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Pharmaceutical companies face a variety of challenges, ranging from optimizing production to complying with strict regulatory requirements. One difficulty pharmaceutical companies face is data fragmentation. Various systems such as LIMS (laboratory information and management systems), MES systems (manufacturing Execution Systems) and machine sensor data are often not interconnected. These silo structures make it difficult to access relevant information and slow down an entire process chain. With the help of Data & AI solutions, Arvato Systems can help overcome this barrier and meaningfully network data sources.

At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is known for its stringent regulatory requirements. The documentation burden is significant and manual processes can be time-consuming and error-prone. This is where generative AI comes into play, increasing internal knowledge management and streamlining documentation processes.

Use Case

Your Challenge

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a challenging situation: Unlinked data silos slow down processes and make it difficult to access relevant information. In addition, the high regulatory requirements demand time-consuming documentation. Many processes have not yet been automated, resulting in high costs and long processing times. Low efficiency is the consequence.

The Vision

The pharmaceutical industry seeks IT solutions to increase data integration and automation. Internal knowledge management must be improved to facilitate the creation of products, contract texts, and reporting simplification. This should speed up company-wide processes, reduce costs, and make it easier to meet regulatory requirements.

Our Solution

Arvato Systems offers customized solutions, such as generative AI, to optimize internal knowledge management. As an AI solution, it enables easier creation of texts and reports. Data integration and automation using Data solutions accelerate enterprise-wide processes, reduce costs, and meet regulatory requirements more effortlessly.

Benefits for you

Improved data integration

Better aggregation and analysis of data from unconnected data silos.

More efficient production

Optimization of manufacturing processes, improved quality assurance and reduction of bottlenecks.

Time saving

Acceleration of processes and reduction of the documentation burden.

Cost savings

Cut costs through automation and increased efficiency.

Higher data quality

Minimize errors and improve data integrity.

Increased knowledge management

Easier texting, reporting, and improved internal communications.

Our services for your success

  • The right handling of data and automation is of crucial importance for the future success of your company. We accompany you on your way to a data-driven company and deliver comprehensive consulting and strategic expertise in the area of Data and AI. In doing so, our primary goal is to increase the value of your data and automate work processes to enable the implementation of future-proof business models.

  • We advise and develop modern enterprise cloud data architectures to process large amounts of data from different sources in your pharmaceutical company. We take care of your data quality and train your employees in responsible data handling. With process mining and self-service business intelligence we uncover hidden potential in your databases, generate economically relevant insights and thus create a clear overview of the current status. With the help of Advanced Analytics, we offer predictive analyses to enable changes and improvements in business processes.

  • With Hyperautomation we offer customized solutions to automate your business processes in the manufacturing and development of pharmaceuticals. In doing so, we optimize your operational processes and increase your efficiency with technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation or machine learning. In addition, we support you in the effective use of data and in data-based decision-making processes to maximize the strategic added value from your data.

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Stefan Moch
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