Slow Down Energy Costs in the Manufacturing Industry

Industrial Midcaps Benefit From Holistic Sustainability Management

Slow Down Energy Costs, Protect the Climate and Much More With green.screen

High energy costs are a particular burden on companies in the manufacturing industry. Anyone who manufactures goods, equipment and merchandise needs energy to do so - often a great deal of energy. The energy price increases of recent months and years represent an immense burden for industrial midcaps. Often, price increases for energy and raw materials cannot be rolled over or passed on in full in end-customer sales. Good news for those who can turn the energy efficiency screw and slow down energy costs. 

On the other hand, manufacturing companies are facing the challenge of providing a digital product passport for their products. This is intended to inform buyers about the specific carbon footprint, for example, and provide them with reliable information for their purchasing decisions. In the case of components in a production chain, the CO2 data of the upstream product must be included and balanced in the product passport for the end product. Consistent energy data management is also becoming indispensable in other contexts. Large companies, for example, must demonstrate a certified energy management system according to ISO 50001. Listed companies in Europe are required to prepare regular sustainability reports in accordance with ESG criteria. Companies that have not been subject to any verification requirements to date also benefit from sustainability management. Companies that can present an environmental report and thus their own climate protection strategy are rewarded with many competitive advantages. 


green.screen, the modular cloud-based platform for comprehensive, strategic sustainability management from Arvato Systems, helps with all these tasks.

It consists of three complementary functional areas: 

Slowing Down Energy Costs and More - green.screen Offers Many Advantages

  • green.screen is listed with BAFA as an energy management system and thus eligible for funding 
  • Monitors and documents all data relevant to climate protection in the company 
  • easy to implement: No external IT support is required 
  • Easy to operate because highly automated: Often one person is sufficient for the operational business 
  • Extensive evaluation and visualization options 
  • Openness and flexibility: integration of any upstream systems, measuring devices and sensors 
  • green.screen offers the entry into a continuous improvement process 
  • Energetic or sustainability-related comparisons of sites, products and processes possible 
  • Digitization of sustainability management opens up opportunities for innovation, value creation and value enhancement 
  • Connection to manufacturing execution systems possible 
  • Arvato Systems offers expert advice