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RPA: Smart Assistants for Your Processes

Digitize, automate, optimize - in process management, everything revolves around increasing the efficiency or reducing the costs of business processes. Everyone is talking about digital transformation, and one component in the digitization of companies keeps popping up: Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In a 2020 study by International Data Group (IDG), 53 percent of companies surveyed rated RPA as very relevant to digitization within an organization (source). 

But what is RPA anyway and what role does it play in companies' digitization strategy? Robotic Process Automation is a form of process automation in which digital software robots process structured business processes in an automated manner. The technology is primarily suitable for repetitive and rule-based activities that were previously performed manually. The bots learn the processes and thus imitate the employees - they perform the tasks independently, without pause and completely error-free.

Arvato Systems is your professional and reliable partner for digitizing and automating your business processes. We accompany you on the way to fully automated end-to-end processes with RPA.

How to Automate Your Processes With Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is an essential building block in digitization but should not be applied to all business processes without consideration. The pure automation or digitization of tasks and activities is generally not a target-oriented solution. There is a risk that this will only conceal costs instead of reducing them. So how can suitable processes be identified actually to save costs and time? The following requirements should be (partially) met:

  • Rule-based and repetitive processes
  • Constant processes
  • Defined rules and decision paths
  • Structured data input
  • Medium to high process volume

The goal is to digitize and optimize an end-to-end process. However, tackling the entire process directly is usually not a good idea. It is better to filter out individual tasks and proceed step by step.

To analyze your process landscape in detail and successfully select suitable subtasks for RPA, you can resort to Process Mining. The process management technique looks at process data down to the smallest detail and recognizes correlations so that optimization through RPA can occur in a targeted manner.

Our Full Services for RPA


Are you wondering how Robotic Process Automation can drive digitization and automation in your company? Whether the technology is safe? What costs you will be faced with? We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of RPA.

We will answer all your questions about robotic process automation, work with you to uncover potential in your business process landscape and identify use cases for RPA. Our experts will give you a professional assessment of the areas in which RPA makes sense for your company.

Project execution

Are you unsure whether RPA will advance the digitalization of your company? No problem: Based on a proof of concept, we test the technical feasibility in your organization and you evaluate whether robot-assisted process automation fits your company. The advantage of this is that individual RPA projects can be implemented within a few days to weeks and show quick results, so that the costs and time required remain low, while the concrete benefits can be seen promptly.

Software robots work on the graphical user interface (GUI), which is why no process changes are required during implementation. You can also continue to use your existing applications as usual.

For the project phase, we offer you both the complete execution of the implementation on our part as a service, as well as the coaching of your project managers. Through the coaching, your employees will gain the ability to carry out RPA implementations independently and increase the level of digitalization in your company.


RPA can be operated both in the cloud and dedicated in the virtual private cloud. We have the necessary technical know-how and extensive experience to operate the technology reliably and sustainably for you. Our services around the operation of RPA include:

  • Operation in the classic infrastructure
  • Operation in the cloud
  • License management
  • application management
  • Monitoring
Are you interested in a pilot project?

Test RPA together with us in a pilot project that saves time and costs while delivering fast results! In a workshop, we identify potentials in your process environment together in advance.

Your Benefits with Robotic Process Automation

Cost reduction and revenue increase through optimized business processes
Productivity increase through permanent use of bots (24/7)
Quality increase through error-free process execution
Focus on the development of new services and value-adding tasks
Increasing degree of digitalization in the company
High employee satisfaction due to the elimination of monotonous tasks
Expansion of competitive advantages

Together with Arvato Systems, we started digitization with RPA. What initially started as a pilot project is now an important building block in the automation of our organization. With the experts from Arvato Systems, we continue to work successively on digitization and automation in order to move into the future with optimized processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Robotic Process Automation

  • RPA is available around the clock, allowing you to take advantage of time when employees are not working. This can result in a significant increase in efficiency and productivity. Bots perform tedious tasks that are typically monotonous but occur in high volume. Eliminating these tasks can reduce your employees' stress levels and increase motivation. Moreover, RPA performs the tasks absolutely error-free, which can be reflected in an increase in the quality of your services and products.

  • RPA can basically provide support wherever repetitive and rule-based activities occur, which in the best case have a medium to high volume. Typical application areas are e.g. controlling, HR, building management, facility management. RPA is completely industry-independent.

  • The duration of a pilot project varies from a few days to a few weeks, with the actual amount of time depending on the scope of the process in question. Since the implementation of RPA does not require any changes to the infrastructure, processes, or applications, the time required is kept to a minimum, and results are quickly visible.

  • For your process optimization with RPA, our experts at Arvato Systems follow a tool-based approach with process mining. Through process mining, we identify the relevant (sub-)processes that you can efficiently optimize with RPA. We honestly evaluate which areas of your company RPA can be used sensibly and where not - experience shows that you should use bots for about one-third of your processes. 

  • Our many years of experience in topics, methods and tools related to Business Process Management, as well as our long-standing partnerships with UiPath and Microsoft, qualify us as the ideal partner for your RPA projects. Your advantage with Arvato Systems: You get everything from a single source. If you have concerns about security with robotic process automation, our colleagues from our in-house data center are directly available for questions and answers. As a complete system integrator, we are very familiar with the automation of third-party tools, such as SAP, Salesforce, DocuSign and many more.

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