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Are You Ready for a Digital Future?

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Digital Transformation Affects All

Digital change moves forward inexorably. The effects of digital transformation are already evident in numerous areas of everyday business life and there have been many disruptors too - from innovative digital business processes and powerful business apps to wholly digital business models. Staying abreast of digital change means more than a technology-led re-organization. Instead, companies need a complete re-think of the entire organization. Digital transformation demands not only new networked solutions, but a completely new corporate culture.

What exactly does Digital Transformation mean?

There are different ways of approaching the definition of this term. One frequently used explanation is that while digital transformation is ultimately about a higher level of process automation, it is also concerned with the development of innovative, data-driven business and service models. Systems, such as companies or markets, are transformed from an old way of being to a new one. Transformation here means a continuous change in which there is no end, but an infinite chain of different transitions. Digital transformation is thus the sum of its own transitions.

Bringing innovations to life

If exciting thoughts give rise to concrete projects, if existing challenges are solved in a completely new way, if the right idea develops into a business model. Time for innovation.


We use artificial intelligence, for example, for media asset management in video production and video management. 

Energy suppliers

Future topics such as Smart Grid, Smart Markets and E-Mobility: Our Smart Energy Platform ensures smart energy data management. And with Data Analytics we are creating new values for energy suppliers.


Serialization challenges in Track'n'Trace scenarios overcome using big data.


Digitize logistics processes with Smart Watches & Co: The Arvato Smart Logistics Platform received the "Digital Leader Award" as one of the best digitization projects in Germany.

Looking at the bigger picture

The digital transformation can reduce costs through automation and should build future businesses with innovative, data-driven business and service models. The question "with what tools?" is the same for both challenges. There is no way around the implementation of new innovative technologies, which in general can easily be accessed via the cloud. The real challenge, however, is to apply these technologies to individual business purposes.

Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & IoT, and Blockchain are the prerequisite technologies for this.

As a multi-cloud service integrator, Arvato Systems is positioned precisely in the area of tension between your industry challenges, the status quo of your process and application landscapes, and the application of new technologies. This makes us the ideal partner for the design and implementation of your digitization initiatives.

Matthias Moeller in the Title Interview with the IT Director:


We support our customers in digitizing their companies and business models.

Arvato Systems Group

Download the Complete Interview Here:

In this interview of the German edition of the IT-Director, Matthias Moeller, CEO of Arvato Systems, reports on successful digital strategies, cloud migrations and current AI projects.

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