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Vaccination Management for Public Health Authorities and Companies

Reliable vaccination management platform from Arvato Systems

Herculean Task Corona Vaccination - IT Platform Ensures Smooth Handling

The vaccination against Covid-19 (Corona) is probably the biggest task in public health in the history.

A powerful IT platform for vaccination management integrates all parties involved in the vaccination process in a holistic approach - from the pharmaceutical manufacturer to the vaccination centre to the citizens to be vaccinated. This ensures the smooth handling of the entire vaccination process as well as a high level of information transparency.

Update to the Arvato Systems Vaccination Platform in the Fourth supports in handling the 4th Wave in Germany

The current pandemic situation is developing dramatically, which means we need a more flexible approach to COVID-19 vaccinations in order to increase vaccination coverage as quickly as possible. The focus has now shifted from appointments at vaccination centers to community-based vaccination sites and pop-up vaccination sites in hotspots.

We are addressing this change with a comprehensive update to the platform. The additional features are already live.

Focus on mobile vaccination teams

One area of focus is providing support to mobile vaccination teams. They can be easily set up in the system at the click of a mouse and scaled as desired. Teams can be up and running immediately, with all relevant functionalities of the platform available from anywhere.

Vaccinations without an appointment

One aspect of the modified approach is to include the ability to offer vaccinations without the need for making an appointment. The update to the platform will also support this by making it quite convenient to collect data from people who have been vaccinated at a mobile location.

On-the-spot issuance of vaccination certificates

It is now also possible to immediately create digital vaccination certificates, regardless of where the vaccination is administrated. This saves people the effort of the previous process, which was two-step, and also leads to considerable cost savings.

Ongoing updates

The platform is being continuously developed. Soon, it will be possible to display the locations of the mobile vaccination teams on a map – refreshed on a daily basis – enabling them to be freely selected. In this manner, people can conveniently find and take advantage of the nearest vaccination service.

The Process: Vaccination Centers and Patients


Citizens use the vaccination portal to obtain information and make vaccination appointments in dedicated vaccination centres. In doing so, they also indicate their preferred response channel (e-mail, SMS, mail). Several checks are carried out in the background e.g. to avoid double registrations. During registration, the vaccinees select the vaccination centre that is most convenient for them and choose a suitable appointment from the overview of available appointments for both the first and second vaccination. Timings of the first and second vaccination are determined by the type of vaccination product.

Vaccination centre 

The selected vaccination centre checks the data provided and confirms the appointment reservation via the return channels selected by the vaccinees. A QR code in the appointment confirmation is later used for identification at the vaccination centre. Furthermore, supplementary information about the vaccine can be downloaded.


The vaccination

During the vaccination, simple scans are used to assign the vaccine dose used to the vaccinees - this applies to both the first and second vaccination. All data are transmitted automatically in strictly anonymised form from the vaccination management platform to the authorities for vaccination surveillance purposes.

Supply chain management

The platform is also used for realtime inventory management for the disposition of the vaccine as well as the materials required for the vaccination process. Incoming goods and outgoing vaccines are recorded - down to the level of the individual dose.

For optimal planning, the vaccination centres receive delivery notifications from the logistics chain and can track and manage single deliveries towards the vaccination centres. Inventory management is carried out for each vaccination centre as well as for the entire federal state.

The status of the vaccination supply chain can be viewed via a clear real-time reporting cockpit and is thus the basis for decision-making for comprehensive planning and scheduling

Central data storage

The vaccination management platform stores all data relevant to the entire vaccination process securely and in compliance with data protection regulations - so that all stakeholders involved have a comprehensive and central overview of the course of the nationwide vaccination campaign at all times. We work together with our CRM partner Majorel for the comprehensive services in the service centres and for making appointments via phone and online platform.

Your Benefits

Integration of all parties involved - companies, employees, local authorities
Turnkey immunisation management platform
Real-time cockpit for planning/disposition of the vaccination supply chain
Central data storage in compliance with all data protection guidelines
Automatic reporting of anonymised data to participating institutes

For Health Authorities and Companies:

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