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AvaTax for SAP Commerce

Enable omnichannel growth and manage sales while being tax compliant

Avalara Sales Tax Suite for Omnichannel Retail

Omnichannel retailers are challenged to mask back-office tax complexities in order to create satisfying and consistent customer experiences.

Due to the varying sales tax treatments of cross-channel fulfillment and returns, third-party logistics, and online marketplaces across each of the more than 12,000 U.S. sales and use tax jurisdictions, implementing this vision is not easy.

Traditional tax compliance challenges such as maintaining product taxability rules, rates, and tax holidays, are compounded by the ever-expanding nexus obligations e-commerce retailers must track.

Tax determination errors occur when sales tax decisions are managed independently by disparate systems supporting online and in-store sales. An example of such an error is the return of an online purchase to a store where the transactions have inconsistent tax amounts. Cross-channel tax errors like this cause customer dissatisfaction.

The Avalara Sales Tax Suite integrates into SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly known as SAP Hybris) to centralize management of sales and use tax for your sales channel. SAP Commerce Cloud for B2B and B2C are both supported.


Sales and Tax Calculation with Avalara AvaTax

Consistent Customer Experience

AvaTax for SAP Commerce enables cross-channel transactions and provides a centralized tax policy for calculation of sales and tax, establishing a consistent customer experience across online, in-store POS and mobile applications.

Risk Minimization

AvaTax for SAP Commerce maintains tax rules and rates across all channels and fully automates tax determination to manage compliance and reduce audit risk.

Product Taxability

Avalara tracks product tax rules, rates, and tax holidays across the U.S. Avalara also support European VAT, India GST, compliance in Brazil, and tax calculations for countries around the world.

Jurisdiction Assignment

Avalara validates the full address and uses mapping technology to match it to pre-defined tax regions for U.S. states, U.S. local governments, and countries. AvaTax determines the jurisdiction for sales, use, and VAT tax calculation and reporting.

Enables Efficiency and Growth

AvaTax for SAP Commerce addresses growing sales tax requirements with technology instead of human resources, saving time, reducing overhead and improving margins, allowing internal experts to focus on more strategic projects.

Cloud Deployment

Internet-based service delivery provides a scalable solution that supports growth without IT bottlenecks. 

Omnichannel Ready

Over 600 pre-built connectors can quickly integrate any transaction source for centralized tax management.

Comprehensive Reporting

Avalara offers a library of common sales and consumer use tax reports that summarize transaction history for return preparation, reconciliation, tax analysis, and audit readiness.

Fast Return On Investment

Avalara AvaTax has a pre-built connector for the SAP Commerce Cloud, enabling fast implementation and quick return-on-investment. Working within the Hybris user interface eliminates the need to modify workflow processes for tasks such as calculating taxes or setting up new products. AvaTax includes the tools and training to get you going quickly.

Exemption Certificate Management with Avalara CertCapture

CertCapture collects, stores, tracks, reports, analyzes and utilizes exemption documents in support of tax compliance. Exemption certificate information is managed directly within the SAP Commerce Cloud customer maintenance and integrated with AvaTax to support a tax exemption only for a valid, active certificate.

Online, in-store POS, and mobile POS interfaces allow customers or store employees to quickly look up existing certificates or add new ones by merely taking a picture of it with an app on a mobile device. Centralized storage and easy retrieval of certificates minimize the risk of audit liability.

Managed Returns Filing with Avalara Returns

Avalara Returns improves efficiency and compliance by handling monthly sales and use tax preparation, filing, payment, and notice management on your behalf. Sales information from multiple channels is automatically combined in a single return. Outlet based returns are created automatically wherever required. Avalara’s state and local tax experts can help you lower filing costs, reduce errors, and focus on more strategic projects.

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