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Sustainable energy, facility, and environmental management thanks to green.screen

Your one-stop provider for climate impact management

green.screen – professional sustainability management

To gain an edge on your competitors, it is increasingly important to conserve resources, adopt sustainable business processes, and contribute to climate protection. Businesses that optimize their sustainability management activities improve their chances of succeeding on the marketplace. 

We provide an end-to-end solution that helps you do this: green.screen.

Our cloud-based IoT environmental data platform lets you record, monitor, manage, and document all of your company’s environmental and climate-related KPIs: 

  • Power generation (electricity, heating, cooling, etc.)
  • Energy consumption
  • Waste generation (by volume and type)
  • Material usage (and CO2 emissions during their production)
  • Fuel consumed on business trips by car, plane, train, or other means of transport
  • Communication and IT (e.g., portion of energy consumed in infrastructure operation and use of data centers)

The goal is to make your use of energy and resources transparent and to optimize and offset it completely. We call this climate impact management.

Your first steps to increasing sustainability

green.screen is designed as a set of function modules for different use cases for your climate impact management and is suitable for companies across all industries.

The function modules needed in a specific case can be flexibly combined to create customized solution and service packages.

Leverage your contribution to climate protection and let others know: green.screen users can provide accurate information about their current energy generation/consumption and their carbon footprint at any time.