Integrated End-2-End Process Monitoring for an Intelligent Company

Holistic monitoring for business and IT processes

Holistic monitoring
"All-in-one monitoring
Advantages at a glance

End-2-End Monitoring for Clear Insights into Business Processes and It Systems

In today's dynamic business environment, companies need to know more than ever about the status of their business processes and IT systems - across all systems, clearly and in real time. This is made possible by solutions for end-2-end monitoring. While such programs were previously only available for monitoring the IT environment, the E2E Process Monitor from Arvato Systems now provides a holistic monitoring application.

Process landscapes and IT environments in companies today are more complex than ever. For example, the omnichannel approach in digital marketing and e-commerce means that the diversity and interconnectedness of business processes is constantly growing in all areas of the company. In addition, there are process requirements in areas such as finance and compliance. At the same time, the large number of cloud-based applications and technical approaches such as microservices, containers and APIs are making IT processes increasingly complex.

To avoid friction losses, companies must ensure that all processes and systems run and function as a whole without disruption. One approach to this is end-2-end monitoring. When monitoring IT processes, for example, it is important to monitor the functioning of applications, servers, clients and web servers - in short, all components of the IT environment - and to rectify problems.

Holistic Monitoring of Business and It Processes


A lot has already been achieved. In fact, however, there are much more far-reaching monitoring tasks in companies, for example in accounting or bookkeeping.

In order to be able to monitor the processes in the company holistically and at all times, a solution that enables the simultaneous monitoring of IT and business processes would be useful. It should be possible to check in one interface whether, among other things, ...

... invoices from customers are paid on time
... internal and external documents contain errors
... the month-end closing was carried out correctly and on time
... the advance VAT return was submitted on time
... the web store is online and working properly or is down
... the orders are processed within the agreed deadlines
... the database servers are running properly
... the passwords used comply with the security requirements
... projects are within budget or exceed it

The monitoring application used should clearly display the results of the monitoring and the status of the rectification of problems - for example:

  • errors found

  • Analysis of the problem

  • Correction of the error

  • the implementation of controls

Such a solution would help users to identify and solve problems in the internal system as well as within individual or any IT and business processes. It is important that the monitoring software works across all systems and can also include interactions with external applications.

Holistic Monitoring Application Now Available

Until now, such a holistic "all-in-one" monitoring application was not available. With its E2E Process Monitor, Arvato Systems has developed a solution specifically for SAP environments. It offers the following essential basic functions:

  • The hierarchical structure provides the necessary overview. The control tree can be easily navigated, for example to quickly find the source of an error. A traffic light system provides clear information on the status of systems and processes as well as the status of any error rectification.

  • Checks of the status of systems or processes can be scheduled at any interval. It is also possible to monitor the progress of periodically recurring task lists. The results of the checks are permanently displayed in real time.

  • The results of completed test periods are recorded and documented here. It is very helpful to be able to analyze the frequency of certain errors over a longer period of time, for example. These functions can be used in audits to quickly answer the question of how process quality is ensured.

Freely Definable Control Sequences

The checks are based on definable checks that examine any KPIs. Around 200 standard checks are already available in the scope of the application, for example for

  • Incomplete master data or master data changes
  • Balance control for G/L accounts or BP accounts
  • User authorizations too extensive
  • Invoices posted twice

Users can also create individual controls. These can be created in the backend itself - if required, the experts from Arvato Systems can also do this.

Instead of carrying out a check in the system, controls can also simply consist of further sub-controls. As soon as one of these sub-checks in the traffic light indicates an error by displaying red or yellow, the higher-level check is also set accordingly.

Once the respective error has been rectified, the corresponding control can be manually set to green. Or the user triggers the control again after correcting the error in the system in order to check the error-free function of the corresponding process again.

The Components of the e2e Process Monitor

The solution can be used either as a local installation or as a SaaS application. It consists of the following three components:

Connector software

for asynchronous communication between SAP or other systems and the E2E Process Monitor

SAP S/4HANA database

for storing and evaluating messages

Fiori application

for the clear presentation of the status of processes and IT systems and their evaluation. This can also be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

The Advantages at a Glance

Increased efficiency and effectiveness through the creation of worklists for the specialist departments
Reducing the workload of specialist departments by automating manual control activities
Reduce costs by automatically documenting work records for internal/external supervisory bodies
Holistic all-in-one monitoring application
Cross-system monitoring of the status of both business processes and the function of IT systems
Clear presentation of results and support in rectifying any malfunctions
Audit-proof documentation of process and IT service quality
Transparent integration in SAP environments

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