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SAP License Management

License consulting, optimization and management

How Can You Optimize Your SAP License Purchase?

With the latest information and the right expertise from Arvato Systems.

Innovative software, efficient processes and lean organizational forms are the value drivers of digital transformation in your company.
At Arvato Systems you have experts at your disposal who have an overview of the entire process as well as SAP solutions and SAP licenses for your specific requirements. From the IT strategy, the successful project implementation, the training and the operation to the optimal SAP licensing.

Achieve High Savings Potential with an Overall View


In addition to optimizing your license and maintenance costs, SAP license risks must also be reduced. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out a license and requirements analysis as well as an examination of the indirect and actual use by a professional SAP survey.

Expertise / Portfolio

Our expertise in cost optimization for SAP licenses and maintenance is one of our unique selling points:

  • License cost and maintenance optimization
  • SAP license consulting and review
  • SAP measurement


You keep the ongoing maintenance costs under control and thus the TCO of your software application. With benchmarking from our own negotiations, we achieve your savings as well as the uncovering and realization of optimization potentials.

Customer Benefits

This gives you in-depth knowledge of SAP solutions and the IT market. In addition, you will gain extensive experience with complex IT projects and operational topics. In this way you secure your competitiveness in the digital world and create the basis for company growth.

Many Years of Expertise in SAP Hosting & Application Management: Convincing Facts

  • 850 SAP systems in use 
  • 57,000 licensed SAP users
  • 1,550 clients worldwide
  • 2.6 billion transactions 

  • 3.4 million SAP's
  • 840 databases for SAP 
  • 12 HANA databases
  • 6 TB largest database 

Why Is Arvato Systems the Ideal Partner to Successfully Manage Your SAP Licenses?

Major changes in the SAP licensing world

New measurement methods and price models for indirect use, the upcoming S/4 migration, the introduction of numerous new SAP cloud products, the document-based model and new models in the context of digital transformation require professional review and reassessment. In addition to the familiar user-based pricing models, there are optional usage-based models, new contract options and, in the longer term, authorization-based user licensing.

As Bertelsmann's internal IT service provider, Arvato Systems already has contact points with the topics and was thus able to gather a lot of information, successfully implement projects and establish important contacts. We support you in the analysis and assignment of the corresponding license types with the appropriate tools and have the know-how to assign and optimize these assignments in accordance with the contract.

As our existing or new customer you basically have the choice between the old and the new price model to decide - we support you beside the technical simulation of the license assignment with the choice of the correct model!

Your Benefits

Optimization of your individual license fees and required services as required
As complex as necessary, as uncomplicated as possible
Fast and binding SAP license agreement
High stability, economy and safety
The right maintenance model for you: Enterprise Support vs. Standard Support

Our Approach: A Strong Combination of Experienced Team, Tools and Methods

SAP License Strategy

Carry out a comparison of the SAP roadmap with your strategy (Cloud, On Premise and Digital Access).


Field-proven experience from meaningful references flows back into the respective customer situation with regard to SAP licenses.


A constant SAP license team operates with secure and quality-tested processes, routines and communication standards.

Tools & Transparency

Use of Arvato Systems & SAP partner tools for transparent and optimized license processing & system landscape.



Arvato Systems is a certified provider of hosting services based on the SAP HANA database technology. As an outsourcing partner, we have received the highest status "excellent" and have been awarded the title "SAP-Certified Provider of SAP HANA Operations Services". With its certification, SAP confirms to us the secure, efficient and high-quality operation of the IT solution.

Your Contact for SAP License Management

Andreas Maas
Expert for SAP