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A company’s corporate website is crucial to how it represents itself digitally to the public. However, as digitalization continues to advance, more and more channels and touchpoints via which potential clients come into contact with a company. A powerful content management system (CMS) is required to keep an eye on all these channels and output content consistently at different points of contact.

Content Management System as Content Hub

Being able to capture content easily, manage it efficiently, prepare the content according to requirements, and output it across various channels poses an immense challenge for many companies. This is precisely where enterprise content management systems come into play. Interfaces to various third-party systems ensure that content from different sources is incorporated into the content management system. This way, it becomes a central content hub. A cross-channel editorial system then makes it possible to publish content prepared for specific target groups at different touchpoints, for example, on websites, portals, online shops, apps, and social media.

What Does a State-Of-The-Art Content Management System Offer?

Multilingual support

Modern content management systems allow website variants to be published in numerous languages. Integrated translation management systems (TMS) initiate translation requests from the content management system. The translations flow automatically into the content management system and are available for publication on the target page.


Based on an analysis of customer behavior, history, and the social contacts of individual visitors, it is possible to output fully dynamically generated, personalized content in real-time via the content management system.

Shop integration

Enterprise content management systems have pre-built interfaces for seamless eCommerce integration and enable a reciprocal and smooth exchange of data. This makes it possible to create shopping experiences that combine brand content with real-time product data.


There are various cloud-based content management systems. This significantly reduces the costs for maintenance, support, and scaling and gives employees more time and freedom to focus on their professional tasks.

Artificial intelligence

More and more content management systems have AI-based functionalities. Based on machine learning, it is possible, for example, to analyze existing data and output ideally suited personalized content or make personalized recommendations.

Our Content Management Projects and Clients

Powerful Information Platform

Arvato Systems develops for DMG MORI a powerful information platform based on CoreMedia and Office 365 which improves internal communication.

Support for online and direct business

Arvato Systems provides a B2B online shop for Evonik Industries, creating a platform for direct sales.

Salesforce and CoreMedia

A true jewel: New CMS for jewelry manufacturer

Website Relaunch

Arvato Systems created a website as a central communication channel for VDE members using CoreMedia as the CMS.

CoreMedia CMS on Cloud

MTV Oy, one of Finland's leading television broadcasters, relies on CoreMedia CMS from the cloud. Arvato Systems ensured a smooth implementation.

SAP C/4HANA at Belimo

Arvato Systems helps Belimo establish an integrated digital customer journey.

Website Relaunch

Arvato Systems created a holistic customer experience for DMG MORI by implementing CoreMedia as the CMS and a UX design.

Magnolia CMS

New website and bicycle configurator for Tour de Suisse.

Our Technology Partners

CoreMedia Content Cloud

CoreMedia fulfills the highest requirements in terms of content management. Export personalized content in various languages in a needs-based way, or benefit from standard integration in various different shop systems. We support you with all concerns as a CoreMedia implementation partner.

Magnolia CMS

The Magnolia content management system manages your digital content in all forms. It’s easy to operate, can be flexibly adapted, and can be easily integrated into third-party systems such as CRM or MAM systems. We draw on our many years of experience as a Magnolia partner to assist you with implementation.

FirstSpirit DXP

The FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP) makes it possible to efficiently manage content of any kind, such as videos, images, and texts, to personalize it automatically, and to play it out specifically at all touchpoints.


Consent Management Platform (CMP) from Usercentrics enables companies to collect, manage, and document user consent on all digital channels such as websites or apps.

Our Services as Content Management Project Partner

Experienced systems integrator
Development of customized content strategies
Implementation of needs-based website concepts
Website roll-outs with language variants in up to 150 countries

Frequently Asked Questions About Content Management Systems

  • A content management system (CMS) is software that allows users to easily create, edit and manage content on a website without the need for advanced programming skills. A practical example of a CMS is WordPress, for example, which is widely used and offers a user-friendly interface to create and maintain websites.

  • In recent years, there has been a trend towards so-called headless CMS, in which the content and presentation are separated from each other. This enables more flexible use of content on different platforms and devices. The use of Jamstack architectures based on JavaScript, APIs and markup has also gained popularity.

  • Choose a CMS based on your specific website requirements, ease of use and security features. Consider scalability, integration with third-party providers and the provider's reputation to ensure long-term successful use. Also look at the total cost of ownership, including maintenance and hosting.

  • A change of CMS could be necessary if the current system no longer meets the growing requirements of the website or has outdated functions. Security concerns, insufficient scalability or a lack of support from the developer community could also be reasons for a CMS change. The integration of new functions, improved user-friendliness or adaptation to changing business requirements are further motives for a change.

  • Arvato Systems is the ideal consultant for your CMS, especially if your organization requires comprehensive IT solutions in industries such as retail, media, manufacturing, healthcare, public sector and energy and utilities. With many years of experience in digital transformation, expertise in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IT security, customer experience, e-commerce and business process management as well as a strong partner network, Arvato Systems offers customized and innovative solutions to effectively support your content management system digitization initiatives.

Arvato Systems Provides a Holistic View of Your Customer Experience

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