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Arvato Systems Platform in Healthcare

Platform in the Healthcare Sector

We connect players in the healthcare sector with the help of intelligent platform solutions

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Our Services

Platforms in the healthcare sector serve as an interface for various players in the industry. They form the basic framework for smooth participant communication and promote cooperation to improve medical care. These platforms enable data to be stored centrally and information, processes, and people to be linked meaningfully. Our services are aimed at health insurance companies, hospitals, care facilities, doctors' surgeries, public authorities, and other medical institutions to provide them with the necessary structure and data security for developing and using digital platforms. 

The focus is on the networking of IT systems and data silos of individual providers. This is where actual losses are incurred: In the US, for example, only one in three hospitals can share patient data electronically with care providers1. The resulting isolated data silos are the cause of poor data integration and lead to an estimated annual loss of USD 342 billion. USD.2

Use Case

Your Challenge

They want effective healthcare that connects all stakeholders while taking data protection into account. Digitalizing processes and providing information in the right place at the right time play an important role here. However, data silos and decentralized data storage are stalling the introduction of networked platforms.

The Vision

Healthcare providers need to network with each other to carry out their work as efficiently as possible. Security and convenience are the top priorities to generate tangible added value. A platform solution provides the basis for this - it reduces media disruptions, increases data security, and avoids outdated and incorrect information. 

Our Solution

We are your partner for customized platform solutions, supporting you right from the start with requirements analysis and project planning. With a scalable platform, we network all players along the process chain and enable the provision of information in line with requirements. The Arvato Systems IT platform for vaccination management has already successfully integrated all parties involved in the vaccination process - from pharmaceutical manufacturers to citizens - in a holistic approach. Citizens.

Benefits for You

Networking information

Platform solutions network all players involved in a process. The real-time information provided in this way is essential in medical care.

Higher user satisfaction

Not only service providers, but also patients are looking for platform solutions. Electronic patient records and digital patient portals are particularly in demand.

Improved process control

Platforms connect IT systems and users ' intelligent process control, making it possible to save time and cut costs.

Vaccination Management Platform

Our Services for Your Success

  • We are professionals in operating critical, complex infrastructures for the German healthcare sector. For many years, we have provided our expertise as a digitalization partner and operator of central telematics infrastructure services on behalf of gematik on behalf of gematik. Our focus is always on the protection of sensitive patient data. We develop and implement unique security management systems and operate your platform exclusively in our German data centers. 

  • With platbricks®, we already use a platform solution for customer process control. It offers interfaces to various systems, expandable configuration options, and much more than a digital modular system. With the help of platbricks® can be used to orchestrate internal and external processes. A solution that can be ideally applied to operations in the healthcare sector.

  • We combine competence and expertise from the operation of critical infrastructures and platforms for process control - be it platbricks® or the vaccination management platform. Added to this is our know-how in the healthcare sector as a provider of diverse solutions such as kim+. We are your reliable partner who will support you in realizing and implementing an intelligent platform. We provide you with a modular range of services with solutions from a single source.

1 Pronovost P, Johns MME, Palmer S, Bono RC, Fridsma DB, Gettinger A, et al. Procuring Interoperability: Achieving high-quality, connected, and personcentered care. National Academy of Medicine; 2018.

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