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streamworks Release 2020

Take a look at the new release

The new Streamworks 2020 release has been available for download in the customer portal since 03.08.2020. The release has been productive and error-free in the Arvato Systems data centers since the end of April 2020. You can find an overview of the most interesting innovations here. Documentation of all enhancements to the release is available in the customer portal.

Dashboard and definition of start page
Storage of job outputs in a file
Logging: New storage options
New standard GUI theme
Web service job: Specification of the segment
Provision of telemetry data (Streamworks Beat)

Dashboard and definition of start page

As of release 2020, the "Dashboard" view is available in addition to the master data management, stream design, plan data, multi-level stream chart and reports, which is freely configurable and clearly shows various data from the design and the runtime.


Storage of job outputs in a file

The output of jobs (except for application jobs) can now be saved in files for further processing.

The files created are stored in a storage location defined for each client, in which the same structure as in the central job log directory is used.

With the help of a file transfer job, the created output files can then be picked up for further use.

Example of an extension to the web service job:


Logging: New storage options

There were additional options for storing logs for

  • Job output
  • Central job log
  • Central Agent System Log


The storage of temporary file transfer files can also be defined.

The following options are now available for storing the logs:

  • UNC Pfad (already existed)
  • SFTP
  • Azure Files


New standard GUI theme

There are now new themes to choose from. In addition, the standard theme was set to the new "Office 2016 Colorful" theme, which is more contemporary. The icons have been updated to match.


Web service job: Specification of the segment

The segment from which the request is executed can now be specified in the web service job.

Segments can be used to force execution through certain processing servers, which is useful for separated network zones.


Provision of telemetry data (Streamworks Beat)

In streamworks, numerous streams are started every day, jobs are executed, incidents are created and much more. These events are well suited for analyzes such as "How many jobs have been performed in the past week?" or "How has the processing time for incidents changed in the past year?"

For this reason, it is now possible to push a series of data into any target system using log4net, a logging framework from Apache, and process it there.

The following event can be pushed mandator specific:

  • Job Started
  • Job Finished
  • Agent Created
  • Agent Deleted
  • Agent Running
  • Agent Listening
  • Agent Stopped
  • Agent Disconnected
  • Agent Server Status Hold
  • Agent Server Status Hold By User
  • gent Server Status Active
  • Stream Run Prepared
  • Stream Run Deleted
  • Job Incident Created
  • Job Incident Work in Progress
  • Job Incident Deleted
  • System Incident Created
  • System Incident Work In Progress
  • System Incident Deleted
  • Logical Resource Allocated
  • Logical Resource Deallocated
  • Logical Resource Waiting List Dependency Added
  • Logical Resource Waiting List Dependency Deleted

Selection of the events to be pushed and configuration of the output:


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Christoph Herold_3314_edit
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