog Articles

How Data-Driven AI Can Transform E-commerce Capability

In recent years, artificial Intelligence (AI) has established itself as one of the key transformational technologies driving digital business, and this trend looks set to continue. Learn how data-driven AI can improve e-commerce in this blog article

Five Tips for a Relaxing Black Friday

Black Friday puts retail companies to the test: Can delivery times be met? Is the online store up and running? Five tips for a successful Black Friday.

Secure Demand Planning in Trade and Production

Accurate planning of the demand for items of all kinds is crucial for the profitability and security of the supply chain. This applies to retail as well as to production. Artificial intelligence ensures security in demand planning.

Retail Sets the Pace for the Metaverse

The metaverse is THE trending topic right now when it comes to evolving our digital communications. Learn more in our blog article.

Quick Commerce as a Competitive Asset for Urban Retail Stores

Omni-channel logistics, quick commerce, and innovative concepts on the last mile to the customer are the success factors for retail. The prerequisite is a cloud-based supply chain management platform.

Omnichannel and Unified Commerce - Seamless Retail Processes

Omnichannel, unified, seamless, or headless commerce? This is how you seamlessly map retail processes with the right Single Source of Truth.

CPQ Is the Turbo for B2B Trade - Here’s What You Need to Know

The path from initial customer contact to offer and order to receipt of payment is often long in B2B commerce. The more varied the products, the more complex the offer - and the longer the lead-to-cash process takes. Read about eight hurdles in introducing CPQ systems in B2B trade - and how you can avoid them.

Prices and Promotions – Challenges in Omnichannel Retailing

Sales prices in retail can become very complex – especially if several sales channels are used, e.g., stationary stores and online shops. Last but not least, in order to provide the customer with the optimal customer journey, a system is required that knows the relevant prices and promotions at all times and can calculate them ad hoc.

Logistics 4.0 - A Key Component of Industry 4.0

Drivers for the digitization of logistics include global economic cooperation and the increase in just-in-time and small-batch production. To achieve this, all delivery and logistics processes must be integrated with each other and highly automated.

Six Ways to Unleash Untapped Potential in B2B eCommerce

A company’s digital sales platform offers many new ways to achieve long-term customer loyalty. For example, an additional procurement function that uses barcode scans of existing packages allows the company to increase its ties with customers who place many reorders. This article highlights some of the ways this potential could be unleashed.

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