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Demand Prediction

Turnover, sales, demand and more - forecasts and predictions for your business key figures

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Keeping an eye on key business figures and monitoring them professionally is essential in order to be able to react to unplanned developments at an early stage. However, those who are additionally able to project the development of their key figures into the future as well as to develop forecasts and predictions can be another decisive step ahead of their competitors.  

For this purpose, make use of your company's data and derive data-supported forecasts. Especially in dynamic business areas, such forecasts can be essential to react quickly.

We develop a suitable prediction and forecast service for you based on your individual data situation.

Prediction Service - Your Individual Prediction


Based on available historical business data, the data science experts at Arvato Systems create a well-founded time series forecast for key business figures such as demand and sales volume.

In a Few Steps to Your Own Prediction Service

Data Analysis

On the basis of a data export, our data science experts analyze the relevant factors influencing your data.

We attach great importance to a high level of IT compliance and data protection. 

Preparation of the Forecast

Using our own developed prediction service based on artificial intelligence, our data science experts create an individual forecast logic for your database.

In a fine-tuning process, the results are optimized even further.

Discussion and Outlook

We prepare the results of the forecast, explain the results and transmit all raw data of the forecast including influencing variables.

Optionally, we will be happy to carry out a manual on-demand recalculation on an updated database or a permanent productive integration.

This Is What You Get from Us

Data screening
Preparation of the forecast including first fine-tuning
Transmission of the results, including relevant influencing variables
If required: Recalculation based on updated figures 

You Do Not Know Whether Your Data Is Usable?

No worries. 

We check for you whether your database is already usable for your own prediction service. If this is not the case, we help you to prepare the data accordingly. Just contact us!



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