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Digitization Partner for the Healthcare and Life Science Industry

Future-Proof: Our Digital Solutions for Healthcare and Life Science 

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We’re Improving Healthcare. Digital.

Because with our solutions, we pursue the goal of making the healthcare industry more future-proof and optimizing business processes in the life science industry. As thought leaders, we support companies in the healthcare sector in withstanding cost pressure and optimally exploiting the advantages of digitization. We meet our customers at eye level and accompany them in partnership with their cloud and outsourcing strategy. 

Healthcare Data & AI

Data & AI solutions are used in the life science industry, for example, to support the development and production of drugs. By analyzing large volumes of data, patterns, and correlations are identified that help to optimize processes. In addition, Data & AI are used in personalized medicine by helping to develop individual therapy approaches. 

Life Science Supply Chain

The life science supply chain comprises the processes required to bring drugs and medical devices from the manufacturer to the patient. We offer various IT solutions to make the supply chain more efficient and transparent. These include, for example, track & trace solutions that make it possible to follow the path of products in real-time, as well as tools for warehouse management and inventory management. 

Digital Health Applications

With the help of digital health applications, we want to improve the quality of healthcare and make work processes more efficient. They also promote patient participation and enable better personal medical control. DiGAs, for example, support nursing staff in their daily work or help diabetes sufferers measure their blood glucose levels. 

Identity Provider Management

By mid-2024, all statutory health insurers must provide their policyholders with a digital identity. This will involve the use of an identity provider that ensures the authentication of insured persons. With the digital identity on the smartphone, the person can identify themselves in doctor's offices and gain access to digital health applications such as the ePA. The solution is future-proof and already meets all gematik requirements and the eIDAS 2.0 regulation. 

Telematik Infrastructure Services

With our services for the TI, connection to the telematics infrastructure is quick and secure. Using our proven "My Access Service" solution, doctors' practices, pharmacies, and the like connect to the telematics infrastructure. For a secure connection to the TI, they need a connector on site. Our new flexTI (TIaaS) solution offers the option of moving the connectors from the facilities to our secure data centers. 

Healthcare Platforms

Our healthcare IT platforms provide the flexibility and speed to optimize medical processes and workflows. Our platform solutions can be deployed quickly, allowing you to focus on what matters: Providing the best possible care for patients. 

Anti Counterfeit

Digital solutions for anti-counterfeiting in the life science industry include technologies such as serialization and track-and-trace systems that enable the traceability of products along the supply chain and detect counterfeits. We offer corresponding solutions to pharmaceutical companies as well as providers of national verification systems to meet the global requirements for the secure drug trade. 

Cyber Security

Medical systems contain highly sensitive information that is potentially lifesaving. We provide our customers with comprehensive IT security services to protect the information and communication content of their medical systems from unauthorized access by third parties. In addition, we offer comprehensive security consulting. 

Cloud & Data Center Transformation

With our solutions, we meet the need for secure and scalable storage solutions for enormous volumes of data while improving the availability of information and services. We operate our secure, ISO-27001-certified data centers in Germany in compliance with the DSGVO and leverage the scalability and processes of the public cloud via our hybrid cloud models. 

SAP Services

SAP Services refer to the support, implementation, maintenance, and integration of SAP software solutions. In this environment, we rely on long-standing partnerships with SAP specialists to optimize business processes that contribute to better transparency, quality, and compliance. 

Modern Workplace

A digital workplace in the healthcare and life science industry is important to increase the efficiency of work processes and improve access to information and collaboration. Sensitive healthcare data requires strict privacy and data security policies, which we meet with our solutions.

Healthcare Communication

With our communication solutions tim+ (TI Messenger) and kim+ (Communication in Medicine), we ensure the secure exchange of data and information via the telematics infrastructure. They help to improve the quality and efficiency of medical care. kim+ supports electronic communication via e-mail, tim+ enables exchange via chat using the mobile device or integrated via existing primary systems.  


Innovative industry solutions support our customers in the long term in reliably implementing their digitization strategy. As a partner and expert in digitization in healthcare, we generate added value for our long-standing customers. 

Healthcare Communication
Healthcare Platforms
Telematik Infrastructure Services
Identity Provider Management
Digital Health Applications
Healthcare Data & AI
Life Science Supply Chain
Anti Counterfeit
Modern Workplace
SAP Services
Cloud & Data Center Transformation
Cyber Security
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With Telematics Infrastructure 2.0, we are establishing a future-proof arena for digital medicine in which manufacturers and providers can also contribute their digital solutions for the successful further development of e-health in Germany. This requires reliable and competent partners like Arvato Systems.

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Current Insights

Take Your Pharma Business to the Next Level

With the help of private, hybrid, community and multi-cloud solutions, pharmaceutical companies increase their efficiency and save costs at the same time. Learn more here and start your cloud transformation now!

Spain continues to rely on Arvato Systems' National Verification System

Arvato Systems' IT solution for verifying the authenticity of pharmaceuticals will continue to be used in Spain in the future. After the EU country had already decided on the national verification system from Arvato Systems in 2019, the cooperation has now been extended for another five years.

Arvato Systems wins tender of kubus IT

Kubus IT, a subsidiary and IT service provider of AOK Bayern and AOK Plus has chosen Arvato Systems in its search for a competent service provider for cloud and platform solutions and infrastructure services.

Arvato Systems develops its own TI messenger for the German healthcare sector

Together with the Würzburg-based company Awesome Technologies, Arvato Systems is working on a TI messenger for the German healthcare industry in the telematics infrastructure (TI) context.

Authentication and Tracking of Medical Devices

Global Overview of Medical Device Verification Requirements.

Worth Knowing

  • gematik's telematics infrastructure (TI) is a secure, Germany-wide platform in the healthcare sector that allows digital applications and medical data to be exchanged between different service providers such as doctors and all other employees in the sector. The TI is part of the digitization strategy in the healthcare sector and is intended to improve the quality of medical care and increase efficiency and patient safety. The TI has been operated by Arvato Systems since 2015.  

    The consistent further development of the telematics infrastructure based on a zero-trust infrastructure (TI 2.0) reduces complexity and ensures a user-friendly, more flexible, dynamic digital healthcare system. 

  • Here are some examples of applications running in the TI: 

    Electronic Health Record (ePA): the ePA is a digital health record where patients can store their medical data. As an application of the TI, it is designed to facilitate the exchange of health data between different healthcare providers. 

    Electronic certificate of incapacity for work (eAU): The eAU is a digital certificate of incapacity for work issued by physicians and transmitted to health insurers via the TI. 

    Electronic Medication Plans (eMP): The eMP is a digital medication plan that contains important information about a patient's medication. The eMP is designed to help prevent medication errors. 

    Emergency Data Management (NFDM): NFDM is a directory that stores important patient medical information. NFDM enables rapid and targeted medical assistance in an emergency. 

    E-prescription: The e-prescription is digitally created as well as signed, and issuance is mandatory for all those with statutory health insurance. The prescription code can be redeemed either on the smartphone or by printing it out at a pharmacy. Using the app gives patients secure, privacy-compliant access to prescription data. 

    Other apps include KIM (Communication in Medicine), TIM (TI Messenger), ISiK, or DEMIS. 

  • The abbreviation FMD stands for the "Falsified Medicines Directive". The FMD is an EU directive that came into force in February 2019 and aims to protect consumers from falsified medicines. 

    Under the FMD, all prescription medicines manufactured or imported in the EU must be marked with a unique identifier. The identifier consists of a two-dimensional data matrix code that contains information such as the product name, batch number, and expiration date. The data is stored in a Europe-wide database and can be accessed by manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, and monitoring authorities. The FMD thus ensures that only genuine and safe medicines are delivered. 

  • A modern IT infrastructure is critical to achieving business goals and competitive advantage. Flexibility and adaptability, cost reduction, increased efficiency, cyber security, and data protection are just a few reasons why companies should opt for the cloud. 

    In order to fully exploit the advantages of modern cloud IT in line with business requirements and at the same time minimize risks, the existing IT landscape must be considered individually, and a custom-fit roadmap must be developed at the application level. Depending on the application and business relevance, there are usually different migration and operating scenarios that need to be implemented according to requirements. 

