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Maximum Assortment Transparency for Your Target Group 

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Bringing the assortment, meaning the sum of all articles and products, to the right target group is a constant challenge in retail. Optimizing the assortment, whether purchased or manufactured in-house, and responding to changed or expanded customer needs, including ideal pricing, is only possible if all planning factors interact optimally. 


New competitors, new sales channels and changes in purchasing behavior are forcing retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to constantly adapt their strategies. Issues such as demographic change, sustainability, technological leaps or daily events also require comprehensive transparency of your own data and market data. Our IT services help you achieve data transparency and process optimization. 

Optimizing the Product Range to Appeal to New Groups of Buyers

Your Challenge

Your products are well received by your existing customers. However, the customer group is aging and competitors are bringing fresh items to market for a younger audience. You want to expand customer management through target group segmentation, refresh the loyalty program, and update product and item management. 

The Vision

By reaching a new young group of buyers, you increase sales and are perceived as an up-to-date, fresh brand without neglecting your previous successful article and customer strategy. You extend your customer loyalty program into the virtual world and find new buyers and brand ambassadors there. Product reviews help you expand your assortment.

Our Solution

Customer data, including loyalty data, is stored transparently and can be analyzed in a real-time IT system. The product range is kept up to date in a Product Information System (PIM). Planning strategies based on this information are combined with the support of external market data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create optimal sales planning, including pricing. 

Benefits for You as a Retailer or Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Complete customer transparency

With a transparent view of your customers from all perspectives, you can optimize your marketing and increase customer loyalty. 

Complete assortment transparency

Product group and article management serve you to plan, manage and control the entire product life cycle.

Optimization of customer loyalty

Measure the success of your customer loyalty program on the basis of clean master data. Extend this to new (virtual) worlds and target groups in a controlled manner. 

Optimal planning basis

Clean customer and item data is the basis for your planning processes. Supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and external data, you have planning under control. 

Fast adaptability

You recognize changes in the systems immediately and can adapt your customer and item strategy more quickly to changing market conditions. 

More sales, better result

By optimizing and expanding your product range and customer groups, you increase your reach and optimize your profit. 


SAP S/4HANA for amor
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Our Services for Your Success

  • Based on your existing IT landscape, our retail and consumer goods experts can also advise you on the path to an optimized product range and customer database. In doing so, we work with you to develop optimal planning processes that incorporate AI. Business Transformation Consulting transforms your business management wishes and requirements into a path to a modern and future-proof IT landscape. 

  • With SAP S/4HANA, you create a digital basis for your data and processes.We bring you up to date.Regardless of whether you want to introduce SAP for the first time or expand or update your existing landscape, we work with you to optimize the relevant processes and select the optimal SAP Retail variant. 

  • Comprehensive and clean customer data are prerequisites for your sales success. With our Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, you get an IT system that optimally supports you in this. Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and Field Services create a perfect data basis for your planning. 

  • It still depends on the content. Whether as a Content Management System (CMS), Digital Asset Management System (DAM) or Media Asset Management System (MAM). We have the right solution for your data.

  • Planning, managing and controlling products throughout their lifecycle requires powerful Product Information Management (PIM). Get to know our answers for product and item management. 

  • Structured and orderly data management in SAP forms the basis for assortment planning. Use Artificial Intelligence to decide which products should be produced in which quantities and sold in the stores or online.

  • Sales planning as part of corporate planning and procurement planning are further important planning steps that support optimal business development based on good data and intelligent algorithms. 

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