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SAP-Transformation in der Logistik: Cloud-Anwendung etablieren sich

SAP Transformation In Logistics

Cloud Applications Are Gaining Ground

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SAP Transformation in Logistics

Logistics as the basis for Industry 4.0 and Commerce 4.0 - What you need to consider


Logistics managers are facing major challenges: Driven by Industry 4.0 and Commerce 4.0, they have to find the right answers for dimensions such as real-time capability and security as well as flexibility and scalability

The need was demonstrated in the coronavirus crisis - it showed many companies the vulnerability of their supply chains to disruption. So there is an urgent need to increase the resilience of supply chains.


These tasks can only be solved via a holistic software environment that optimizes digital processes and consistently closes any digitalization gaps that still exist. A neutral view of the status quo and a clearly defined roadmap help to avoid time-consuming and costly failures.

Read this whitepaper and learn how you can solve all this efficiently and effectively.

In Our Whitepaper You Can Learn More About

Challenges in the logistics landscape and how to meet them
SAP S/4HANA® as the foundation for business transformation
Opportunities and added value of cloud-based applications in logistics

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