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Communicate Securely with kim+ & tim+

Use Case
Our Services

The players in the German healthcare system, such as physicians and employees in pharmacies or nursing services, have so far exchanged data, lab results, or findings almost exclusively via paper, fax machines, or telephone, as there were no secure digital transmission procedures linking all these professional groups. A fundamental change is taking place with the introduction of the new digital communication standards KIM (Kommunikation im Medizinwesen) and TIM (TI-Messenger) within the telematics infrastructure, a fundamental change is taking place.  

kim+ (E-Mail) and tim+ (Messenger) are our intersectoral and interoperable services that offer end-to-end encryption of the respective communication channels and thus provide a secure alternative to the E-Mail and Messenger services used in personal everyday life. 

Use Case

Your Challenge

You offer IT products or services for service providers or healthcare professionals, or you operate your own institutions and want to expand your offering to include TI communication services. You are looking for an experienced partner who can offer you the TIM and KIM services approved by gematik and also operate them in their own data centers.

The Vision

​Introducing and operating new digital services in healthcare should be simple and as quiet as possible for users. Integration into existing software solutions and support from trusted IT service providers are essential factors for success. In this way, digitization gives users more time for treating or caring for their patients. 

Our Solution

Our tim+ and kim+ services have well-documented interfaces that make complete integration into existing healthcare software solutions (primary systems) or CRM systems of industry IT service providers easy. Via our reseller portal, contract management for end users takes place as a self-service. 

Benefits for You

Secure Data Exchange

Offer your customers the secure e-mail standard in the German healthcare sector with kim+. 

Secure Real-Time Communication

With the secure messenger tim+, real-time communication in the German healthcare system is becoming a reality. 

Intersectoral Networking

Users will use kim+ and tim+ to exchange information with other stakeholders in the healthcare system or, in the future, with insurers. 

Portfolio Expansion

Adding our medical communications services to your portfolio is easily accomplished and improves your customer retention.

TI Services from a Single Source

You receive our wide range of TI services combined with established, reliable service processes from a single source, whether for communications or even TI connectivity. 

Optimal Integration Possibilities

Offer TI services to your customers via established products or processes by technically integrating kim+ and tim+ into your solutions.


Communication in the medical sector (kim+) for KoSyMa
Communication in the medical sector (kim+) for PHARMATECHNIK
Communication in the medical sector (kim+) for Oracle Cerner
Communication in the medical sector (kim+) for VisionmaxX
Communication in the medical sector (kim+) for curenect
Communication in the medical sector (kim+) for zollsoft

tim+ in Everyday Work Life

Our Services for Your Success

  • For employees in outpatient and inpatient care facilities, hospitals, medical practices, and pharmacies, we have developed kim+, a particularly powerful, easy-to-install, and easy-to-operate KIM e-mail service. To ensure that kim+ can be used smoothly in everyday practice, users obtain our KIM service via their umbrella organization, their known local service provider (DVO), or their primary system manufacturer. 

  • An interoperable, secure messenger service offers a direct communication option for all participants in the German healthcare system - from nursing staff and doctors to the insured. With tim+, we enable intersectoral, interoperable communication and thus fulfill all gematik requirements regarding the TI messenger. Above all, we never lose sight of one thing: the protection of patient data. 

  • Our ordering and self-service portals facilitate users' contract management for kim+ and tim+; software download areas, a service desk, and an ITSM ticket system complete the one-stop service. With our TI consulting, we support you in integrating our products into existing systems. 

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