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SAP Security & Authorization Project

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Background Informatiom

The company involved in this project is a significant worldwide corporation based in Melville, Long Island, New York. While this company has been using diverse SAP software offerings for over 20 years, over time, their current SAP security roles had not been managed appropriately. That led to Compliance and Segregation of Duty issues that needed to be addressed.


The primary objective of the project was to do a complete overhaul of their US, Canadian and South American SAP Security Roles & Authorizations. The secondary objectives were to work with a member of the local IT Team and ensure knowledge transfer of how to complete processes and ultimately hand over control and management of this new process at the project closure.


Throughout a year-long project, we implemented a new process whereby Master Roles would be created for each Department. Then Compliance and Segregation of Duties would be managed through the creation of Business Roles. The SAP System Authorization Concept deals with protecting the SAP system from running transactions and programs from unauthorized access. Within the SAP R/3 systems, these Business Roles contain relevant organizational structures, permissions, and personnel assignments that can be controlled. We completed the knowledge transfer and also put together a number of training and troubleshooting guides that can be referenced after project closure.

At the time of Project Closure, the following has been completed:

Over 320 master roles and 1,200 business roles were created
Over 350 users and 20 departments have gone ‘live’ with a new process
Step by step process guide created for reference
Trouble shooting document created for reference with main issues that can occur during the process

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