    Learn here more about our approach from requirements gathering to technical analysis and solution design. 

  • The aim of a sovereign cloud is to reduce dependence on foreign cloud providers and retain control over one's data. It should be ensured that technical measures exclude direct access from outside. The government or a selected organization can carry out the operation. This is particularly important for government agencies, critical infrastructures, and other organizations with sensitive data. This allows them to use globally established technologies under local sovereignty criteria. 

  • Cyber-extortion in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries can occur in a variety of ways. Here are some examples: 

    Ransomware: Attackers penetrate a healthcare or life sciences company's IT system and encrypt important files or systems. They then demand a ransom to restore the encrypted data. 

    Data leaks: This involves stealing sensitive data from companies' systems and threatening to make the data public. A ransom is demanded to get the data back. 

    DDoS attacks: An attacker carries out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against systems to affect availability. He or she then demands a ransom to stop the attacks. 

    Social engineering: Cybercriminals impersonate employees of the healthcare or life sciences company and ask alleged colleagues to transfer sensitive information or money. 

Partnerships and Associations


As a long-standing Microsoft partner, we cover a broad Microsoft portfolio and support our customers with consulting, transition, and with customized services. From Azure and networked communication solutions to innovative platform services in areas such as Big Data and AI.


For many years now, Arvato Systems and SAP have been working in a close partnership. Whether SAP Customer Experience (CX) or SAP S/4HANA - with great passion and excellent know-how, we help our customers to select, adapt, and implement the best SAP solution for their requirements.

Amazon Web Services

As a member of the AWS partner network APN, Arvato Systems supports its customers in using the worldwide portfolio of AWS Cloud Services for their own innovations and thus accelerating their Digital Transformation. We have even set up our own "Arvato Systems AWS Business Group" for this purpose.

Google Cloud

 As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Arvato Systems offers secure, flexible, and scalable Google Public Cloud Services.

GS1 Germany

GS1's standards are the global language for efficient and secure business processes, valid across company boundaries and continents. As part of a worldwide network, GS1 works with its customers and partners to develop market-driven and future-oriented solutions that directly contribute to business success.

Körber Pharma

As our partner and expert in pharmaceutical technology, Körber Pharma has a coordinated range of integrated solutions and consulting expertise in pharmaceutical compliance topics.


Redpoint provides cloud basedcloud-based real-time location-tracking solutions for contact-tracking and infection control. On an international level, we work together as partners in the operation and rollout of their product.


TCK GmbH is a leading provider of alert management systems for Europe's Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). We are bundling our expertise in serialization and alert handling by working together to create real added value for our Arvato CSDB customers.


TrackTraceIT provides global serialization compliance consulting and services for the pharmaceutical industry. In North America, they supported Arvato Systems with their expertise in the distribution and sales of the Arvato CSDB solution.


Together with secunet, we offer the "Mein Zugangsdienst" to players in the German healthcare sector. As the leading cybersecurity company in Germany, secunet takes on the task of ensuring the protection and confidentiality of patient data.

Awesome Technologies

Together with Awesome Technologies, we provide a secure TI messenger to all stakeholders in the German healthcare industry. As an experienced provider, the Würzburg-based company strengthens communication between specialists for nursing, hospitals and specialist/physician consultations.


Rely on us: information security, quality management, IT service management. For our customers, we regularly have our performance measured and extensively certified. You benefit in the long term from our adherence to the highest quality standards and our technological expertise in the form of a trusting and highly professional collaboration.


Arvato CSDB White Paper

Learn more about serialization with Arvato CSDB in our whitepaper. Simply fill out and download it free of charge.

Healthcare Suite White Paper

Would you like to know specifically how you can ensure your company's EU FMD compliance? Download our whitepaper "Implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive in pharmaceutical wholesale". It provides you with detailed information about the FMD requirements and their implementation.

Brand Protection Study 2022

Find out how companies in Europe are actively positioning themselves against illegal competitors. The full results report of the Trademark Protection Study with numerous further insights is now available online.

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