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Process Management and Cost Efficiency in the Manufacturing Industry

How to get full transparency on processes & costs and make solid decisions

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Video: 5 Challenges
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Transparency is everything: Real-time company information forms the basis for making the right decisions, including foresight as to what impact they will have on your KPIs. The prerequisite for this is that your IT is based on a solid Backbone with clean data management and that you receive information from all systems involved in the process. This is easier said than done, because people often work in Excel sheets, and management makes decisions based on old data. We support you in building an "Intelligent Enterprise" in which you are always fully informed and offer software solutions that facilitate process management. The Operations Platform is primarily aimed at creating complete transparency in your operations.

Process Management and Cost Efficiency in Practice

Your Challenge

Processes are often optimized within individual departments - there is a danger of losing focus of the big picture. Accompanying documentation is often outdated again shortly after completion. At the same time, quality standards such as ISO9001 require structured documentation. 

The Vision

IT can also become an enabler for the business: Process Mining technology shows you how processes are lived in the company, and a central process management platform facilitates documentation and its adaptation. At the same time, you create the conditions for good improvement processes and accompanying disciplines such as project, quality, and change management. 

Our Solution

As a central contact partner, we accompany you on your way to modern process management. We orchestrate specialized providers in Process Mining and Process Documentation and integrate them into your daily workflows. In addition to consulting and implementation, we are also happy to support you in the operation of your solution. 

Advantages for You as a Manufacturing Company

Real-time view of what’s happening on the shopfloor

Based on the Digital Backbone, the Operations Platform gives you real-time insights into your business operations. 

Measure the impact of own decisions

Make predictive management decisions based on real-time information and get direct feedback on improvement actions and the ability to adjust. 

Reduce costs

Structured process management (BPM) has proven itself as a cost reducer and efficiency driver. We rely on the expertise of our strong partners. 

Regulatory one step ahead

Future requirements of the legislator, such as the DSGVO, require a clear view of things. Process management is also the enabler for internal and external certifications.

Basis for automation

With real-time insight into your processes, you can directly identify potential for automation. We are happy to support you here with our hyperautomation team to increase your efficiencies. 

Use simulation options

A digital image of your process landscape enables you to digitally simulate decisions in order to identify and mitigate possible negative effects at an early stage. 

Process Management and Cost Efficiency - 5 Challenges from Your Daily Business

Our Services for Your Success

  • In a first step, we integrate the solutions into your system landscape, bring your data to the right place using Process Mining and create analyses to match process target images with reality. We benefit from our experience as a system integrator: intersections, data flow and consolidation of results are in our DNA. 

  • We accompany you along the way and support you in process design if required. In addition to modeling new processes, this primarily involves governance - i.e., ongoing operations including roles and responsibilities for processes as well as making these visible. In this way, each role in the company gains insight into the information that is relevant to them in each case. The result: your company works more efficiently and with higher standardization. 

  • In the next step, individual processes can be redesigned to meet business requirements. Costs can be optimized quickly and easily with the help of modern automation technologies (such as RPA). This can be complemented by live monitoring of your processes, which reveals potential bottlenecks and enables more efficient management. A continuous monitoring of the processes as well as the accompanying data evaluations are also part of our offer. 

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Achim Reupert
Expert for the Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry